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Troll of the Week: R U Serious


Haters Gonna Hate

Call it preparatory, Couvade-elevated oxytocin levels (well, at least that’s how I explain my ever-burgeoning gut to the little filly. “Look, honey—he’s kicking!” “Beer bellies don’t kick, dear.” “Oh. Then it’s the lamb vindaloo.”), but I just can’t seem to get too worked up about anything lately.

Nonetheless, I do take some enjoyment out of watching the hatas get their panties all in a twist when they find their little incantations no longer drive away the demons like they once used to.

“Racist! Ignorant! Hate-filled! …

Hey…something’s wrong… Why aren’t they all apologizing and groveling at my feet like any elected Republican would be doing by now? Professor Moonbat assured me these spells couldn’t fail! But look! They carry on as if I’m only spouting stupid, useless, mindless, inculcated Orwellian Newspeak and not the brilliant, magical mantras designed by our moral and intellectual superiors! What gives?!

And ya know what’s worse, playas? Now with these spells proving to be ineffective, I suddenly realize…I got nuttin’, mayun!

Even better than these retarded little simians’ commentary? Watching them throw their little temper-tantrums directly into the spam-bin once the banhammer gets dropped.

So, without further ado, here is the first (though not first deserving!) in a new category I call, “Troll of the Week”. Enyoy

Serious Post-ban Comments
Serious Post-ban Comments



  1. blue eyed devil

    LMAO… Love the new category AWD! So, did you liberaly apply the ban hammer to his empty skull/rhetoric or can we still have fun making him throw tantrums?

  2. This new category rocks. It’s like watching Robby the Robot short circuit in a shower of sparks while he repeats “It does not compute. It does not compute.”

    • Perfect visual there, Mark! The sad thing is, Serious isn’t even the worst when it comes to short-circuiting into the spam bin. Not even close. Sadly, those other bon temps are lost to history as they’ve been long-since purged from the spam box.

  3. Heehee. Troll of the Week? LOVE the new concept! Up Twinkles! 🙂
    And it appears Serious is from the Atlanta, GA area…..

    • Thanks Vix–and thanks for tipping me off to the fact that I forgot to redact the IP and email address of the troll. Didn’t mean to do that! (Seriously–that’s a libtard tactic.)

      • Actually, I refrained from giving the actual location as I decided that might not be advisable. Someone commented that they figured “Serious” is actually Caucasian. According to the stats of the town “Serious” hails from, that comment might be right on target. Demographics list it as 84% white.

  4. Jack Daniels

    Oh yeah, I’m gonna love this site!

  5. Semper Fi Guy

    Great article Red. They sure do get their panties in a twist don’t they?

    Here is something that will SCREAM!!! We are going to loose our sovereignty if nothing is done about this. It’s a treaty being pushed by obummer and billary Clinton. It is called the lost treaty. Go here to find out more.

    • Regarding that LOST treaty;

      “American taxpayers’ dollars would be forcibly extracted from OUR pockets to be sent to countries like CUBA!”

      Tax dollars are already forcefully extracted from my pocket and sent to Pakistan, Egypt, the PLO, North Korea and God knows where else. Also to the UAW, Solyndra, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Brazil and numerous other places that I have no say over.

      With that said I’m amazed that they would agree to send it directly to some entity without going through their hands so that they could launder out their fair share.

      • Laundering requires indirect routes. Of course they’ll be getting a piece of the action–they wouldn’t dream these things up and vote for them if that weren’t the case.

        The UN will skim the surface of these transactions. Guess who will then get kickbacks from the UN, as well as cushy jobs guaranteed for life?

        Yeah, they’ll be making out just fine from this bill.

    • Thanks, Semper fi! Per LOST, that’s absolutely infuriating–and exactly what I’d expect of the traitors in office.

      I’m more and more convinced their time is coming.

  6. Red…

    Priceless…and hilarious!

    Love, love, love it!

    Btw…really like the ‘Latest Awesomeness’ column. 😉

  7. Semper Fi Guy

    Oops sorry in my last comment I meant to say,

    ***Here is something that will make you SCREAM!!***

    Sorry about the error.

    • No worries, Semper Fi–only a troll would harp on an obvious typo like that!

      Speaking of, where’s Meesh? Looks like he missed an opportunity–that, or he’s too scared of piping into this thread lest he be next week’s weiner.

  8. Ha ha ha! Great idea guys.

    • Thanks, Timbo. It’s a gift! lol

      PS, I’ve been hit-and-miss on the comments, per usual. Did I see one from you saying you hail from the ad world? Curious because the more conservatives I meet here in NYC, the more it seems the ad world is rife with conservatives.

