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Tide clothes washing detergent has joined the band of male-bashing commercials these days with the “Stay At Home Dad” (or Looo-saaah) commercial and the “You Suck At Folding Clothes” commercial. As usual, the mom is the expert and can do everything perfectly while the loser, white dad can’t even fold his kid’s clothes!

I hate this commercial. The nerdy, goofy looking womern who’d never get pregnant in my household has all the answers while her subservient, metrosexual (read: homosexual in a metro) husband laughs when she insults him. Oh, how funny it is to be insulted by your ugly wife! I’d prefer she just bake me a pie! Here’s the commercial:

Let the Big Sexy tell you one damn thing. Folding clothes ain’t no job for a man. Making money to buy kid’s clothes is. For generations, sensitive men have tried to devolve into being sensitive women and they’ve never done better than a D. Men weren’t born to fold clothes or run a @#&* vacuum cleaner. We were built to be warriors. Perform a surprise attack on the next tribe, kill all the men and take the women captive…so you have more women to fold clothes! Since it’s nearly impossible to take over countries these days like in Braveheart, men must do their battle in the field of business. But I guaran-damn-tee you, none of the captains of American industry ever concerned themselves that they couldn’t fold up their toddler’s clothing to their wives liking.

Here’s a little secret for you fillies who think men are incapable of doing menial tasks like wrapping presents. Early in AWD’s married career with wife #1, AWD was asked to wrap some Christmas presents. There is nothing AWD likes doing LESS than wrapping presents except for repeatedly stabbing myself in the head with a fork. And, even so, it’s a close second. So AWD did a spectacularly sh*tty job on the few presents he wrapped. Something awful that you’d expect from a government worker. AWD’s wife #1 saw them and told me “you suck at wrapping presents.” I replied, “oh yeah? Let’s see you do better!” She wrapped the presents perfectly while AWD esconsced himself on the couch to nap and watch the ball game. And, since then, AWD has NEVER wrapped another present and never will. Score one for American males.

Personally, AWD doesn’t give a rat if any of my presents are wrapped or not. Just give me the goods and leave me alone! Same goes for folding clothes. My filly loves to have everything just perfect in the drawers. I just need to know where to find it. So AWD doesn’t fold clothes either. Nor vacuum. Nor clean the house. AWD brings home the cash American, the filly keeps the house clean and doesn’t bug me. I don’t criticize the way she folds clothes and she doesn’t criticize how I do my bidness.

Tide is guilty of furthering the idea that the white American male is an idiot incapable of breathing without being reminded to inhale and exhale. It wasn’t clothes folding nerdy women-folk who won this country’s wars, built its factories or created the foundations of America. Not to say that women had no part in building America. They did. Doing things that women do better than men. Like growing perfect, bodacious breasts. And nurturing and nursing children. And keeping the family in the road while the male was out killing Indians. Casino, not call center.

The males you see in Tide commercials are of the metrosexual (homosexual in a metro) persuasion. They’re in touch with their inner feelings. I don’t know what that really means but I’m pretty sure it means they don’t have any firearms. And are most likely gay. They’re like the poofters you see in Progressive Insurance commercials. Feminine and worthless.

The last time the filly asked me what clothes washing detergent she should buy when we were Wal-Marting, AWD said “look into these eyes. Does it look like I give a sh*t? I’m going to buy some bullets and some 5W30. Get whatever you want. Just don’t forget to buy me some grits!” I don’t tell her how to do her job….and she doesn’t ask me to do her job!

Tide can kiss my big ol’ ass. They suck at commercials. Just more male-bashing trash to try and teach young boys they should grow up to be girls.



  1. Kansas Gun Girl

    As a girl, I should probably be offended, but I’m not. This is just about the funniest thing I have ever read!! I don’t buy Tide anyway. Not since i put sea shells to soak in some tide and water and it dissolved the shells! So … They have a crappy product in addition to crappy commercials. No worries AWD, in my house, I buy the detergent AND the ammo!

