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Troll of the Century: Brìd


Crazy Cat Lady
And she bought them all herself!

She goes by many aliases (the latest being “Obongo”). Her and her one friend in life (not counting her 46 cats), “ClancySA” are doing a research project highlighting the scourge of plagiarism that befouls Like AWD, she is irrepressible. Like herpes, she is never wanted but keeps coming back. She is an Irish original. She is an answer to a question no one would be stupid enough to ask. She is…


Like the grace of God, like manna from heaven, every so often, at times of her choosing, Brìd descends upon AWD’s domain of earthly delights and enlightens us all to the wisdom of her warped and lonely little world. Sharp as a tack, quick as a whip, she literarily floats like a butterfly and sardonically stings like a bee.

For those who already miss her (having been recently bludgeoned by the unforgiving banhammer), fear not: Like a game of whack-a-mole, our fair Brìd will return and grace us with her presence again—under a new identity but with the same ethereal level of high-brow debate. For all good things come to those who wait, my friends. And Brìd is nothing if not a good thing.

So until next time oh brilliant and beautiful stalwart of desperate and intractable solitude, I bid you adieu, Brìd…sweet, sweet adieu.

Until we meet again, fair maiden...




  1. Hilarious…simply hilarious.

  2. How did you snoop her out Red? I guess I had forgotten Brid. And what exactly is her ‘mission’? If that’s her in the bottom pic, she must be what they call ‘Black Irish’. Fugly indeed.

    • Superpowers, Mike T. Superpowers.

      • Mike T, actually I think it was the stupidity emanating from Brid/Obongo’s numerous trollular comments!


        • …and for me some familiar words she used, I mentioned I thought it was a past visitor here today early this morning to Vince.

          Great work via Red figuring who it was…I was thinking a little differently….nevertheless, it’s still is amusing.

      • Super powers, I know, I have them too. It’s an enormous responsibility. I find that by visiting every day, they are enhanced in such a way that cannot be measured by any conventional means.

      • Super powers, I know, I have them too. It’s an enormous responsibility. I find that by visiting every day, they are enhanced in such a way that cannot be measured by any conventional means.

        I’ll try to post this one more time, spam filter bastids.

      • I’m stuck in the goddam spam filter… help!!!

      • Super powers, I have them too. It’s a huge responsibility. I find that by visiting every day, they are enhanced in such a way that cannot be measured by any conventional means known to man. 😉

  3. I guess I’ll have to await the next incarnation to trade words with her, and to think I worked so hard on my post in the ‘gun in every room’ thread.

    Guess I’ll have to drink my disappointment away. Thanks AWD =D

  4. are these the ‘scientists’ who have research that shows how much smarter [open minded] libs are?
    those writers. leaders. scientists.

  5. If you want her out, have her [isdn?] banned, not just her name.

  6. Great minds think alike. Whilst reading obongo’s tiresome comments– and I must say I bristled quite a bit at her slamming my sistah Bigtimer, all the while knowing that Big is more than able to take care of herself– I thought a) obongo writes like a womern and b) she could be RedStater’s nominee for Troll o’ the Week. Fantastic. Made my night. 🙂


    Someone needs to adopt her cat before she gives it to PETA

  8. Damn it, she got me… I thought I was trolling a dude and even said things I normally would not say to the gentler side of the species.. I should have known because some of her remarks were “off pudding” if you know what I mean but I mistook it for the normal liberal derangement associated with conversing with trolls…

    • I was a little disappointed in her effort this time. In the past, she would compose one or two post that were cleverly written, featuring opposing ideology, before descending into basic trollism.

      These essays were brilliant on the surface, and I enjoyed vivisecting them down to their socialist theme, but this time she chose to troll and name call, right out of the gate, such a pity.

      But I’m sure our little Gael will be back.

      • Yeah, that was my point in trolling her… she had no desire to debate. It seemed she just wanted to pick a fight.. I will debate or discuss the issues with anyone even if I do not agree with them but the moment they make it personal it brings out the devil in me.. LOL

        • Yeah, lol, you two were throwing some heaters at each other, she ain’t no roll over Baby Troll, when she and Redstater knocked heads, it was like watching the bombing of Baghdad on CNN in the first gulf war, lots of explosions and rockets red glare.

  9. Blue Ridge Patriot


  10. AWD my hero! Lets hope this troll has been flushed into the blogosphere toilet. That women needs a shave yucko.

  11. Brid is short for “Bridey Murphy”, who keeps coming back like a bad shilling every century.

  12. Who?

  13. Hirsute is her suit.

    The flash with the stash!

    She skips to the loo!

    Her pointed words of wit
    Smell like old cat shit
    She is angry, She is a flake
    ’cause the sex change didn’t take.

  14. Wonder if she feeds her cats coffee beans?

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