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Troll of the Week: Ray Tarded [Updated]


Ray Tarded
But more upstairs than Juggalos! Got that going for ya!

Welcome, one and all, to our second annual Troll of the Week award!

Now, most of you have had the [mis]fortune of spending much more time on this here blog as of late with our latest and greatest logorrhea-tastic point-and-sputterer than have I, so I’ll leave it to y’all to provide some of the more quotable morsels of delectable idiocy that only the atrophied brain of a Liberal Establishment teat-sucker could possibly produce.

Needless to say, I look forward to the record-breaking number of comments the inimitable Ray Tarded and his never-ending, always-insightful, never-hackneyed, not-at-all-nonsensical verbal incontinence will undoubtedly spawn on this here virtual award ceremony.

So without further ado, this Bud’s fer yoo, Raymond Cancel—our very own Real Man of Genius!

Addendum May 2nd, 11:00 AM ET:
Not quite as bad as the last TotW weiner (Ray Cancel: “You misspelled ‘winner’ you hate- and fear-filled idiot!”) in terms of quantity, but the length of the two sputtering comments almost equals the pages of separate comments left by the last to suffer the banhamma. (Hey Ray–is that spelled correctly?)

Truth to Power! Woohoo!



  1. Red…You nailed it friend….Raymond Cancel..what a tard

    Got a sneaky suspicion this is going to be a really good category here at AWD

  2. I think you colonials may be amused by this link. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh out loud.

    BTW Red I love the “point and sputter” reference. You been reading the mighty Steve Sailer again?

    • Liam, always nice to hear from our fave Englishter! That is a great story! Tell Mum hello from the angry white colonists!


    • I read that a week or so ago. I got a great laugh out of the story. Semper Fi!

    • Been savoring that story for a couple days, Liam. There’s a load more to it, I googled one of the deceased gents’ name and found out more. They tried to shoot one of the marines with a shotgun they were in the process of stealing. Only problem, they neglected to chamber a round. One of the marines was struck in the head with a crowbar and had a wine bottle broken over his head. This time the story has a happy ending, providing the wounded marine recovers from his injuries. Makes a good case for packing, especially in your own damned home.
      Dey was goot boys, just walked into the wrong house looking fo some skillets and IT.

    • Liam…

      I don’t have a heart of stone and I did laugh out loud.

      Thank you for this story, we know we will never hear this via the msm.

      Btw…nothing like a good ending to a great story. ~

    • Death to Libtards

      I’ve been following this story locally. Even the race baiters are sitting this one out. Their mothers have already come out in support of their late sons. One was just raising child support money for his five bastard children. The other was turning his life around. He was thinking of going to church even.

      • Raymond Cancel

        These guys deserve what ever they get… IMO throw the book at them and make an example of them. Use them to show Americans that there is no double standard when application of the law is involved. My question is this… why do you all assume the so called “race baiters” would rush to defend to men who are clearly criminals? You can’t honestly equate this to the Trayvon Martin incident… can you?

        • Ray
          These thugs already got what they deserved, why throw the book at dead thugs, very obvious you didn’t read the link.

    • FuriousFatMan


      love it when the good guys come out on top AND save the taxpayers 50 years of $75k/year babysitting fees by just hitting their target.

      thanks marines!


    • Death to Libtards

      Just how drunk, high, or stupid do you have to be to break in someone’s home? In a military town? With “Avengers” right there on the mailbox. The saddest part of this case is that at least one of these thugs has already reproduced at least five times. With four baby-mamas. Five little bastards running around with this guy’s DNA.

    • Liam, have not been reading much of Sailer lately, but that is definitely something I stole from him! Ah, the inimitable Steve Sailer…

  3. HA HA!!!! Good one, RedStater! I read through most of Ray’s comments, but chose not to bother to reply to any of his blather. I don’t suffer fools well. For someone so utterly impressed with his own IQ and education, I noted that Ray had several instances of misspelling and grammatical errors, in addition to your lengthy list of infractions. Typical snotty Lib.

    • Thanks Vixen. Yeah, I only read a handful but they all seemed standard boilerplate. And endless!

      As I often say, with these types their egos are in inverse relationship to their IQs.

  4. I dunno, I really think he should be elevated to moron of the year but then he has a lot of competion, Wasserman, Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Schumer et al.

    Hey! Just noticed the edit function is back, love it.

  5. Et tu, Ray?


  6. David in SC

    Hilarious Red, Ray-ray’s got my vote! I think most of his posts were copy/pastes from some libtard book.

