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What’s happening to Trump is as predictable as Hillary waking up with cankles. Yet, so many conservatives still don’t understand who Trump’s real enemy is.

AWD answered this question only back in March with this chart-topping post:


I encourage you to read the article in its entirety but here are a few points of light from the big, sexy fingers of AWD:

Trump’s problem is with the Democrats in the Republican Party. These evil RINOs also despise Trump and want him gone. These dangerous ‘Republicans’ will fight as hard as they can against Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again. Bet on it!

What Trump really has to worry about is McCain and his ilk resigning as Republicans and caucusing with the Democrats. Think it isn’t possible? Huh! Think again! McCain is and always has been a traitor to his Party and constituents. It would only take McCain, Murkowski, and Fredo to switch sides and the Democrats would control the Senate, permanently creating gridlock for any Trump legislation.

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will stall everything Trump wants to do. Look for a massive battle over the border wall. Worthless Texas Senator John Cornyn recently said “Texans don’t want a border wall.” I crap you negative. He actually said that. About Texans.

The long knives are out for Trump. It’s reported Obama and his henchmen are hard at work trying to destroy Trump’s presidency through leaks and invented scandals. It will be interesting to see if Trump strikes back. He needs to and he needs to draw blood.

Then he needs to bash the ugly mug of McCain and all the rest that are opposing him in the Republican Party. Otherwise, the Democrat wing of the Republican Party will create all the gridlock the official Democrats need to keep Trump from his agenda.

The Democrat Party is nothing more than feckless whiners reduced to silliness and p*ssy hats. It is the Republicans that need to be destroyed.

I heard a caller today on the local conservative Mark Davis radio show today complain that the “Republicans just don’t get it. They want to be friends with the Democrats and the Mainstream Media. They keep making the same mistakes over and over again.”

This poor rube represents so many Republicans who still believe Republicans = Good and Democrats = Bad. What they refuse to do is open their eyes to see that Republicans = Democrats and they both = Evil. They are one in the same. Unless the TV cameras are running. When the cameras are switched off, Republicans and Democrats answer to the same masters. And it’s not the American voter.

Trump is on his heels. He was elected because enough voters recognized he wasn’t an Establishment tool (Repub and Democrat, again, same thing). But since taking office, he has started bombing places he said we had no business bombing. He got rid of those who were a threat to the Establishment Dark State and replaced them with Establishment Dark Staters. Trump is not a stupid man but he’s making stupid mistakes. He lost his edge.

One cannot drain the swamp with the alligators controlling the pumps.

Trump needs some scalps on his belt and blood on his tomahawk. There is more than enough dirt on the Establishment types to make them run for the hills. But Trump has to have the cojones to drop a nuclear truth bomb on the Swamp.

I’m talking about putting the Clintons in jail. I’m talking about exposing every molecule of dirt on McCain and his man servant Fredo Graham. McConnell? Time to squash the turtle. Ryan too! And it’s time your Democrat enemies face the hangman, too. Dig into Maxine Waters until you know what she ate last month. Bury the racist Congressional Black Caucus and its gerrymandered crooks.

It is time Donald Trump pulls a Godfather baptismal scene on his enemies or it will be him they are soon burying.

He had to know this would not be easy. Hell, a Texas blogger sees it all very clear. I know Steve Bannon does. But the further Trump moves away from his campaign promises, the more ammunition and confidence he gives to his enemies.

Obama sent $150 billion on a cargo plane in the dead of night to the terrorists running Iran and not a @#*& thing was done about it! Trump can certainly find a puny $11 billion and build the @#*& border wall he promised the Mezcans would pay for! If President, I would take it out of the federal payments of every state and district whose politicians opposed the wall. Don’t like it? Tough @#*&ing shit!

One of AWD’s favorite mottos is “if you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” Trump would be wise to go on the offensive and kick some Establishment ass. The more public the better. Give his voters what they voted for that won the election.

Otherwise, wait until they have enough confidence to impeach you over some bullshit Russia nothing.



  1. Trump doesn’t have the brains or the balls to do what is necessary to save his own ass, let alone save what’s left of the USA. The guy is about ready to pick Joe Lieberman – a jew who hates the Second Amendment, who loathes the White race, who is a Bolshevik Communist totalitarian who wants to impose Communist Chinese-style censorship on the Internet and who is a hard core freaking liberal piece of diabolically evil and dangerous excrement – to replace Comey at the FBI.

