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AWD has been a fan of Paul Joseph Watson for some time. He brilliantly destroys the preposterous unwashed hordes of social justice warriors with a sharp intellect served up with plenty of snark. Coupled with his Englishter accent, his videos go on AWD’s must watch list. (Note: about the only time AWD likes Englishter accents is when they are on Englishter actors playing German officers in WWII movies. Congratulations, Paul!)

Enjoy Paul’s beatdown of some of the most loathsome creatures this side of ISIS, Social Justice Warriors.

Could Triggly Puff have made herself look more like a sumo wrestler than she did? If she’s front line infantry for the Social Justice Warriors, they should just stay home in mommy’s safe space and beg for tissues.

I don’t have much more to say about this but have watched this video several times, each time getting a chuckle. However, we’ve known that the radical left are devoid of decency. They are intellectual savages and a huge drain on civilization. When the word ‘purge’ is mentioned, SJWs immediately come to mind.

If you’re the parent of one of these worthless SJWs, immediately shoot yourself in the genitals before rinsing and repeating in the head. Society thanks you.

I will state that it is my opinion that 95% of the universities in America should be shut down.

Here’s some other shots of Triggly (I think):




  1. PocketPool

    Stupid slag spelled “sammich” wrong.

  2. Wait a minute, somethings off here, I just read the Dennis Hastert post, and I swear the person in both pix from two separate stories, look the same.

    Does Triggly Puff = Dennis Hastert in drag?

  3. “The “Truth” according to Limbaugh: Feminism established “to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society”

  4. Feminism cracks me up in this country…. My niece announces she is a feminist. Oh lord I give her a pasting.

    I tell her, what we need to tell every feminist in the USA.

    That they are COWARDS, there is no need. A two year old could be a feminist here.

    I tell her, you want to be a feminist go to the Far East, the Middle East or Africa.

    And announce you are a feminist over there. The Chinese have a saying. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

    Seriously, she’s never been anywhere, she already has equal everything here. Equality in court, can go to college, can own land, can own your own business.

    So what exactly are they fighting for?

  5. Women allowed feminist and liberals to ruin their lives. For 1000’s of years they had the most revered jobs on earth…., they were wives and mothers. The old adage about ‘the hand that rocks the cradle is the most important’ (not accurate quote but means the same) is still correct. Now I do say if a woman wants a career outside the home let her have it. If she works the same job as a man….pay her the same. Feminism has convinced many young women that they should work outside the home or they are somehow not smart or woman enough to have it all. The truth is they cannot have it all. A woman’s role is to nurture and mother children. Now she is never at home when the children need her. She is too busy making money to rear her own children. Our children are not mentally healthy because their mothers are not around enough and their fathers sometimes are never around. Feminism has ruined the American families because it was invented to do so. Feminism is why there are fewer marriages now. Why should a man marry when almost all the women he meets are feminists to some degree and give themselves away for a meal. Why should men marry women who have had numerous sexual partners and are so bitter they are worthless. I read that young men who are ready to marry will marry a woman who is average and not beautiful but wants to be a wife. Feminism has made some women ‘hard’ and just another she-man feminist. I am not saying I hate women. Far from it. I love a real woman but I do not ever want to get involved with some hard-corps Feminist. Real feminism is about as unnatural as trannies and gays.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Totaly uncivilezed wild beasts need locked up with the rest of the uncivlized brutes far away from the zoo

  7. What was hilarious about this, is that not only did the speaker shut down miss tons o’ fun, but so did Steven Crowder, and most of the audience. Looks like being a fat dyke lard ass SJW isn’t as acceptable as she thought.

  8. Stop. Stop. Just stop………….. You had me at swamp donkeys. You had me at swamp donkeys…………..

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Queen Kong Lives Queen Kong throws tantrum

  10. He sounds a bit like me, Englishter accent-wise 🙂

  11. Wrong sign !

    Does she really need to eat another sandwich?

  12. this has got to be one of the dumbest reasons ever purported for a victim to not shoot an attacker……by the Huffington Post………..


  13. Spurwing Plover


  14. Quartierleblanc

    More hairy legged woman. No wonder that sow Lena Dunham is their hero. The only way she can get laid is have a TV show.

  15. Who saw the video of the meeting at UMass in its entirety? Where Steven Crowder gives them a total verbal beat-down?

  16. 9th Circle of Gentrif*cked Hell

    Oh, we got ’em here a-plenty – in none other than deep in the heart of the gentrif*cked epicenter of Brooklyn!

    It’s easy to know when Spring has officially arrived in “Like Ya!”ville: It’s when you see one of these spherical tatted transplanted cows riding a fixie (probably heralding from Cow-Upon-Fixie), replete with self-contained, au natural saddle bags, slogging “her” way through Prospect Park, enroute to her “safe space”. The tires are probably solid core for obvious reasons. A “Feel the Bern”, extra extra plus-sized T shirt covering (mercifully) the udder regions seals the deal, while visions of Bernie dance in her beyond leftist liberal bovine head. She avoids lingering too long at the Farmers Market, however, since the ever present risk of being naturally mistaken as a locally sourced, totally sustainable, farm-to-table, small batch artisinal source of grass fed beef is very real. Such a pretty picture; yes, I know. Like, totally!!!

  17. Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Crowder)

    The anti-trump crowd are starting to look alot like escaped mental patients…Obama’s base are a motley bunch: anarchist, commies, La Raza (Aztlan) “folks”, libtards, feminazis, drugged out zombies, and Black Panther “hands up” types…

    On another note: I never liked PRINCE. I did appreciate the fact that he was the ultimate con-artist…as in “musical genius” (in a f..king Zoro chiffon suit).

  18. We need to keep making memes out of these SJW characters, humour and sunlight are the best disinfectants

  19. Somewhere in America, is a lonely(bitter) black man, AKA Al Sharpton, searching for a lonely(bitter) white woman, AKA Triggly Puff.

  20. Spurwing Plover

    The $64:000 question how do you stop a rampaging hypo?

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