    • Swamp Music

      Use bleach to clean up those sea shells you found on the sea shore. 50/50 ratio.

      • True Blue

        They dissolve in Vinegar if left long enough (overnight) so just a quick dip and then rinse. Best is plain water and gently boil ’em, then maybe a shellac or clear acrylic (like Future floor polish, but nothing petroleum based) so the color doesn’t fade as fast.

  2. Dunno AWD, I’d hit.

    With a baseball bat.

  3. Ugh. These commercials are just as offensive to me as a chick as to the men. I’m not some condescending, bossy b*itch, and that’s what every single one of these ads (and gawdawful sitcoms) make the woman out to be.

    I do have to say, though… Seeing my strapping man with his incredibly sexy rugged beard vacuum the floor so I don’t have to because he knows I haaaaate it… That is instant foreplay!

  4. Death to Libtards

    What are commercials? I have the attention span of a fly. When I want to see something I DVR it and zap the commercials. When watching live TV I grab the remote and surf for the three minutes required to get back to the program.

  5. Cinnamon Girl

    For my two cents, I’m annoyed by these commercials and I’m (obviously) female.

    And as for their duration, my father, who died 16 years ago, noticed and complained about male-bashing in commercials over 20 years ago! Since I was still such a young thing then, it took his grumbling to wake me up to it.

    Now, I point it out to others. Some say I’m being too sensitive but many more agree that there seems to be one and only one persona that is always belittled–the white male.

    All of that said, Brook points out, and I agree, that it’s a turn-on for men to help out around the house. So, to me it would make more sense to show commercials where men are doing domestic things and their wives or s.o.’s are grateful rather than bitchy!


    Can anyone ever remember when CAMPBELLS SOUP came out with THE MAN HANDLERS?

  7. David in SC

    We’ve just about gone totally Netflix and online video feed only, NO COMMERICALS… Thinking about dropping the cable completely. I’ve had enough of the trash and mind bending liberal propaganda out of nyc.

  8. Hey, using a vacuum ain’t all bad. I prefer a 16 gallon Sears shop-vac for picking up the saw dust and oil-absorbent that occasionally infests my garage. I also use it in reverse (blow mode) to dry off my ammo casings when they come out of the ultrasonic cleaner.

  9. How come the white males in the commercial are not being appreciated?

    Don’t they count?

  10. I’ve had it with ads like that years ago…along with sit-coms and some movies too that do the same thing. It’s disgusting, beneath contempt. Guys that are cowed by this aren’t worth the time of day, no real gal wants a ‘man’ to be like the examples we see on the boob-tube or the big screen. – Enough already.

    Btw…I don’t want any guy next to me folding clothes…and I sure as heck don’t sit while doing it. Plus I quit using Tide years ago…tooooo expensive.

  11. angrywhitejarhead

    Liberals will never understand the warrior ethos. They’re used to existing as freedom sponges, sucking up as much and as many of our benefits as they can without having to sacrifice a damn thing(except their integrity, which you can’t sacrifice if you don’t have to begin with). Pacifism never accomplished shit. Utopia will never exist and cowards will never change. Women in combat? Rriigghhtt! Homosexuals in foxholes? Always been there…it’s just that no one gave a shit because they didn’t flaunt it until post vietnam. The age of enlightenment my ass.

  12. angrywhitejarhead

    I’m sure the tide commercial wasn’t aimed at those filthy OWS hippies. Those dirty bastards are the liberal standard don’t you know.

  13. If this commercial didn’t have an audio track, I’d swear it was a “where do nerd babies come from?” documentary.

  14. Time to have a talk with the milk man.

  15. I’m what you consider stay at home. I work from home and occasionally keep the youngin. This guy is a house bitch. Big difference. When I keep the boy, we have time to eat, time to nap, and time to watch dad field strip and clean the AR(he loves that).

