If you’re the Republican Party these days, it’s time to call in the battleships and piss on the Admiral. War’s over, boys! If you’re smart, that is. But the Republican Party is not known as the Party of Stupid for nothing. After all, they backed El Jeb. And they’re basically Democrats. They’re stooooopid like that!

But if they’ll only get on board and ride POTUS Trump’s coattails, the Republican Party could control Washington for decades. Why is that? Because the Democrat Party is dead and keeps killing itself deader!

How could the Democrat Party find itself in such deep Dukakis only a few years after James “Snakey Head” Carville promised “Tha Damacrat Pahty will control Washingtahn for 40 yeahs.” Never trust a liberal. Especially one with a snakey head who grew up in a trailer.

It’s quite simple why Dims are as relevant as Karl “Roly Poly” Rove’s latest election predictions for 2016 (or ’18 and ’20 for that matter). They chose to piss off the majority of Americans. I’m talking about middle class crackas, of course.

With George Soros controlling the Dim Party, Dims have moved so far to the left that Vladimir Lenin was quoted as saying:

“I am the walrus.” Wrong Lenin/Lennon

“Man, those Dims are just a bunch of freaky deaky comm-a-nists!”

Democrats have indeed embraced every freaky deaky subset of society while ridiculing normal, middle-class, white taxpayers and voters. They pissed off millions of normal moms and dads who disagreed with Bruce the Big Wiener Transgender going tinkle in the same bathroom as their little Molly. Wow! Who could have seen that coming! Not Democrats!

Muslims, gays, transgendered, transfatty, terrorists (check that, I already said Muslims), illegal aliens, Black Lives Matter terrorists, anti-Trump thugs, etc all have received the backing and support of the Democrat Party. Who didn’t? The aforementioned middle class crackas. Those crackas who vote who have seen their jobs exported to China or taken by illegals who shouldn’t be in Los Estados Unidos in the first place! But the crackas were told 1.34 trillion times by Democrats and their ilk in the propaganda media that they are “privileged” and racist whether they are or not by merely disagreeing with the Democrats. And crackas are the reason every day for a minority is less than perfect.

So the Dims lost YUUUGE during the reign of Imam Obama and again when Our Lady of the Cankles was beaten like a red-headed mule by Trump in November. So what does the Democrat Party do to regain the trust of 70-odd percent of Americans? I’m talking crackas, of course. Do they admit they were wrong and got sidetracked by the Evil George Soros and the Community Organizer, Imam Obama? Do they propose legislation that will bring jobs back to America and reduce taxes on the middle class? Do they support closing down the porous border that allows any unwashed illegal and/or terrorist to invade the Great Satan? Uhhhh, no. That would be President Trump!

No, they push Muslim leftwing wacko Minneapolis congressman Keith Ellison as the next head of the Democrat National Committee. And you thought they couldn’t do worse than Debbie “Butter-hair” Wasserman!

Oh, and they enlist Charles Schumer to be the next mad-dog Harry Reid in doing nothing but wasting American oxygen crying and bitching about anything and everything but doing nothing. Good luck with that. Schumer was seen trying to force a fake tear in support of Muslim terrorists/refugees after Trump’s executive order halting immigration from 7 countries Obama marked as terrorist supporting. The only other time Schumer has ever cried in his life was when he ran over his mother on the way to get in front of a TV camera for another interview. He really wanted to make that interview and has never recovered. Neither has his mother but who cares? Not Chuckie!

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is as corrupt and owned by Wall Street as much as the Democrats. Turtle Head McConnell and Paul Ryan will do everything possible behind the scenes to stop Trump from doing what the middle class majority (crackas, of course) elected him to do.

However, Trump isn’t just another wussypants Republican tool like a Bush, Romney or McCain. Trump will open up more hell than a little bit on those who stab him in the back. He’s a businessman, not a politician. And he means bidness!

So save your pennies and forego the Time Magazine. I didn’t even know it was still around. The Democrats are now a Party that supports the far left fringe that live in basements and the Middle East. Which reminds me of AWD’s First Theory of Political Relativity:


And AWD would like to strongly voice my support for Imam Ellison for DNC Chair!


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