Oh, the times they are a changin’! And not for the good! What the hell is going on with all these poofter-teen males wanting to dress like a uber-ugly teen girl on Prom Night? Damned if AWD knows!

According to the Englishter Daily Mail:

Last week George ‘Tony’ Zamazal, 19, requested permission from an assistant principal to wear a dress and officially come out as transgender at Spring High School’s May 11 prom.

Folks, this is your youth on libtardism! Here is “Tony!”

Holy bejeezus! First of all, Tony looks like the pulling guard on the all-conference football team! Question. Does this cat actually have a date to the prom or is he just going to hug the wall scaring the hell out of the rest of the prom-goers?

Tony said:

‘I wouldn’t have felt comfortable at all showing up in a tux. I’m so grateful that my school has agreed to let me be myself on such an important night.’

Have the rest of the student body won the right to run in horror from the sight of this monster in a red sparkly dress?

I might understand if this was taking place at Brokeback Mountain High School but this is in Houston! Even so, the yoots in Houston are…well…a might queer these days. Here’s our Prom Queen as a (pseudo) male:

OK, so I was wrong about the pulling guard thing! This kid obviously hasn’t been eating his Wheaties! I hope the school officials have a magnetometer set up. This guy girl thing looks like he might smuggle in a weapon!

Hopefully, the normal students have won the right to laugh their asses off at this dude wearing a dress to their prom! Something tells AWD this cat didn’t get a lot of parental attention along the way! This could have all been stopped if the parents had turned off MSNBC and sent the kid to military school! Sad thing is, we’ll be paying for his sex change operation under ObamaCare!

Maybe it’s time for normal students to have their own proms apart from the freakazoids who attend their schools? The white kids and the black kids to this in many school districts in the South. I’m just glad my kids are out of high school so they don’t have to moon walk beside a six foot Lurch who scares the sh*t out of them!

Oh, the times are a changin’…and it ain’t for the good!

As Willie says, “that sh*t ain’t right!


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