    Do I do housework while she’s at work? Of course, but not folding cloths. I suck at that, so Im on trash detail. I help her because she’s stuck at work, dealing with shithead thuglette high schoolers who treat her like the world’s lowest lifeform and are usually on their way to jail soon after graduation.

  16. Yes, the loser male is almost always a Caucasian, a sensitive Alan Alda type and probably even thought those Duke lacrosse meanies weren’t guilty. We need more feel our pain liberalism on commercials. Just as AWD astutely pointed out, home invaders on alarm system television commercials are always white males. Bring back the party ring, Grecian Formula hair dye and Mr. Microphone commercials.

    • will lester

      lol…i thought i was the only one who noticed that! 90 per cent of inmates are of color, but any crime commited on tv commercials is by a white guy. same with anyone dealing drugs

  17. FLPatriot

    As far as the male bashing sitcoms go – I think I can pinpoint it back to the 60’s. Back to the original male bashing sitcom – Bewitched! I hated that damn show. And it wasn’t the premise of the show – a hottie witch! – but it was that either Darin couldn’t even get out the door and down the driveway without the ol’ lady’s help. And don’t even get me started on how they treated our Founding Fathers (like snobbish,idiot, doltish buffoons) Every damn show Darrin had his mortal ass saved by his wife. I feel this one one of the first bales of garbage to come out of Hollywoodistan with much more to come as we have found out.

    • Wm. D. Drew

      Absolutely right about Bewitched. I’ve said the same thing for years. It’s the first one I can think of. It still makes me mad to think about it.

  18. His laugh at 18 seconds is SOOOO fake.
    if you do use detergent, dont over use. a wisde old lady told me
    [when I forgot soap and washed, and clothes washed clean]
    You probably have enough soap in yr clothes for several washes.

  19. ‘AWD astutely pointed out, home invaders on alarm system television commercials are always white males’
    Since when does the Corp Media report that Blacks are way more violent than whites?

  20. Haaaate folding clothes….haaate wrapping gifts! Would rather jump into a swimming pool full of aligators than attend a baby or wedding shower. *looking down my shirt again to make sure I’m still a girl* Yep. They’re still there.

  21. Fed Up Texan

    Okay, I will admit to doing laundry back in the days when my wife worked out side the cabin. However, I never tried to figure out how to fold clothes. I never ever folded clothes atfer I retired from the Air Force.

    Here is what you can do. You get about a one month supply of underwear…about thirty of forty sets. Wash all of it, even if it takes two loads. Run it through the dryer. Take all the shirts and wad them up individually. Do the same with the otgher part. Stuff them all in two drawers as tight as you can. It will stuff the drawer. Force it closed. When you need clean stuff, open the drawer slowly. When there is room, a shirt will pop up. Take it out carefully so you will not get a clean one on the floor. Do the same with the bottoms. See, it’s easy.

  22. When commercials are not making fun of white males, the white males are ignored and left out completely. They will show a black male talking about the wonders of some product, and then, they will show a white female talking about the ‘wonders’ of the product. No white male is ever shown. They will show a bunch of people standing together in a commercial. They will always stand a white blond next to a black male. They will always pair a little white girl with a little black boy. Boycott such products. Write them and complain. They are trying to subconsciously mix the races by leaving out the white male. This has got to stop and it will stop.

  23. My latest peeve is the meme where the white guy who interacts with the black dude is always scared of the black dude. There is some stupid car commercial where the black guy is negotiating a deal on the new car, and intimidates the foppy caucasian salesman into a good price. Then a white chick gets the same price and the black dude scowls at the whitey whose lower lip trembles at the mere disapproving glance of a bald black male.

