The Unbearable Intransigence of Trump Supporters


Maybe you could have.

Maybe you could have.

Yes, “Trump supporters.” While it is fashionable (and often strategically sound) to co-opt the epithets of your enemy, I shall not deign to use the pejoratives the Liberal Establishment’s praetorian guards and their bootlickers have invented in their never-ending quest to belittle and marginalize us dissidents, because their machinations are so pathetic, so juvenile, and so threadbare hackneyed as to warrant nothing resembling recognition.

What I will do is proffer my thoughts as to why Trump supporters are so stubborn in their choice of candidate, despite all the muck thrown at them and their man.

First and foremost, there is this: We are completely and irrevocably disillusioned about the political “process”.

What does this mean? This means that we believe elections don’t matter a damn. (“If they mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it.”) Which is to say that we believe the system is hopelessly corrupt; that all candidates are mere sock puppets controlled by unapproachably wealthy, shadowy, and sinister plutocrats whose interest are at odds with those of the general population; and that anyone ostensibly earnestly partaking in this obvious charade is either a) a venal, ignoble, bought-and-paid-for shill, b) a co-conspirator or, c) a useful idiot.

Period. There is no fourth option.

So we Trump supporters have taken up a “burn-it-down” philosophy?

Yes–that is part of the truth, but not the whole truth. To leave it at that would be idiocy or deception–which is why most people leave it at that.

Let’s dive in. “Burn-it-down” is too simplistic (by design, no doubt). Instead, let’s call it “creative destruction”. If our entire political apparatus is corrupt and rigged, the first step toward righting it is to tear it down. Only then can we rebuild.

We can do this in at least two ways: We can do as our founding fathers did, and violently overthrow our tyrannical overlords, or we can do it peacefully, by sending a clear-as-day signal to the Powers That Be that the jig is up and we want them gone. And then it is up to them to decide whether they’d prefer to leave peacefully, or to try to maintain their steely grip on power and thereby incite option #1.

So why Trump? Because he is going to do everything “patriots” want? Because he is going to lead a social conservative revolution of American culture? Because he is going to limit government? Because he is going to build a wall, or expatriate alien invaders, undo Obamacare, find another Scalia, etc., etc.?

No. No one seriously expects him to fulfill their particular political wishlist, and no one who supports him cares. This is why all the arguments by so-called “conservatives” about Trump’s conservative bona fides (or, really, lack thereof) fall completely flat. Why all the arguments on “principles” and such never inflict any damage to his standing. Why “knowledgeable, reasonable, principled” self-assessed pundits can scream at their Trump-supporting friends until they’re blue in the face about how awful a Trump presidency will be without moving their friends’ opinion an inch.

It is not because Trump supporters are ignorant, or stupid, or “hate-filled /sexist /racist /xenophobic /nativist /anti-semitic /neo-nazi /KKK /(insert your preferred fallacious ad hominem here)” people. It is, at least from my perspective, because what matters to us in this election cycle is one thing and one thing only: Trump serves as our clarion call to the Powers That Be that we want them gone.


Final warning.

Thus, the more bile and hateful mockery the Liberal Establishment and its idiotic sycophants invariably direct toward him and his supporters, the more support he garners. Why? Because by their doing so, they confirm our suspicions that Trump is genuinely a fly in their ointment; a wrench in their works.

He has exposed, for all the sheep to see, what many of us have long known: There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats save the relative speed at which they loot and murder this nation; that the media–both entertainment and “journalistic” sides (as if there’s much difference)–are merely propaganda organs for this repulsive Leviathan (even the much-maligned “Faux News” [tee hee hee]); and, most importantly, that our civilization–at least, what remains of it–is at its eleventh hour, and Trump represents our last, best hope to ensure our survival by peaceful means.

The Trump phenomenon is not about “burning it down” in some emotional fit of blind rage; nor is it about being willfully ignorant of Trump’s moral, political, character, or intellectual failings; nor is it about any “*ism” lefties like to pin on anyone daring to question Liberal Establishment creed.

It is about revolution in the service of our survival.

For better or for worse, Trump is our messenger. At long last, we–the marginalized, the hated, the voiceless, the dispossessed–are sending a signal, as loudly and clearly as we possibly can, that we are dusting off the Declaration of Independence and ruminating long and hard on passages such as:

…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government… … But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

No other candidate, left, right or center, is giving the Liberal Establishment–from the politicians to the money-men to the propagandists to the indoctrinators to the global corps to the brownshirts to the boot-lickers–the agita that Trump is. So long as he holds strong against the all-fronts assault on him, his family, and his fortune, he will be our one and only candidate. And come what may in November, he will be known as the man who helped foment another revolution in the USofA.

Whether it will ultimately prove to be a peaceful revolution or a violent one, is, as mentioned previously, up to those who stand athwart the Trump phenomenon, demanding we stop.

Just understand this, TPTB: We are through listening to you; now, you listen to us.

The Right Stuff has some good stuff on why a Trump presidency would be great for genuine conservatism.


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