The Dallas Cowboys finally did what should have been done decades ago. They released Tony Romo. Romo is to the NFL what Paul Ryan is to the Republican Party. A whole lot of awful.

The Cowboys should have also released owner Jerry Jones. He too suckos el grande uno and is complicit along with Romo in the sucking of the Cowboys. But since Jones is the owner of the Cowboys, there is little chance he will trade himself. So sad.

Many in Dallas love Romo for some incomprehensible reason. I’ve never understood it. Romo is not a money player. He makes plays when plays don’t matter. When plays matter, he chokes. And he gets paid boo-coo dolares to suck! As an added plus, he also gets hurt every time an opposing player looks at him. Yeah, the teams are lining up.

Here’s the deal. AWD doesn’t really care too much about the NFL except getting Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders into my hot tub. Hasn’t happened yet but you never know. But AWD has a better chance of getting a Cowboy cheerleader in my hot tub than Romo getting a team to the playoffs. Hell, I’ll get Melania Trump in my hot tub before that Romo sumbitch wins a playoff game.

Texas is a football state. And Dallas is a Cowboy city. We expect wins. And playoff wins. And a Super Bowl ever now and then. Romo has delivered dick. Because he’s a choker. AWD would always want to put Romo in an inverted suplex followed by an unsanctioned pile driver when Romo would talk to the press after a game. He’s say “Oh well, this is a tough game and sometimes you lose.” I would have fired his ass on the spot! No, you’re paid millions to win games! Not to tell the press, “oh well…”.

It was Jessica Simpson’s bodacious boo-tay that ruined Romo! He was a young, promising quarterback until he started dating Jessica Simpson. It’s her damn fault!

OK, it’s easy to see how a guy might get all messed up staring for hours at a time at a boo-tay like that. I get it. AWD could stare at Jessica’s boo-tay for months at a time. But I’m not getting paid $20 million @#*& dollars to win Cowboy football games! Jessica, by the way, I have a hot tub, baybah. Come on by sometime.

So apparently only two teams are considering wasting their money on Romo. The Broncos and the Houston Texans. And apparently the Texans have said Hell NO! So that leaves only the Broncos who apparently have a death wish if they’re considering hiring Romo. They might as well hire Jessica Simpson. At least she’d be popular in the dressing room.

Some are winners and some are losers. Romo is a loser QB who chokes. As AWD asks every Romo fan in Dallas: You have the ball on the 20 with 2 minutes to go and are down a touchdown. Who do you want as your QB, Romo or Tom Brady?” If they say Romo, they are either lying or a @#&* soccer fan. Because no damn body would want Romo in that situation because you just know he’s going to throw a @#*& interception!

Oh yeah, consider this. Dak Preston was a rookie Cowboy QB and was 11-3 after Romo got his candy-ass hurt in the first game. If a rookie QB can take the Cowboys to the playoffs in his first year, what does that say for the experienced veteran Romo? I’ll tell you. He sucketh the big one!

I don’t know if anyone who reads AWD really gives a rat about the NFL. I really don’t, myself. But I will tell anyone who is interested that Romo is a disaster zone as an NFL QB. But he’s seen Jessica Simpson’s boo-tay. For what that’s worth.

Think AWD is exaggerating? Watch this:

And another:


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