  7. Vicio Malo

    Bluto, I’m really suprised the “queen of posts” here did not chastise you for using the “WE” word. And. BTW “queen” you needn’t apology for a thing I say…not fittin’ for a white woman to be “shuckin’ ‘n’ jivin’… For 100 years after slavery, “WE” the people refused to eat at the same lunch counter with these animals…would not piss in the same urinal, walk on the same side of the street, drink from the same fountain, have our children in the same schools…and then civil rights came along. In 10 years time their destructive, uncivilized nature has changed the tone of American Society. You think what you want. You apologize for the way you think bigtimer and the way you act. If I find it necassary to apologize for my ways I’ll be sure to make that move. I think you should go lick Raymond’s wounds. Nice post Red, thank God Raymond is your neighbor and not mine.

    • Vicio…

      Eff off!

      Btw..I find you far more offensive than Ray could ever be…period.

      • Rock of the Marne

        LOL just ignore it bigtimer…. I find Vicio and Ray to be the same.. at least Vicio is man enough to admit it while Ray will deny it.

        • Raymond Cancel

          Vicio and myself are miles apart… I have never and will never advocate for genocide which Vicio has. I have never and will never lump all white people into a singular group based on my own lack of information like Vicio has. The one thing we might have in common is that we both present view points that make you feel uncomfortable. The shame is that instead of engaging in debate you all seem to be happy with just leveling insults.

          • Rock of the Marne

            Miles apart Ray? No… no your not. You just feel entitled to your racist views because like you say “white men have been riding ruff shot over this country since they came and killed the natives” LOL as if white men have contributed NOTHING to this country or the world.. and I am responsible for ALL bad white behaviour from the past. I bet you even believe in “white priviledge” dont you?

            Speaking of insults.. you have done nothing but level insults at people since you got on here even resorting to infantile penis jokes… all the while bragging about how smart YOU THINK you are. In YOUR very first post to me you called me a racist… You have refused to debate when we post things then you complain we refuse to engage you. Im starting to wonder if you are bipolar or something.

          • Your absolutely right Rock. Ol Ray started the name calling and sending shots across the bow first.

    • Thanks Vicio. PS, with my very limited time on the blog here I’ve clearly missed something between you and some of the other regulars here. Hope the differences get ironed out.

  8. What! I’m surprised that AWD gave this offensive clown an award of any kind.
    All he did was cause trouble while he was here. I come up here for a little fun
    and some peace and quiet. And then there was the disrespect he showed to
    Bigtimer and the other ladies on this site while he showed his ass to every one
    here. And it’s obvious to me that you can’t teach him anything, he’s young
    and thinks he knows it all. This moron should only get a kick in the pants
    and sent on his way.

  9. Raymond Cancel

    Thank you thank you… all of my idiot AWD friends. I accept this award on behalf of all the people who think you are all complete morons. For the people who are ashamed to be your countrymen. For the people who believe as I do that you are a dying breed. But most of all I accept this award on behalf of all the minorities and non-christian and gay people who make you so damn angry everyday. And once again… I hope your daughters grow up to be the wives of minorities and your sons grow up to be wiggers or worse yet educated and self aware white men who realize their mothers and fathers were complete assclowns.

    btw… how can this be the second annual troll of the week award… wouldn’t a weekly award imply that it is awarded 52 times a year. So much for the mental prowess of the AWDs.

    • Raymond, would you be surprised to know AWD is married to a minority?


      • Raymond Cancel

        No I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Would you be surprised to know I have dated my fair share of white women? But the bigger question is wtf does it matter? Most male chauvinists are married to women… doesn’t mean they aren’t chauvinists. So your being married to a minority doesn’t mean as much as the opinions you express about them on this site.

      • Rock of the Marne

        He doesnt care about that Prez duderino… he as well as most non white males hate the fact that hispanic and other non white women date/marry white men. My wife had to explain it to me.. its all about animalistic territorial aggression.. THEY can date white girls but loose thier minds when thier sisters date white guys. Ray will claim that you are still a racist even with a Latina for a wife… ironically enough, my hispanic wife is far more conservative than I. People like Ray will call her names like coconut ( brown on the outside but white on the inside ) and worse…

        • Raymond Cancel

          I never included AWD himself in and FYI… my mother was married to a white man (Italian) for 8 years… never called her a coconut once and in fact i learned some very valuable lessons from him. The dignity of a proper work ethic and the value of ones role as the man in a family to name two. And as I have stated ad nauseum on this board my view of SOME of you in no way extends to white people in general. As I type this I am at work where I am the only non white person and I get along with all these people and respect them all. Because they have not disrespected me based on my ethnicity the way many of you have. Lastly my intention on this site is not to change any of your minds because we all know you can’t fix stupid. It is however to show other visitors to this site how truly bigoted some of you are. I’m sure most of you will ignore this and rant on about some question I didn’t answer with out reposting it so that I can provide that answer but like I said… there just aint no fixing stupid.

