Troll of the Century: Brìd


Crazy Cat Lady

And she bought them all herself!

She goes by many aliases (the latest being “Obongo”). Her and her one friend in life (not counting her 46 cats), “ClancySA” are doing a research project highlighting the scourge of plagiarism that befouls Like AWD, she is irrepressible. Like herpes, she is never wanted but keeps coming back. She is an Irish original. She is an answer to a question no one would be stupid enough to ask. She is…


Like the grace of God, like manna from heaven, every so often, at times of her choosing, Brìd descends upon AWD’s domain of earthly delights and enlightens us all to the wisdom of her warped and lonely little world. Sharp as a tack, quick as a whip, she literarily floats like a butterfly and sardonically stings like a bee.

For those who already miss her (having been recently bludgeoned by the unforgiving banhammer), fear not: Like a game of whack-a-mole, our fair Brìd will return and grace us with her presence again—under a new identity but with the same ethereal level of high-brow debate. For all good things come to those who wait, my friends. And Brìd is nothing if not a good thing.

So until next time oh brilliant and beautiful stalwart of desperate and intractable solitude, I bid you adieu, Brìd…sweet, sweet adieu.


Until we meet again, fair maiden...



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