    “When the cameras are switched off, Republicans and Democrats answer to the same masters. And it’s not the American voter.”

    AWD got that right. And the ‘masters’ who AWD avoids identifying by name happen to be the very same Satanic gene pool that Joe Lieberman crawled out of. I mean, how more obvious does this have to be?

    “Rosenstein names special counsel to lead probe into Russia, Trump campaign”

    “Rosenstein, who until last month was the U.S. attorney in Maryland, named former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to take over the investigation, and expressly charged him with looking into whether there was any coordination between the Russian government and Trump’s presidential campaign.”

    I don’t need to point out the ethnicity of Rosenstein, do I? Mueller, if anyone can remember – was the treasonous bastard who headed up the FBI (Sept 4, 2001 to Sept 4, 2013) during the Israeli Mossad-CIA-PNAC neocon orchestrated false flag attacks on Sept 11, 2001 that conveniently handed to those PNAC neocons the “New Pearl Harbor style event” that they had written about years before and opined that they ‘needed’ so as to con the stupid, gullible, and embarrassingly easy to snooker American public into going along with their ‘Clean Break” whitepaper plans to attack 7 Arab nations that the Israeli’s hated and wanted to con the US military and the American taxpayers into attacking and destroying for the sole benefit of Israel. Mueller played a key role in refusing to perform a legitimate investigation of the activities of nearly 200 Israeli Mossad agents who were rounded up and apprehended after Sept 11, 2001 and who had ties to the 9-11 terror attacks.


    “According to FOX news, throughout late 2000 and 2001, a total of 200 Israeli spies were arrested. (13) It was the largest spy ring to ever be uncovered in the history of the United States. The Washington Post also reported that some of these Israelis were arrested in connection with the 9-11 investigation. (14) US. Carl Cameron of FOX News Channel did a excellent four part, nationally televised, series of investigations into this blockbuster scandal. But FOX pulled the investigative series after Zionist groups complained to FOX executives. FOX even went so far as to remove the written transcripts of the series from its website! In it’s place was posted a chilling, Orwellian message which reads: “This story no longer exists.” (15) Fortunately for the sake of history, the FOX transcripts were copied onto to many other websites and all four parts are available for your review. (see footnotes.)

    The FOX series and other mainstream news media sources revealed that many of these Israelis were army veterans with electronics and explosives expertise. Many of them failed lie detector tests. FBI agents told FOX that some of their past investigations were compromised because suspects had been tipped off by Israeli wiretapping specialists. It was discovered that Israeli companies such as Comverse and Amdocs have the capability to tap American telephones (great for blackmailing all those wife-cheating politicians!) FBI agents also told FOX they believed the Israelis had advance knowledge of the 9-11 attacks. (which certainly would explain why no Israelis died in the WTC) Still another US official informed FOX that some of the detained Israelis actually had links to 9-11, but he refused to describe the nature of those links. The FBI official told FOX’s Carl Cameron:

    “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.” (16) (emphasis added)”

    Oh, and I should also not forget to mention that the very jewish Michael Chertoff, who had previously had his hand up the back of Attorney General John ‘The Cuck’ Ashcroft in the Justice Department – was appointed as the HNIC of the brand new American KGB – the Homeland Security Department, whereupon he arranged to whisk those 200 Israeli Mossad agents back to Israel without ANY proper investigation being conducted regarding their links to the events of September 11, 2001.

  2. “This poor rube represents so many Republicans who still believe Republicans = Good and Democrats = Bad”.

    That’s because Mark Davis’ job is to sell Republicanism to conservatives, not let it move to the Right where it is destined to. He’s the talk radio who shill who helped torpedo to Debra Medina’s political career in 2010, even though she was way behind the pack of the 2010 governor’s race.

    He was also the first talk radio host I ever listened to back in 1986, and he has always a sanctimonious gatekeeper for Conservatism, INC, the Ned Flanders of talk radio, if you will. None of that matters because I can’t handle his weird voice or pregnant pausing.

  3. Quartierleblanc

    It’s way too bad being a dumbass (aka John McCain) is not a terminal disease. I cannot stand the guy. If his daddy and grandaddy weren’t true war heroes, he’d be in a nursing home or government housing. They certainly paved the way for his career.

    • george lortz

      John McCain’s dad, (Admiral McCain) was the commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard way back, and attended the church I went to as a kid. Very gracious, polite and upstanding. The apple has fallen WAY far from the tree.