  9. 79firebirdman

    R U Serious is just illustrating that they are a product of our public indoctrination centers, oops, I mean public schools, which further illustrates the need for school vouchers to force public schools to compete for warm bodies or lose funds. I’m all for anything and everything that will break the federal government and teachers union stranglehold on our schools.

    • blue eyed devil

      AMEN!! Gotta wonder why Democrats like Obama are against school vouchers but in the same breath “claim” to be for the little guy.. LOL Unions have turned into legal maffias with WAAAAAAY too much influece on the government.. Why black folks arent outraged by this ( its holding them back ) just proves that they are a monolithic block of loyal supporters whose votes can always be harvested at election time as long as the gubament check is in da mail… pathetic.

      They celebrate a “black” president but this one act alone proves that he does NOT really have thier best interest at heart. He is nothing more than a “house boy” put in charge by the masters to keep the rest of the field hands in line and black folks are too “bamboozled” to see it… liberals are closet biggots whose expectations of blacks are so low that it SHOULD insult them but,… ahem, a little scraps thrown under the table will keep them as loyal pets.

      • “Loyal pets”–exactly.

        Would be great if blacks, en masse woke up to this fact. But sadly, I hold out little hope for that.

        And it also makes me sympathize with conservative blacks. They not only have to constantly defend themselves lest they be swept up in wide-sweeping generalities from a$$hole conservatives like myself, but also suffer endless abuse from liberals (of all races) for being race-traitors, house negroes, etc.

    • Spot-on, Firebird. “Elementary and Higher Indoctrination” as I call it.

  10. Hey Redstater great idea dumping this trolls post in one spot, really highlights the narrow thinking of Race Baiters.

    This troll could be the vanguard of the Truth Teams, but if Serious is going to find the truth in these dark times, he will need a flashlight which casts a much wider beam.

    Also I suspect this troll will proudly put his AWD Troll Award next to his/her soccer participation trophy.

  11. Waspish:

    “this troll will proudly put his AWD Troll Award next to his/her soccer participation trophy.”

    Too right and too funny! LOL!


  12. Have a question, How do I enlarge the comments of serious so I can read them, went to view and zoomed in but it only gets so big. any tips for a dummy?

  13. Bet you everything in my wallet that yer troll is not black. I followed some of these people home (digitally) a while back out of curiosity, and in every single case, they were white. And not just white, but extremely white.

    People of other races prefer to avoid that, just as I would not wish to hang out in the NAACP lounge listening to their small talk. Racial friction is too serious a matter between two people of different races to have these eye-scratching finger-pointing fights that white liberals engage in against their own kind.

    • Not gonna take that bet, Bruce, pretty sure you’re right.
      Story here kinda backs up your theory:

    • That’s a very logical and perceptive comment there Bruce.

    • I’m thinking you got the right of it Bruce.

    • Bruce, I’m with the rest here and pretty dang sure you’re right.

      There are a few common traits amongst trolls, and lying about themselves in order to try to better work an angle is one of them. (Spasmodically barfing nonsense comments is another. Wildly unconstrained hubris and delusions of grandeur another. Some more, but I’m forgetting them now.)

      • Some of them of them stink up the room, some of them are so incompetent it’s hilarious. I remember this one guy calling himself “Tyrone”, a black name out of 1960s central casting, I get his real ident and check out his web presence, turns out he’s a white teenager with a bunch of old LedZep videos on his youtube page. He would never admit to being what he was, even after you present the evidence.

        Ninety-something percent of them are losers like that, of various ages but mostly students.

  14. Red, that’s you in the pic, isn’t it? The coolest toddler on the North Shore.

    • Swampy, that kid’s definitely the coolest toddler of wherever he’s from–but it’s not me, sad to say. In fact, my parents used to call me “Joe Cool” when I’d wear my favorite Spiderman sunglasses as a toddler, to which I’d respond, without fail, with a temper tantrum.

      So not only was I not the coolest kid, but I was distinctly adverse to any implication of being cool whatsoever!

      No idea why. But clearly it had devastating consequences for my current disposition!

      • Red, you could have said it was you, and I would not have known the difference. LOL One can be whom anyone one chooses to be ‘Online.’

  15. This is off topic, but can any of you computer brainiacs tell me how to add a picture to my comments? I feel like a wallflower at dance.

  16. I love that picture! baby with a pipe, I’m stealin it

    And I cant figure out how to add a picture to my profile either, there is no option

  17. Sorry to see the word “retard” bandied about like it’s okay. Was trying to take you seriously.

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