The Upside of Being Outside




While sometimes it feels lonely being an outsider of the mainstream ideology—particularly up here in deep-blue NYC—there are certain benefits.

Moving with the herd is inherently stupefying—perhaps even acting as an “IQ shredder“, if you will. The mechanics of this are pretty straight-forward: The more inline your ideology is with the vast majority of everyone else’s, the less you actually have to think about anything and the more you can get away with simply parroting the party line. This not only attracts those who are incapable of critical thought, but also dumbs down those otherwise capable to the parrot’s operational equivalent (with the excess IQ being used instead to simply come up with witty adolescent snark in the face of opposing points of view).

Meanwhile, we dissenters are constantly kept on our toes, because we perpetually find ourselves having to defend our positions against both foe and friend alike.

The “friendly” challenges to our positions come as a result of the inherent intellectual diversity dissent creates. Given that the positions we embrace, the ideas we hold, are heretical, we must not only seek out our own information, but we, or at least the great majority of us, are also forced to be autodidacts. And so, not having institutional learning amongst us, we inevitably end up with a wide-range of viewpoints on any given topic.

It is exactly this kind of authentic diversity—i.e., diversity of perspective, of information, of thinking—that truly is a strength. It is, after all, a key ingredient in making Western Man the marvel that he is (or was).

Meanwhile, our supposed “moral and intellectual” superiors lap up the same schlock being pumped out of every single media outlet (save the much-maligned “Faux” News, chortle chortle), while they rack up ever-increasing piles of student loans to fill their heads with ever-more meaningless nonsense (“gender studies”, “womyn’s studies”, “African-American studies”, etc.) because they genuinely have nothing else to occupy their hysterical, hate-filled little selves with since they all agree with each other on everything already. They are, as it were, enslaving themselves to a lifetime of debt in exchange for being inculcated with hifalutin, feel-good euphemisms for navel-gazing.

(It is perhaps the intellectual equivalent of the stereotypical contemporary American who, having all of his needs met, whiles away on his lazy boy in front of the TV, while scrappy up-and-comers, enjoying no position of comfort, must hustle all day just to put bread on the table. I.e., one is a recipe for turgidity and torpidity, the other for leanness and agility.)

As I read the likes of Paul Gottfried, Jared Taylor, F. Roger Devlin, Kevin MacDonald, John Derbyshire, and sundry others who are carefully laying an intellectual foundation for the continuation of Western Civilization as we know it, I can’t help but feel invigorated in a way that I never felt while reading any of the intentionally opaque, leftist claptrap of my woeful libtarded years. Here are men who are not only on our side, but are brilliant—and intellectually honest!—scholars to boot—exactly the kind of thing we need if our civilization is to have any hope.

As Ann Coulter said years ago discussing her book Slander (hat tip James Fulford over at

There’s a lot of fertile debate going on the right. We argue with one another all the time and come up with lots of great new interesting ideas that people are talking about, like school choice, flat tax, Welfare reform, quality of life crimes. It’s amazing how productive debate can be when one isn’t constantly being called a racist.

Right she is. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier to be in this arena.


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