  24. Ever notice when Black couples are on TV and movies the women have lighter skin then the men.

  25. AWD, this kind of offensive dreck is precisely why I have launched the campaign: “SHARI’A: IT’S NOT JUST FOR MUSLIMS ANYMORE!” Under Holy Shari’a (Koranic law), it is a sin for a man to do women’s work, and it is a sin for a woman to refuse to do women’s work. Love, honor, obey and then obey again. Why we wouldn’t want Shari’a imposed on the entire US is beyond me. That would be the end of liberals, feminists, the arts, gender equality, women’s “rights”, women’s suffrage, priests, preachers and rabbis, woman drivers, female adultery, Hollywood, the “glass ceiling”, New Yorkers, Title IX, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, gay pride marches, theft and burglary, Lebanese activities, the New York Times, misanthropic Tide commercials and maybe the end of Tide Detergent as well. Please explain to me what is wrong with this aspirational vision for America? You want “real change”, vote Shari’a!

    • Nixon

      LOL I know that was sarcasm but you actually have a point there… I wonder if the liberal left would be so tolerant of Islam if they had to live under it. At the moment they have the luxury of defending that bastard religion simply because its anti Christian ( the enemy of my enemy is my friend ) Ironically the libtards squeal of equal rights and rights for women but prove daily those are just political punch lines due to their lack of outrage and silence concerning Islam… I always tell libtards that wish to engage me in this argument that if they think Islam is a religion of peace then they should convert to it. Funny.. none of them have accepted the challenge

      • Vince,
        If Mexican is going to be our national language, I don’t see why Islam can’t be our national religion. Or are you prejudiced?

  26. Nixon
    YES… I am. ( something a liberal would NEVER admit to )
    Screw that camel humping religion and Mohammad!
    I think its called spanish… but yeah I get your point 🙂 but dont expect a liberal to

    • Vince,
      Are those Spaniards coming across the border? If so, let ’em in. All the Spaniards I know are rich fascists.

  27. Rusty Fluke

    Are you guys serious?
    Your getting your panties in a wad over a dumb commercial?
    Even worse, you have an entire section of your website devoted to this?
    Methinks that you folks have wayyyy too much free time on your hands.

    About “metrosexual”

    The guy doesn’t not even come close to “metrosexual”. He is more like a garden variety middle class suburban schlub. I am wondering what constitutes “manly clothes” among the AWD set..maybe its cracking a smile when one bends over for the socket wrench he dropped while installing floodlights on the ol’4×4. Metrosexual as a term is sooo 2005. If your going to use “hip” slang, at least try to be more current in your usage or else you come off as a dork.

    and AWD..its great that you have a wife who does all the “girly” work while your out gathering roadkill, but why are you so hung up about people who are not JUST LIKE YOU?
    Now, you probably would call me a wuss because I stay home and run the house while the wife is out earning six figures with her work. Yes, I cook, clean and do laundry and all that other domestic stuff while the Missus brings home the prime rib. I wake up before her and get her breakfast and she always comes home to a clean house and a kickass dinner ( i was a sous chef when we met.) She pays the bills and manages the finances and frankly, if she had balls, they would be bigger than those of most of the goobers who post here. Me being laid back compliments her well.

    This also frees me up to do fun stuff like building a deck on the back of our house and creative landscaping that makes our home homier while enhancing our property values.

    Here’s the thing AWD..a REAL MAN doesn’t get his knickers in a bunch over some silly commercial..a real man is secure in himself enough that he doesn’t take insult to something so prosaic and trivial.This whole site screams insecurity..perhaps having a man of color in the white house has put the zap on your head or something. Whatever the case, you are wearing your security issues on your sleeve and perhaps some quality time with a therapist would be more constructive than baring your neurosis’s for all to see on the internets.

    • Well now…aren’t you just precious. Trust me…you’re no guy any real gal on the conservative side of life would want, period. ~

      • Rusty Fluke

        Why would i want any other woman than my wife? I wouldn’t trade her for ten “conservative” women or any other females for that you attempt at insult is just shooting blanks, sweetie.

