Know what I hate? I mean, really hate? Republicans. Sure, I hate Democrats too but I really hate Republicans. I know what Democrats are and I hate them for it. But I also know what Republicans should be and I hate them more for never coming close!

Know what AWD also hates? I hate politicians who say “we have to” or “we need to” or “we’ve got to” and then mention changing some current issue. Which means I hate every politician because every one of those worthless sumbitches says these things. You can be damn sure what follows a “he have to” will never happen! Politicians say worthless phrases such as “we have to” to placate the folks back home to reelect them to yet another term of living like royalty while never doing anything of value.

I’d like for a law to be passed where every politician has to wear one of those exploding dog collars like you see in science fiction movies. You know, the ones that explode if the wearer goes where they’re not supposed to go? I’d like to see every @#&* politician be fitted with a collar and if (when) they say “we’ve got to…..”, their melon explodes. We’d have a new Congress every week.

“We’ve got to defund ObamaCare! It will destroy the economy and cost jobs” say the wussypants Republicans. Wussypant and now-exposed RINO Marco Rubio fits perfectly here. He screwed the conservative pooch in co-authoring the disastrous Amnesty bill with the infamous Gang of Eight Traitors. So now he’s trying to fool the Tea Party Floridians who put him into office but now hate his guts into keeping him in the Senate. Oh, Rubio now fully hates him some ObamaCare because it will destroy the economy and cost jobs. Just like his Amnesty Bill. But he doesn’t have any comments about that. Hating ObamaCare is safe. Rubio knows he can rail all he wants against ObamaCare but he’ll never stick his neck out to actually do anything about defunding it.

“We need to shut down the government if ObamaCare isn’t defunded” say the wussypants Republicans! Woo hoo! Yes, AWD agrees! But what would impress me is for the wussypants Republicans to actually do it! They won’t. But, man, it sure sounds good on those Sunday morning Democrat talk shows to say shutting down the government over ObamaCare is a “viable option.” A viable option that will never happen, of course. Not when Boo Hoo Boehner and Mitch “Turtle Head” McConnell are running the wussypants Republicans.

Hell, wussypants Republicans won’t even schedule Town Hall meetings while visiting their districts while on recess! They know what’s waiting for them and they don’t want to hear from pissed-off constituents! They only want to stay out of sight, vote for raising the debt limit, fund ObamaCare, pass Amnesty and hope the storm has blown over come next election time. Can you hear me Pete Sessions? Can you hear me John Cornyn?

There is only one thing wussypants Republicans care about. Power. Getting and keeping it. They desperately want the majority in the Senate. Why? To defund ObamaCare, reduce the astronomical size and expense of the federal government, or shut off the wave of illegal aliens (and Muslim terrorists) invading our southern border? Hell no! They want power so they can vote pork to pay off their big-business contributor buddies!

Now is the time for just ONE Republican to step up and be a statesman! Not a politician, for once! A true, American statesman! One Senator has the power to stop any bill at any time because of Senate procedural rules. I’m sure there’s probably something similar in the House. Don’t tell me something we already know like “we have to defund ObamaCare.” Do it, dammit! Quit talking about it, put on your big-boy britches and shut down the out of control government! We know that won’t happen. After all, when have the wussypants Republicans ever not failed to disappoint?

The Democrats could be planning to force every American to get sex changes, speak Spanish and Chinese, and forcibly seize every gun in the country (or basically become like California) and the Republicans would do nothing except for a few “we have to’s.” After all, they might pick up a few seats!

I’m done with listening to the worthless words of useless politicians. Words mean nothing. Action is what counts. Those who don’t consistently breathe out of their mouths (i.e. liberals) are fully aware that ObamaCare will destroy what’s left of America. And that’s before Amnesty is passed! Get off your worthless asses and act like you have a pair, even if you don’t! Sure, the Dims will unleash their arsenal of name-calling on you. John McCain (but I repeat myself) will call you a whacko bird for embarrassing him in front of his good friends on the other side of the aisle. Who gives a rat?! Not those back home in the districts who still have jobs and pay the taxes to fund your lavish lifestyles! Get mad! Pull a Daniel Webster and slam down the lid of your desk on the Senate floor until the sumbitch splinters! Put McCain and his man-servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham in a flying headlock on their way to board their next taxpayer-funded boondoggle on yet another private jet.

The time has passed for showing respect for traitors on both sides of the aisle! Do these things and you will be remembered many years from now not as one who rearranged deck chairs while the once-great ship America sank! You will be something America has not seen in generations. A statesman! Go ahead, wussypants Republicans. See if there’s a molecule of testosterone left in your wussypants bloodstream. But spare us the “we have to’s!” We’ve heard it all before and we’ve seen that you’re incapable of doing the right thing.

There’s a word AWD has used here for many years to describe the pathetic actions and results of wussypants Republicans. It’s called losering. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing Republicans do well!

Here’s an election ad from wussypants supreme John Cornyn. I have to laugh!


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