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Troll of the Week: CastAway


They should boink and get married, according to CastAway.

Sometimes it’s helpful to dissect in order to understand. So let’s dissect just a single comment by this week’s TOTW, libtard extraordinaire, CastAway…

Yeah red, you are probably a closet case. What’s wrong with our society is heterosexuals. Your unnatural way of life is dragging down the progress of society. The population is too large as it is, and you idiot breeders just keep on pushing out a bunch of redneck retards. When you hide your heterosexual lifestyle behind closed doors maybe the gays will do the same, but when you love someone, you don’t really give a sh!t who sees or knows. You and your ilk are just like the Nazi party.

Here we go…

Yeah red, you are probably a closet case.

Ever notice how anytime there’s a critique of homosexuals—real or imagined (imagined in this case)—it automatically makes one a “closet homosexual”? Funny that. It’s basically calling someone a fag, intending it as in insult (which it is), all in the name of defending, supposedly, homosexuals.

What’s wrong with our society is heterosexuals. Your unnatural way of life is dragging down the progress of society.

Where do I begin? Heterosexuality is unnatural? Really? I suppose for someone hailing from the “party of science”, CastAway could explain to me how evolution—the “natural” story of “progress”— is the product of homosexuality, correct? Beyond all that, what societal progress is he referring to here that is being “dragged down” by heterosexuals? Men marrying other men? That’s progress? Seems to me like that’s an oil-covered ice slope to even further absurdity, like women marrying rollercoasters. I’ll refer you to an old post of mine about such supposed “progress”…

The population is too large as it is…

This I agree with. So you know what we need? Amnesty for our millions of third-world invaders, more immigration (legal and illegal—who cares?), open borders, and endless food, shelter, and medical care bestowed upon peoples the world over who can’t figure out how to control their own populations to the point that they starve themselves. Right, CastAway?

…and you idiot breeders just keep on pushing out a bunch of redneck retards.

First, notice the “love” in this statement. I mean, CastAway is all about the “love”, not the “hate”, is he not? Second, note the polarity between this statement (like every other statement he’s made) and reality. Whites, both the world over and within the US, have fertility rates just at or below replacement levels. Blacks and Hispanics—two of CastAway’s favorite pet demographics, no doubt—reproduce like cockroaches.

When you hide your heterosexual lifestyle behind closed doors maybe the gays will do the same…

Remember all those celebrities and politicians who have made “major announcements” about their heterosexuality, and all the fanfare that caused? Ever participate in all those “Straight Pride” parades held annually throughout the country? Don’t you just love the monochrome flags we fly advertising our heterosexuality? Yes; CastAway, we heterosexuals should really get in the habit of keeping our sex lives in the bedroom.

…but when you love someone, you don’t really give a sh!t who sees or knows.

Meaning it’s imperative to speak about your sex life to the public at large because you love someone? Makes perfect sense!

You and your ilk are just like the Nazi party.

As astute commenter “Nostradumbass” noted, this is Godwin’s Law in action. As if the entirety of the comment wasn’t incredibly asinine to begin with, CastAway felt the need to invoke the Nazi “argument”, thereby rendering null and void whatever credibility he might have had left by this point. (And let’s ignore the fact that his cherished Planned Parenthood inspired the Nazis…)

The icing on the cake? If you reference the original article on which CastAway’s commenting, you’ll note that outside of a couple terms mocking homosexuals (“poofter” and “gay fag”) in reference to Jason Collins, the point of the article had nothing to do with homosexuality per se but to the self-annihilating obsessions of libtards in general. There may be a Shakespeare reference applicable somewhere here relating to CastAway’s comment (“much ado about nothing”? or perhaps, “me thinks he doth protest too much”?), but in any event, what is self-evident is that the post touched a nerve. Perhaps deep down inside, tucked away safely “in a closet” so that he won’t have to examine it in the light of truth, is the understanding that the lifestyle he chose—and the lifestyle he advocates—is an evolutionary dead-end.

And who wants to face the fact the he is on the wrong side of history?

In any event, as if we needed it, CastAway provides, in stellar form, further evidence that libtards are at perpetual war with reality, and everything that is good, right, and intelligent.



  1. Ghostrider

    Spot on RedStater. I love it!

  2. Perfect. Great choice for Troll o’ the Week and great commentary, RedStater.

  3. Nostradumbass

    I aint never been called a stute before…been called a stooge a time or two.

  4. Hes a castaway for a reason…nobody wants the piece of shit around.


    He should just stay a castaway forever and even longer just your avrage liberal pinhead with a totaly vacant carium

    • I think castaway suffers from the horrible disease cranialrectalitus. This is common among libtards and the only cure is death.

  6. Nostradumbass

    So, the real question is this:

    How did a heterosexual redneck retard, created by unnatural idiot breeders, ever evolve into progressive society’s “hero” du jour?

    in the paraphrased words of the Church Lady:

    “Could it be NAZIs?”

  7. guy hontz

    I don’t see him around today.Did he get hit by the ban hammer?

  8. Maybe he had a moment of insight and realized that his perverse lifestyle choice is just a dead end on the ol Darwinism highway, and decided to do civilization a favor and ate a bullet. Hey, hope springs eternal, and all that, just trying to see the bright side of things.

  9. RedStater just stomped Castaway’s moron ass
    into the ground.

  10. ga steve

    Castaway should fall on his own sword and help with the overpopulation problem. Instead he will indulge in a decadent filthy unnatural lifestyle and contact multiply disease’s and die a slow terrible painful death and expect the heterosexual taxpayers to pay for his care, They are not called QUEER for nothing.

  11. Michael T


  12. Spurwing Plover

    Lets just leave him on the island and return those SEVEN STRANDED CASTAWAYS

  13. Michael T

    I’d like to meet castaway face to face. I didn’t know that yesterday was some sort of communist holiday. I guess it was beat whitey day too. The ni**ers only pick on the defensless and infirm and the elderly. I never get picked on, hell, they don’t even look at me. When I’m out in public everything about me says don’t f*** with me.

    Maybe thats why some people think I have a bad attitude. I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me. Moderate Muslims, radical Muslims. Good blacks, raging urban yoots, jeez, who can keep up with the ‘good ones’ and the ‘bad ones’?

    Utah, it’s 98% White. No Meztizos and no ni**ers to speak of, sounds like Utopia to me.

  14. Hey CastAway…..where are you sweetie!!!!!!……..

  15. Blistered


    Blistered, out!


    Robinson Caruso would have shot him and left him for the buzzards although the buzzards would probibly reject him

  17. If you want to see some idiotic comments, and a few good ones, check out the three or four pathetic leftist mental cases who write in at ChronicleOnline.com (located in Citrus County, Florida). No wonder the USA is in such sad shape. The loser libs who chime in can’t write a grammatically correct sentence, as you might guess. Some of you might like to join the discussion there. You could furnish some needed quality.

  18. misterbill

    Just bustin’ out

    I really, really love basketball
    I love to dribble, shoot and pass
    But the thing I really like the most
    Is looking at another player’s ass.

    I really like all kinds of sports
    Across the sporting spectrum
    I just don’t know why I deeply care
    About another fellows rectum.

    Shut up! Abnormal is not the new normal. Moral collapse is getting to be the new normal.

  19. CruisadeR

    Brand new to this website, gotta say its now my new favorite. This post specifically being the determinant. That was the burn of all burns, Fox could use a hundred more like you.

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