        • Of course you wouldn’t…you don’t have to go out in the real world and get a real job, you’d rather have her wear the pants. – What a ‘guy’…like I said, you’re just precious to the lib ugliness from so-called women on the leftist side of life. ~ Pathetic. You should be us conservative gals…you’re wussy-whipped..and evidently you like it.

        • Rusty,
          Ever wonder if some manly man at work may have your wife too? any business trips in her line of work? just saying ya know.

        • fran lawrence

          Rusty answer to your question Why would I want any other woman besides my wife? answer: Because no other real woman would let you sit around on your fat ass eating bon bons and watching soap operas all day. Yea right build decks and landscaping I doubt it. Be a real man and get to work you metro muther.Also seeing as how dislike conservative males because they are a threat to you why are you even on this site, just starting trouble I presume.

    • Rusty, a real man doesn’t wear “knickers.” Boxers, thank you. Now we’ll excuse you to go sing into the mike.


      • Rusty, based on your comments, my guess is you wear your boyfriend’s ass for a hat! Piss off before I give you a slap!


      • Kansas Gun Girl

        Ohhh what a dilemma he has! He wants his wife to go to work and provide for him so he has time for all his fun projects, but doesn’t want to admit he isn’t a real man. What to do, what to do? …. turn it into racism! That oughta do it!

  28. When my man & I go Wal-marting, the only reason I call him out of the sporting goods dept. is to help me with the math involved in price comparison of the different detergents…I suk at math! As for the bullets – luckily, he works for RUGER, so we’re pretty well set up!

    And Rusty….I love how you throw those $5 words around like “prosaic”, but don’t know enough to use the correct form for “you’re” as in “you are” instead of “your” which denotes ownership…just sayin’! Typical libtard instantly diving right into the muck with insults and screaming raaaaaacist!!! And if I were you, (and I’m glad I’m not!) I wouldn’t throw around the “sous chef” thingy too much! Real manly occupation there! Must have loved working “under” that Executive Chef – just like now you’re under the Alpha Female!

  29. Triplets huh? That b**** in the commercial must suck at getting pregnant and had to take fertility drugs. Also the way the man threw the clothes down at the end of the commercial, it looks like she had about 15 more seconds before he went OJ on her ass! Just my 2 cents.

  30. Please also see : “The incalculable damage being caused by sexist and mis-leading advertising”

  31. Right on with the Tide commercial thing. Does this web sight have a political movement. Come on white men –lets straighten this country out…


  32. fran lawrence

    Not only are we under attack in commercials its also in the movies.The white folks are always uptight and need to be shown how to lighten up by the black folks.In many commercials it is a white woman paired up with a black guy,and it is always the white guy who is portrayed as the moron.The black guy is always taller and in better shape, the white guy is always a dufus who is way out of shape and boring. Talk about racisism and don’t even get me started about B.E.T television, does anyone out there even think we would get away with White Entertainment Television.

  33. wanda schultz

    Im not happy with the choice of words that are on the tide commercials. Is it really necessary to use words like’ suck’? Really? It is totally unnecessary and not appropriate. I have little children and that language is not used in our home and shouldn’t be on a commercial for laundry soap. I have discontinued using all tide products. I feel very strong about this

  34. Imtoooldforthis

    I’ve written to companies when I find that the commercials are insulting to men or women. If I get no response I stop buying that product. It probably doesn’t affect their bottom line but it makes me feel better. I don’t see the need to make a male look stupid in a commercial. I respect my husband as well as love him and would never treat him in such a manner so why would some fool think this stuff is funny? I just don’t get it.

  35. It was just a funny commercial. Why have a bug up your backside about it?
    My husband sucks at folding, too.
    By the way, the hubby in the ad laughed.
    As for comments like, we don’t fold the clothes, we work to buy them? Or she would never get pregnant in my house?
    What an over sensitive, womanizing bonehead.

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