      • Reality check for George Lortz. Juan McCain’s filthy, stinking, treasonous, corrupt and criminal Admiral “Daddy” not only helped to cover up the complicity of his pathetic excrement particle of a son in the USS Forrestal disaster in 1967, but this is the very same slab of treasonous human scum who played a very key role in cooperating with LBJ’s attempt to cover up the treacherous, backstabbing, Israeli False Flag attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967 where the Israelis attacked and attempted to sink and murder the entire US American crew of the USS Liberty and then try to pin it on Egypt, so as to SUCKER the USA and American public (a.k.a., an earlier 9-11 false flag style of attack) into getting involved in their 1967 war against Egypt. That was an act of war, and the US should have dropped a nuke on Israel and roasted every single backstabbing jew in that crap hole of a stolen piece of real estate. Need a history refresher, George?
        “John McCain, Wet-Starts and the USS Forrestal
        By mikelyon
        Friday Sep 12, 2008 • 5:19 PM EST
        In 1967, the USS Forrestal suffered near catastrophic damage from a fire that raged on-board for nearly two days. John McCain was stationed on the Forrestal at the time and was quite likely responsible for the fire that killed 134 sailors and injured 62 others.
        Hot dog pilots were well known for their “wet-starts,” a process which allows fuel to build up in the engine before hitting the plane’s start switch. The result of the wet-start is a long flame erupting from the tail of the plane. It was done simply for effect, a showy procedure meant to draw attention to the pilot.

        On June 29, 1967, John McCain is alleged to have used a wet-start to “shake up” a pilot in the plane behind him. The result was a fired rocket, dropped bombs and a fire that raged for nearly two days. 134 sailors lost their lives and another 62 were badly injured.

        McCain never had to answer for the incident. His father and grandfather were Navy admirals with a great deal of sway.

        Three months after the Forrestal disaster McCain was shot down over North Vietnam. You know the rest of the story.

        Is this man a maverick or a dangerous lunatic? Should we wait until he is president to know the answer?”

        News Flash for George Lortz: The entire McCain family are a gang of greasy, slimy, Israel butt crack licking, treasonous slabs of human excrement. In 1967, the USS Forrestal suffered near catastrophic damage from a fire that raged on-board for nearly two days. John McCain was stationed on the Forrestal at the time and was quite likely responsible for the fire that killed 134 sailors and injured 62 others.

        Oh, yea – the ‘rest of the story’ after McCain was shot down was that the treasonous SOB, in exchange for favorable treatment -was accused by his own fellow POWS of providing the Viet Cong with detailed flight related data that allowed them to more easily shoot down US American military pilots who were flying missions over Viet Nam. Hit youtube, George, and you will find dozens of videos where the POWS who were imprisoned along side McCain are tearing this scumbag a new a-hole.

        Here is a news flash for George Lortz: Every single member of the McCain family are a gang of greasy, filthy, stinking, treasonous, dishonorable, sleazy, slimy, corrupt, Israel butt crack and anus licking slabs of maggot infected hyena excrement. And here is one other fact I want to share with George Lortz and I advise that you make sure your yarmulke is securely fastened your head which most certainly is absent of any functioning brain tissue: I don’t know where Juan McInsane’s treasonous Admiral ‘daddy’ is buried, but I will promise you this: If I ever find myself strolling through any cemetery and see a headstone with that bastard’s name on it, I intend to PISS ON HIS GRAVE.

        And, since Juan McCain is getting closer and closer to the graveyard himself – I might even decide to drive to Arizona on a special trip, if that is where that bastard winds up being planted, and pay a visit to his grave and make sure to have both my bladder and my bowels full and ready to be evacuated.

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          There was good reason why McSh!tstain’s fellow POW’s called him “songbird.” Fully agree with you Tucker….all McCains are scum.

  4. Brilliant. Too bad trump is just another limp dick in DC with no balls to carry through on his promises.

  5. I am sorely distressed that you Photoshopped Trump’s head on my 84 year old body. As you can see I still gym train- and I do not insist on using the ladies room.I do not carry a long knife myself, because as you can see my personal equipment leaves no room. However=–you are completely correct in your article, per usual.

    PS Thank you for the tip about certain foods that help people our age to be regular.

  6. Disgusted Caucasian

    Trump should have demanded that the Saudis start taking muslim “refugees” instead of us taking them….or NO arms sale.

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