Oh, they love to talk tough. But when have the Republicans ever failed to disappoint? Well, get ready for more disappointment from the men with balls the size of BB’s. The vote on Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch is this week.

Senate Chief Wussypant Mitch McConnell said:

“We’re going to get Judge Gorsuch confirmed this week.”

Oh really? The Republicans have 52 seats in the Senate. And that includes numerous Democrats like McCain, Murkowski, Graham and more. So to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Republicans would need all the Democrats in their caucus plus 8 other Democrats who caucus with the Democrats.

Count on ZERO Dims in the Democrat caucus voting for Gorsuch. Chief Dim Clown Charles Schumer is promising a filibuster which would require 60 votes for cloture. So BB Balls McConnell has only one option at his disposal as Senate Leader to confirm Gorsuch. The nuclear option. Or, if you’re a @#&* Bush, it’s the nuke-u-lar option.

The nuclear option is when the filibuster isn’t allowed and the confirmation can be used on a simple majority vote. That is, if McConnell can keep all the Democrats in his caucus from siding with their brethren on the Democrat side, Judge Gorsuch could be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Do I think Miss McConnell has the cojones to do the right thing and use the nuclear option like Harry Reid did when he ran the joint? Not a chance! They’re Republicans. Which means they’re Democrats. And when have they ever done the right thing?

Trump should have learned by now what AWD said a few weeks ago. His enemies are not the Democrats, but the Republicans. The sooner he realizes the Republicans are Democrats who hate his guts, the sooner he can go to destroying both.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, McCain, Cornyn, Graham, etc are wastes of space who will do whatever they need to do to keep Trump from keeping his campaign promises. The nuclear option? Forget about it. The border wall? Trump might have to pay for it himself. Tax cuts? Bwaahahaha. Never. Spending cuts? The GOP Establishment would rather sell their grandchildren off to medical experiments in Syria.

AWD would love to be wrong on this nuclear option thing but I’m not. I never am. But predicting the failures of the Republican Party is pretty easy pickings. They’d screw up an orgy at the Playboy mansion.


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