          • Ray,
            You claim to have good work ethics and then state you are typing this while you are at work, you are stealing from your employer, your employer pays you good hard earned money and he expects you to give him what he is paying for, you sir are a thief.

          • Raymond Cancel

            I’m an IT administrator… do understand what my job consists of? I fix problems and build systems. Not exactly a time consuming set of responsibilities.

          • Rock of the Marne

            LOL WE rant about some question you didnt answer Ray? YOU are the super duper smart guy… cant you figure how to go back like the rest of us or do you need time to think of a response while we repost our questions?

            Geeesh you complain of insults and then you call me stupid.. you see if you want to engage me in a debate.. engage me… not others. Address what I have said… NOT other AWD’s or racists comments as if I said them. Address me… as in YOU did this or YOU said that… STOP speaking in the plural sense with me.

          • Rock of the Marne

            Hey Ray I even gave you times and dates…. yet you look for Vicio, Skull or Tazz because THAT is what you want… proof that ALL white men are racist.. THAT is why you refuse to engage us who point out your own bigotry to you.

          • Raymond Cancel

            Rock… I have responded to nearly everyone of your posts and most of the others directed at me… I have also stated more then once that my feeling that some of you are knuckle dragging apes doesn’t extend to the white race as a whole just those of you who have earned such a title. Those of you who believe that your superiority lies in the color of your skin and that by not being white we minorities are inferior. If that shoe fits then wear it… if not then it shouldn’t offend you Rock.

          • Rock of the Marne

            ahhhh no you really havent responded to all of my posts Raymond
            ( not my post from a few days ago )but lets just agree to disagree Ray… what say you? NO offense.. you already apologized and assured me that you would direct those accusations directly at ME if you thought that I considerd myself superior due to the lack of pigment in my skin… but it doesnt make me a devil or a racist by default either..

            The kind of language that I hear on a daily basis via the Media is what has made me an AWD! Why does NO ONE speak our against the racist like Sharpton and others that blame ALL of US for everything that is wrong in the black community… THAT is where my anger comes from.. race is nothing more than political captital to be exploited by “career politicians” and race baitors… its really us vs them ( we little people verses the rich and powerful that control everything but we are too distracted with emotional issues to notice… which has been thier plan all along )

    • Raymond Cancel

      Almost forgot… RedStaterNYC… where can we meet up at so you can personally give me that award? I’m in the Union Square area every weekday.

    • Ray.
      And we hope you just grow up.

    • Rock of the Marne

      Raymond.. wiggers? really? as in white ni@@ers or young white males who imitate hip hop/urban culture? Yeah, thats not racist at all is it you bigoted azz clown? Once again YOU prove my point! YOU are no better than those you point your self righteous finger at.

      Just go away already you angry gringo hating marxist.. you failed to answer many of the questions we asked and attempted to reframe the debate on your terms because you had no rebuttle for most of my posts… go back and look… I givee up waiting and after your racist rants I couldnt care less what you have to say anymore… now bugger off

      • Rock of the Marne

        helloooooo…… Raaaaaaaaaaaaay…. I guess what Im saying makes YOU uncomfortable.

      • Raymond Cancel

        I mean wiggers as in white kids who emulate urban culture. Did you know that the largest purchasers of urban music are white kids? In fact Hip-Hop music is marketed to white youths on a much larger scale then minority youths. I understand that you are ignoring the multiple posts in which I said my opinion of you as a white knuckle dragging ape doesn’t extend to all white people. But you can keep implying that if it makes you feel better Rock. By the way… is RedStaterNYC going to present me that award in person or not?

        • Rock of the Marne

          My kids dont…and if you cant see the racist implications of the word wigger than you are truly hopeless.

          I have ignored nothing… speak to ME ( singular ) … not to me as a collective as if I have no views of my own….

          Ugh… getting my blood pressure up for nothing… hope you figure it out someday Ray

          • Raymond Cancel

            You should really stop internalizing all my posts… My comments are not directed at you personally Rock mainly because I don’t know you well enough to make those kinds of personal comments. That doesn’t change the fact that as I said white kids are the biggest buyers of urban music and clothing. Now whether or not your kids buy this music isn’t the point.

          • Rock of the Marne

            I DONT dispute that fact! Never have and in fact its mostly suburban white kids from wealthy families acting like they come from the “mean streets”…. but wiggers is not an appropiate term in my opinion.. just saying because its saying that those white kids are acting like ni@@ers… get it? I dont see how YOU could use a term like that.

