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Top 10 List of Things RedStater Doesn’t Care About


#10 – Amazon questions & “answers”.

#9 – Being thorough.

#8 –

#7 –

#6 – Being called a racist/bigot/nativist/anti-Semite/yadda yadda.

#5 – The brown growth on my shoulder that’s starting to look like Michelle Obama as it starts to grow hair. I’m sure it’s nothing.

#4 – Absolutely anything and everything on television.

#3 – Whatever it is celebrities feel they need to publicly announce. About anything.

#2 – What the MSM has to say. About anything.

#1 – The Super Bowl.

The NFL has long since become just one more tentacle on the Federal Leviathan whose missions is to indoctrinate whites into being supplicant cucks so we don’t feel compelled to, like men, step up and defend our women and our race. What red-blooded, straight, white American man would find this entertaining, let alone want to support it?



  1. “In June, Hawaii became the first state to put gun owners into its Rap Back system, which will notify law enforcement whenever a gun owner is arrested for a crime in any state. Jay Stanley, of the ACLU, said that such a real-time database for monitoring might seem like a good idea in theory — until the same logic is applied to all kinds of other groups in practice. In Utah, for instance, anytime an immigrant with a driver’s license generates any sort of criminal record, the state’s Rap Back program will notify ICE, possibly triggering deportation proceedings.”

    “Lynch said it’s possible that employees could be fired for an arrest where they were exercising their First Amendment rights: filming public officials, attending protests, blocking streets. “It’s unclear if an employer that takes action based on the arrest would know the arrest is tied to First Amendment protected activity.””

    “In typical federal background checks, the FBI expunges or returns the fingerprints it collects. But for the Rap Back system, the FBI retains the prints it collects on behalf of companies and agencies so that it can notify employers about their employee’s future encounters with law enforcement. The FBI has the license to retain all submitted fingerprints indefinitely — even after notice of death. Employers are even offered the option to purchase lifetime subscriptions to the program for the cost of $13 per person. The decision to participate in Rap Back is at employers’ discretion. Employees have no choice in the matter.”

    The US government is FOREVER your potential foe; never forget that.

    The FBI Is Building A National Watchlist That Gives Companies Real Time Updates on Employees

  2. You left out a big one, namely Al Gore and Friends Climate Change Doomsday Proclamation and Threats.

  3. Quartierleblanc

    Could you include Lena Dunham? What a pig. She looks like stinks. Her idiotic show “Girls” is a fictional autobiography about her getting laid. Really? Lets face it, if the average guy got her in the sack, he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He’s be too ashamed. There’s slumming and then there’s Lena Dunham.

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