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They Messed With Texas



Mess with the bull, get the horns, as the expression goes. Well, two dimwit [presumably Isis] muzzies learned that lesson the hard way in Texas at yesterday’s brilliant art exhibit in Garland, TX.

The exhibit did exactly as it was intended to do, IMHO–champion free speech while drawing out muzzie radicals (are there any other kind?) into the most hostile, anti-muzzie environment possible: gun-totin’, rootin’-tootin’ Texas.

A tip o’ the hat to you, Ms. Pamela Geller–and to those fine cops who did us all a favor and ventilated a couple of worse-than-useless muzzie scum.

Oh–and God bless Texas!



  1. David in SC

    God Bless Texas!

  2. As an Arizonan, I would like to apologize to Texas and AWD for us not killing snackbarist #1 on our own dime, and letting him slither off to another state to try his nefarious crap.

    I would also like to thank Texas and AWD for ridding the planet of two useless pieces of pig crap. I would like to suggest that you guys just drag the carcasses into the bush and let the feral hogs chew on them for awhile. Set up a game cam, then YouTube the vid, maybe it’ll discourage future scumbags from trying sh!t in red states.

  3. Spurwing Plover

    I hope they were wearing their hoods and had their faces hidden when they met death face to face they wont be needing that stuff where they are now

  4. The cop that was shot in NY…died today…there will be no huge News coverage …
    America will hardly notice if at all…I for one notice and I pray for his family and his fellow men in blue….
    maybe if he had only been a negro….the MSM would give a damn…

    • Absolute crickets from the media.. Just goes to show, White Lives Don’t Matter.

      How long can you poke innocent people (whites) in the eye with a stick, expecting them not to push back?

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Give the scumball fronteer justice

  6. carnac123

    The cop(s) that shot those two Muslim scum are nothing but heroes in the fullest since of the word. We had two swashbuckling ISIS morons with body armor approaching a building full of people. They shot an unarmed security man in the foot with an AK. Both of the muslims had AKs and body armor. Then they began to shoot at the building. They thought that they would do what they did in Paris. They would shoot the first guard and then wander in at their ease to begin firing at the crowds. The Garland police had another idea. With AK rounds firing at them they calmly shot two ISIS muslims in the head (because they had body armor on everywhere else). The scum died in the streets of Garland like they should have. The guard that was shot was shot in the ankle and will be alright. These cops are excellent police officers. I am still awaiting someone like the SPLC to find some fault with the police. There is none but that has never stopped libs from making charges up.

  7. carnac123

    Death to the Muslims! (If they can say ‘death to America’ we can pray for their deaths also).

  8. Evan stole the quote from my thought when I first heard of the shootings…time for a bumper sticker with two chalk drawings on it. Nuthin more.

  9. Rebelpatriot

    It’s time for all of America to fight these bastard muzzies. Run them out of America. Force them out. I hate them as much as they hate me. The liberals can go too. Send them back to their hell holes and nuke them. They will do it to us when they obtain the bomb. I have no doubts about that!

  10. Biffus Maximus

    The best thing to come out of Texas is the Butthole Surfers.

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