AWD was perusing Facebook today when I saw this video of the 9/11 Pentagon attack posted.

Even a few years ago, I laughed when my Ron Paul-loving friends told me 9/11 was an inside job. These days, hell, anything’s possible.

In the video CNN report, the reporter says the FBI originally seized the video. That would be the same FBI that just let Hillary Clinton off the hook for breaking federal law, lying in front of Congress, and creating what has to be the largest security breach of classified information in American history. The same FBI that let Hillary off the hook because she didn’t “intend” to commit crimes that endangered every single American. The same FBI that just ignored the part about her lying to Congress when she said her emails were deleted. Or that she never emailed a classified document once the emails were discovered. That would be the same FBI that negotiated with Clinton’s lawyers over the ‘rules’ of the investigation. Rules that agreed to shred Cheryl Mills’ laptop even though she is under a Congressional investigation. That would be the same FBI that required the agents investigating Clinton to sign non-disclosure documents about the case. And on and on it goes.

Kind of looks like the Obama-controlled FBI really didn’t want to investigate Clinton the way it would any other American citizen. Oh, any citizen that’s not a friend of or a danger to Obama. Now reports are saying Obama was knowledgeable and complicit in the entire coverup. Why am I not surprised?

And nobody cares. Not even Congress. So yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if 9/11 was a hoax to start a few more trillion dollar unwinnable wars that will never end.

Hillary is going to win this election. It’s what THEY want. THEY being those who control the world. THEY who buy up governments and nations and decide who wins and loses. There’s no sane explanation for any of the madness that’s taken place in America in terms of unchecked illegal immigration, influxes of Muslims and other Third Worlders, massive pile up of national debt, middle-class jobs exported and gone forever, etc except THEY who pull the global strings want it that way. THEY knew the American people (at least the sentient half) would be ready for something new after 8 years of Hussein doing THEIR business. And we are ready but it won’t make any difference. Millions of illegal and dead voters will go to multiple polling places on election data to pull the lever for Hillary. How can they do that? Why do you think Democrats/liberal judges have fought so hard against Voter ID laws?

It’s all a scam.

We are the Proles Orwell wrote of in 1984. We go to our jobs and sit for hours in traffic so we can fund our own destruction. We’re grateful we can keep half of what we earn while the federal government seizes at gunpoint our earnings to buy votes from moochers and enrich their political masters. We sit back and enjoy our Victory Coffee while discussing whether Kanye and Kim were involved in the theft of their own jewelry while watching millionaire NFL players bitch about how America is slanted against them. We can’t even let our little girls go to the bathroom alone lest some freakazoid molest her. And yet we sing “the land of the free” with our hands over our hearts.

Land of the free? Hell, I can’t have a garage sale to make a few bucks without buying a city permit!

I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing really matters. Or at least nothing we can do will really matter. The Tea Party movement was the last best chance to turn this country around. THEY knew better. Democrats and Republicans (but I repeat myself) assassins were turned loose on the Tea Party and the movement was usurped and fell to pieces after a few short years.

I believe nothing that comes from government and their propagandists in the Mainstream Media. Nada. Nada damn thing. It’s all lies and innuendos. And, as we have watched with Hillary and her globalist friends, all Americans are equal. But some are more equal. Much more equal. And it ain’t us.

If you haven’t read 1984 and Atlas Shrugs, you should. We’re presently living both books. And you better start learning to love Big Brother if you know what’s good for you, Winston!

I think I’m going to hop on my Harley and blaze down the road with some Pantera screaming from the stereo and try to pretend none of this is happening. I’ll enjoy my sled until THEY take it away.


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