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Thursday AM Headlines, Courtesy the MSM


Unarmed Black Man
Unarmed Black Man

Mostly peaceful protesters protest some random creepy ass cracker.

Mostly peaceful protesters protest a homeless creepy ass cracker.

Mostly peaceful protesters protest a creepy CNN reporter cracker.

Mostly peaceful protesters becoming only slightly less mostly peaceful.

Brother of good boy who didn’t do nothing wrong says creepy ass crackers are actually devils; new study commissioned by Obama administration supports his claim what are you anti-science?

I have it from good sources that these headlines are in the works at the DNC, soon to be distributed to the MSM for publication world-wide:

  • White police officer shoots poor, innocent, unarmed black man; Trump to blame.
  • Mostly peaceful protesters’ less mostly peaceful aspect of protests are due to wholly Trump’s divisive rhetoric
  • Trump is Hitler reincarnate and should be assassinated, in theory, but not really; we’re totally just joking wink wink.
Trump's Fault
Trump’s Fault




  1. As I understand it, a BLACK plainclothes police officer shot this BLACK miscreant. How does that translate to BLM rioting and blaming whitey? Will the MSM have the balls to point this out?

  2. If Trump’s platform to bring this country together, bring jobs for all our citizens and make America great again are considered divisive, we’re living in a bizarro world.

    (Hint: We are.)

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