Top 10 List of Things RedStater Doesn’t Care About


#10 – Amazon questions & “answers”.

#9 – Being thorough.

#8 –

#7 –

#6 – Being called a racist/bigot/nativist/anti-Semite/yadda yadda.

#5 – The brown growth on my shoulder that’s starting to look like Michelle Obama as it starts to grow hair. I’m sure it’s nothing.

#4 – Absolutely anything and everything on television.

#3 – Whatever it is celebrities feel they need to publicly announce. About anything.

#2 – What the MSM has to say. About anything.

#1 – The Super Bowl.

The NFL has long since become just one more tentacle on the Federal Leviathan whose missions is to indoctrinate whites into being supplicant cucks so we don’t feel compelled to, like men, step up and defend our women and our race. What red-blooded, straight, white American man would find this entertaining, let alone want to support it?


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