            I internalize everything ray… bad for my health.. yep That is why I wanted you to debate ME for what I have said… you keep making general references… thats all.

          • Raymond Cancel

            I’ll refrain from using the term wiggers when speaking to you because to my recollection you haven’t offered up any racist terms. Good enough?

          • Rock of the Marne

            Sure Ray, its cool…

    • Rock of the Marne

      LOL Ray…. Ray….. you are digging deep now. ALL of us know that the “2nd annual Libtard of the week award” is a joke to us who are frequently on this site…. I assure you that we know that there are 52 weeks in the year… it was a joke Ray. YOU will have to find something else to ponitificate or rant about in order to put your “superior intellect” LOL on display….

      • Rock of the Marne

        buy the way Ray… when I laugh at your superior intellect its NOT because you are hispanic ( heck my wife made better grades in school than I did ) its because your a troll that can do nothing but rant on a site that you have NO chance of changing anyones mind but you are too dense to see it… the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result… “crazy we much” Ray?

        • Raymond Cancel

          Fist off… it’s BY THE WAY not BUY. Learn english Rock. And I never claimed my IQ was due to my ethnicity because I know plenty of dumb as a rock latinos. It was members of this site who implied that minorities are by default not as smart as whites. Whether or not I can change your mind is of no consequence to me so long as I can expose some members of this board for the racist trash they are.

          • Rock of the Marne

            oh Yes, Im soooooo stupid… I guess thats all you got you Ray A spelling error? LOL hang around.. there will be PLENTY more!

            Fist off? LOL okay…. obviously you are angry that you cant make us BUY ( or is it BY LOL ) your nonsense… jackass

          • Raymond Cancel

            No rock that isn’t all I have perhaps if you didn’t ignore the rest of my post and just focus on me pointing out your spelling error you would notice that I had a lot more to say. As for being angry? I’ll leave that to you guys… for me this is fun. Momma always said I should have been a lawyer but alas I choose IT instead.

          • Rock of the Marne

            Im not responding what you wrote to OTHERS… just what you say to me.. thats called dialog… between you and me!!! I dont care what they are saying.. I was hearing that loooooong before you got on here. I am trying to engage YOU…. and you avoid my responses. I dont hate you Ray… I really dont, because I dont know you well enough but some of the things that you HAVE said to others makes me wonder if you feel the same…

            As for your momma saying you should have been a lawyer… nah.. IT is better. I KNOW I hate most lawyers.. well, until I need one LOL

          • Rock of the Marne

            ONCE agian Ray! I NEVER SAID THOSE THINGS… but YOU refuse to acknowledge that. YOU need to lump me and ALL white men together in order to fit the narrative of white oppression and bigotry… so what is it that I say or think that you need to change MY mind about? See you cant tell me what I…. I have said. YOU just make reference to bigoted and racist statements made by others.

            Goodbye Ray… Im done

          • Raymond Cancel

            Jesus Rock… I have said repeatedly that not everyone on this site said those things… because I didn’t mention you by name doesn’t mean I am implying you said it… If I wanted to imply that I would have just accused you of saying it… so can you get your panties out of the knot they are in? All I said was if the shoe fits wear it.

          • Rock of the Marne

            dude really? if you saw me in panties you would barf in your own mouth.. ahem, actually projectile vomiting LOL and there is NOTHING racist about the size 14’s I put on everyday… I am an asshole but not a racist.

          • Raymond Cancel

            Figure of speech Rock… besides I don’t swing the bat that way. Look seriously… I do apologize if you mistook some of my posts as being directed at you when in fact they were generalized statements. You seem to be pretty level headed even though I can see we don’t agree on much besides us both being assholes (I actually think I like that about you). And I will admit that I have gotten caught up answering some of the lesser members of this site.

          • Rock of the Marne

            NOW, you finally understand me… I was starting to think this would get nowhere because something was getting lost in translation without the “body language” that expresses more than internet prose can provide…. Maybe a conversation over some slices from your name sake “Ray’s” ( dont care if its “famous” or “original” LOL best pizza ever ) would have fostered a more amicable debate…. apology excepted. I extend one as well for the name calling but like you I wont for my opinions… which is the way it should be.

          • Raymond Cancel

            Famous Ray’s? Come on Rock how am I supposed to dislike you if you have knowledge of one of NYC’s finest treasures? Apology accepted and I would never dream of you or anyone apologizing for your opinions because differing opinions is one of the things that makes this country of ours the greatest to ever grace the face of our planet. But if you ever find yourself in NYC I’d love to take you up on that slice and debate. Until then the unseen head nod of respect will have to do Rock.

