Troll of the Week: Biffy the Paleo Slayer


Unwarranted Smugness

Congrats, Biff!

Question: What do you get when you cross a libtard with a libertarian?

Answer: A libtard.

Decades ago, Christopher Lasch—historian, moralist, and social critic—saw narcissism as the “signal disorder of contemporary American culture.” I believe the behavior of trolls—and the abundance of them—bears him out.

One of the more conspicuous aspects of narcissism is hubris. And nowhere is hubris more evident than when it’s juxtaposed with sheer idiocy.

I know some arrogant pricks. But they’re smart as hell, and can layeth down an impregnable tapestry of smack like no other. Whether their arrogance reaches the level of hubris or not is debatable, but what’s not debatable is at least they can back that sh*t up.

On the other hand, enter your run-of-the-mill troll…like Biff (or the perennial Brìd). They are clearly full of themselves, convinced they have it all figured out…yet could not form a coherent line of thinking if their lives depended on it.

I caught very little of Biff’s commentary, but what I did read reminded me of one thing: how patient AWD is. If it were up to me, I would’ve dropped the banhammer on this Biff character almost immediately. I mean, you can see the suck coming from a mile away with “contributions” like this:

You can smell the fear of estrogen here
– Biff, Is Feminism the Root of All Evil?, January 27, 2013

Again: run-of-the-mill troll. Says absolutely nothing, but ever so smugly. And, sitting there comfortably in his parents’ basement, thinking so highly of his inane commentary, his stultifying combination of stupidity and conceit blinds him to the fact that he’s being constantly dismantled by anyone with half a wit. And so he’ll keep posting. And posting. And posting. And posting.

Like smog, it serves merely to pollute.

What I always find telling is that, invariably, after being banhammered, these pathetic know-it-alls claim they’re being silenced for daring to express contrarian opinions. Never does it occur to them that they’re simply being taken out with the rest of the trash (i.e., spam).

Why do we filter out spam and not allow it to clog up the commentary? Because it only detracts from meaningful, informed debate or simple, friendly conversation. Why don’t we allow idiotic, obnoxious, arrogant trolls? For the exact same effing reason.

On the other hand, nota bene the healthy divergence of views expressed on this site. It doesn’t mean dissenting views are always peaceably accepted, but it does mean that such views don’t receive the banhammer…so long as they’re intelligent and factual (and, preferably, polite).

(And a little side note to Biff, who no doubt, in his desperate need for perpetual validation, is still reading this blog: Claiming to have voted 3rd party in no way automatically exempts one from being a mindless libtard, just as voting Republican in no way automatically includes one in the conservative cause.)

But no matter. In his mind, he’s awesome. He’s got it all figured out. He’s right, and we’re wrong; he’s smart, and we’re dumb; he’s good looking and we’re…not…attractive.

Such is the way of trolls. Such is the way of libtards. Such is the way of narcissists. Such is the way of Biff.

But I repeat myself, four-fold.


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