Tommy Curry Wants You Dead!


Yep, that is if you’re white, living in America today. Tommy Curry is a Liberal Arts Professor at of all places Texas A&M University and thinks just that. It appears that Tommy has quite a mouth on him. The following is a few things that he’s said.

Citing the blog Narrative Collapse Curry says, “that black people should talk openly about murdering white people.” No shizer. In a YouTube interview he states the murder of white people may be necessary for black liberation. He goes on to suggest that whites need to fear blacks so much that they have to believe death could come for them at any moment. Curry also seems to advocate planned mass murder on a large scale. Really Tommy? One thing about Curry is that he has no intention of getting his hands dirty in the process. He will preach to useful idiots in organizations like Antifa and BLM to do the deed for him.

Here’s a bit more background on Tommy. He’s a committed leftist who advocates what is called Critical Race Theory. That really translates into Marxist BS and excuse making. Among the so-called courses he teaches is “Radical Black Philosophies” which means taking the shuck and jive to the next level. Curry also has quite a presence on YouTube where his anti-white diatribes can be viewed at your displeasure.

The sad thing is that Texas A&M president Michael Young only issued a lukewarm rebuttal, not even mentioning Professor Curry by name and spouting off nonsense about first amendment issues. Rest assured if the shoe was on the other foot and that if it were a white professor saying and teaching the same thing, the response would be quite different. The cry rooms would be full and play dough sold out in College Station.

Tommy is nothing more than an insurrectionist who promotes racial violence. Curry  knows that more than a few will swallow his hate whole and that ultimately some on the left will act on it. In short, he’s an accessory to murder. This guy takes delight in every instance of black on white crime that he can find.

The take home message is clear. First of all I recommend that you watch one of Tommy Curry’s videos on YouTube. The next thing anyone with a lick of common sense should do is get armed and above all get trained. Rest assured, unless things change the dustup is coming. Don’t be part of Tommy’s wet dream. Be part of his nightmares.

African Americans are often perplexed about why they are profiled. My memorandum to them is to get a full load of Tommy Curry and then rethink the problem. I’d also suggest they take a nice long look at the interracial crime rate, something they predominate in as the perpetrator.

Hey Tommy, I have a message for you. If you think I should be scared of your punk ass think again. It’s you who should be scared of me. I know what you are and what you’re really thinking. Not only do I train for guys like you and your acolytes regularly I also encourage others to do so as well. You only make the job easier. Just remember it might not go the way you want.

Stay armed my friends.



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