The Wretched Loneliness of Brìd


Lonely dog


Imagine you had no friends.

Imagine your family wanted nothing to do with your insanity and appalling personality.

Imagine you had 13 cats.

It’s easy, if you try.

Imagine the only interaction you could get was to troll people on websites.

Imagine you had to keep on creating fake accounts to bypass incessant bans because no one liked you.

Imagine you still felt this negative attention preferable to your miserable, lonely little existence.

Imagine, if you can.

Imagine you’re doing a research paper on plagiarism at

Imagine that you’re a security professional with in-depth IT knowledge.

Imagine that you’ve got friends and intelligence and places to go.

If you can imagine these things, must be Brìd (aka SuzieQ, aka Mustang Sally, aka Obongo, etc.).




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