          • Rock of the Marne

            Ray..dont know where the reply feature went on your post soooo.. anyway. Yeah, been to NYC quite a few times.. one of my friends from the Army grew up there in Chinatown ( Manhattan? ) He and his parents immigrated ( legally LOL )from Hong Kong back in the 60’s He loves Ray’s and would take me there…. it IS the best pizza EVER… until then, later

          • Ray you can make your points without the blasphemy

      • lol. Saved me from having to point this out to him, Rock! Too funny. “Look! Me smart! Me find error in your thinking! What? What this ‘joke’ of which you speak? Me smart! And strong! Me Ray Cancel!”

  10. Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood! And my peace and quiet.

  11. Redstater, that was a great and funny post and Ray sure does deserve that award!
    It’s amazing the arrogance and stupidity of mongrels from mongrel territories/banana republic $hitholes and I hear tell that they fornicate and bugger their own sistas….., deliverance on steroids, heehee.

    • Raymond Cancel

      Thanks for once again proving that you are an ignorant racist idiot tazzmax. Good to know we can always count on an idiotic AWM to say something stupid.

    • Thanks Tazz–and glad to see you back! (Or have you been back and I’ve just been missing you?)

      And was that fornication reference to my picture I posted that AWD had to censor? lol

      • Heehee Red,…naw, I don’t think I saw that one!
        I was just pointing out the sick behavior of Ray and his brethren mongrels,…I don’t think he liked it too much, LOL!

        Just one thing Red, don’t go anywhere near the jungle where Ray and the other knuckle draggers live!

        I’ve been around here from time to time, but lots of times when I post, it’s evening here in Mexifornia and most of you guys have already gone to bed, ha.

        IOW, sometimes I get in on the conversations late.


    creationists, the original retards! led by palin, the retard in chief!

    • Rock of the Marne

      Yes meesh we know *yawns and rolls eyes*… you are an athiest and you hate Palin blah blah blah… funny how you liberals scream for tolerance yet are the least capable of tolerating the views of others when they disagree with you… dont you have some park bench and a tarp to “occupy”?

      • i merely linked to the ORIGINAL image that was bastardized from FAMILY GUY, the cartoon used in the post, i’m not an atheist… and idiots like palin are an embarrassment to the US. . .

  13. FuriousFatMan

    love this thread. look at the trolls crying.




    Liberal stupidity is the problem conservatives the cure

  15. I see the troll is still writing it’s book on how to be one.

  16. Raymond Cancel

    Great oneliners spurwing and lucky… now try refuting anything I have said on this site.

    • It’s ALREADY been refuted dumba$$, we’ve heard enough of your worn out Marxist talking points.
      Were you born “stupid”, or have you been working on it your whole miserable life?

      • Raytard: “2+2 =5!”
        Spurwing: “No it’s not. Here, let me show you…”
        [Demonstrates with apples.]
        Lucky13: “See, 2 + 2 = 4.”
        Raytard: “2 + 2 = 5!”
        Tazz: “Dammit you’re retarded!”
        Raytard: “Great one-liners! Now try refuting anything I’ve said!”

        Repeat approximately 1,043,425,523 times.

  17. Red…

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…here we got rid of Ray last night via AWD’s mighty Ban Hammer…and here he is again in our faces?

    Help…I needed a break from this guy and his BS, sure was looking forward to that today….but noooo- you’ve got it all staring us right in the face again.

    Dang it all anyway…have mercy on us Red…have some mercy. 😉

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  19. Love this! Liberal moron Ray has to be going nuts that he is seeing all of this and can’t respond LOL.

  20. And to think I tried to have a convo with this idjit-but hey, I’m new and still learning the ropes…..
    Maybe you can’t walk down my street after all. We may not notice black or Mezcan, but stupid stands out like an EBT card at the Wine Shoppe in my upper middle class “hood.
    Now get back to your gubment “job”.

    • Rock of the Marne

      Yeah, dont feel bad Don I tried to converse with him and make peace as well since he apologized to me…. but it appears that he only wanted “time out” in the middle of a fight ( debate ) that he was losing… silly me for mistaking him for someone that could be reasoned with. Lesson learned… when you got them down just keep kicking them.

  21. FuriousFatMan

    so instead of deciding to not feed the trolls you went the opposite way…


    yea, from readin Ray’s posts, it’s very easy to assume he has either down syndrome or an IQ of about 85 (which happens to be the average IQ of Alabama. That’s for the f@@@ing Yankee Jokes, AWD.)

    *golf clap*

    im only slightly impressed.




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