The Weird New Cold War


Putin: Challenge accepted.

In December of 1991, the Soviet Union officially dissolved. Founded upon the highly intellectual but ultimately (and thoroughly) wrong Marxist ideology, the moral and economic rot made inevitable by Marx’s cum Lenin’s cum Trotsky’s cum Stalin’s socialism ultimately spelled the USSR’s doom. It simply could not stand its own against the combined power of the free markets, Puritan work ethic, and the high-trust Christian ethos of the USA.

A generation later, the tables have turned completely. The USA of yesteryear has been displaced via a long and silent coup that has substituted our free markets with Marxist socialism-cum-crony capitalism, the Puritan work ethic with socialistic sloth and corruption, and the Christian ethos with “cultural Marxism”—i.e., “multiculturalism”—i.e., any culture except traditional American culture (white, Christian, hetero-male-dominated, etc.).

As we force our insane non-values upon the rest of the world via every tool in our toolkit (including use of military force), there is only one man who is fighting back with anything resembling effective resistance: Vladimir Putin…of Russia.

He stands stalwart against the US’s relentless destruction of all things good, sane, and holy; against the tireless efforts of the US to displace Russia’s sphere of influence with her own; to call out the hypocrisy, the inhumanity, the anti-white racism, the anti-Christian bigotry, the pure evil of what passes for American official policy these days; etc.

In short, we have become the enemy, and our enemy has become us.

But the Liberal Establishment will brook no challengers to its ill-begotten throne. And so, just like us patriots, Putin must be stopped.

The substantial drop in oil prices, popularly credited to the fracking boom, and in combination with US-instigated sanctions against Russia, is causing an implosion of the Russian economy. Dare I air my suspicion that fracking and seasonal blends are not what’s driving the drop in oil prices, but rather a conspiracy by the cosmopolitan oligarchs who rule the US, compelled to bring that scrapper Putin to heel?

While Putin may not be a “good guy”, he seems to have a knack for recognizing insanity when he sees it—and doing something about it. I’ll take that any day over what we’re subjected to by our rulers here in the US. And so, as we wage another Cold War against Russia—but this time, on the wrong side—I wish our supposed enemy the best of luck in overcoming our attempts to destroy him.


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