This Post Was Written Based On Your Input. Even Though You Haven’t Given It Yet!



“Let’s ask what the group thinks.”

Folks, I have long suspected this sort of thing goes on, and that it’s a threat to our freedom–particularly property rights. What I have discovered is that it actually has a name, is somewhat documented, and it is possible to fight this.  It is the “Delphi Technique” (aka “Delphi Method”). It started back in the ‘whiz-bang’ days of the Cold War when it was thought that a group of experts could come up with a better, more reliable solution to a problem than the average expert would. You can read more about it here:

The thing is, it has been hijacked by our tireless enemies “across the aisle.” It’s happening right here where I live, in regard to a major road project and a regional public transit initiative. “The Community” is invited in to give input about some issue. “The Facilitator” breaks people up into small groups (or multiple meetings are scheduled over weeks or months) who then hash out their wants, needs, and concerns. Then the results are “compiled” and the top items are regurgitated to the crowd for further resolution. I put ‘compiled’ in quotes because that is where the Elfin’ Magic happens. Who is this facilitator bozo? Turns out, he’s a professional at what he does. And he’s working for someone who has already drawn up “the solution.”

Good managers always want to get the “buy-in.” They don’t want you doing what you do because they told you to do it. They want to sell you the idea, even make you think it’s your idea. That subtle manipulation is there to motivate you. You’ll give your all if you think that a failure will reflect directly on you.

In the nefarious application of Delphi, you get to have your say. You can bring up all of your ideas. You can also debate the merits of other people’s ideas. Good chance too that there is a “shill” in your group trying to seed the predetermined ideas. Then, when your small group re-unites with the main group, or at a later meeting, and the results are “compiled,” you think to yourself. You think “wow, our group didn’t even think of the #1 top concern.” You reflect that you must have been the only person in the only small group that raised the issue that you did.

In reality, the “Facilitator” has simply matched his predetermined list to the groups’ lists. He may even proffer, “Well, there is one more thing I thought of while you guys were meeting” and add that to the list. You do, however, recognize some things that were discussed in your group.  Congratulations, sucker, this whole thing is now your idea! You will fight for it! You had input, damnit! Your concerns were heard!!!

It is possible to fight this method. It is hard for one person, much easier for a group but still tough. Remember, the outcome has already been decided! so it’s an uphill battle. Here is a link to a good story regarding this, and how to fight it.  There are many more out there, just Google “Delphi Method (or Technique).”

I knew that there was something up with this “Community Input” business, but couldn’t put my finger on it. I hope I’m just dense and was the last one here to realize it. We have a very sophisticated enemy in this country. We need to be aware of his techniques and methods to “RESIST WE MUCH!”

On a lighter note, since AWD hasn’t even given us a free youtube Unknown Hinson clip in a while, here is “I Don’t Take Dope”:


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