Stick a cigar in the Democrats. They’re done! It’s hard to believe The Party of Evil has out-stupided the Party of Stupid. But they have and now all they can do is whine, protest, and call for pie-in-the-sky impeachments based on invented scandals.

The Dims actually died a long time ago. Once George Soros took over the Party, the Democrats were pining for the fjords. Their warm embrace of everything and everyone socialist, anti-American, immigrant, sexually freaky-deaky, Black Lives Matter trash, Islamic, etc while telling their white members they are racists who have two pennies to rub together only because of white privilege is a sure recipe to piss off the cracka voting base. And it did. Ask those tradiconally Democrat-voting white coal miners cheering Trump’s name and cursing Obama and Hillary.

Now the Democrat Party, the “Party of the blue-collar middle class” is reduced to wearing vagina hats and sitting on their hands ridiculing the grieving widow of a KIA Navy Seal at the State of the Union address.

Sure, the Dims would love nothing more than to have Trump’s head hanging on their transexual bathroom wall but it ain’t gonna happen. The Democrats have a huge surprise in 2018 when the American voter continues to beat the dog snot out of them for moving even further left than in 2016! If that were possible.

Trump should totally ignore the Dems and the Propaganda Media. He doesn’t need them and they cannot hurt him.

Trump’s problem is with the Democrats in the Republican Party. These evil RINOs also despise Trump and want him gone. These dangerous ‘Republicans’ will fight as hard as they can against Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again. Bet on it!

AWD has said for year the Republican Party will NEVER repeal ObamaCare as they promised in 2008 if returned to power in the House. In fact, they could repeal it tomorrow. The Republicans passed 7 bills to repeal ObamaCare while Imam Hussein was in office. Why? Because they knew Obama wouldn’t sign the bill. The wussypants Republicans could then return home at election time and tell the stupid idiots in their district, “I voted to repeal ObamaCare!” to the sounds of massive applause and a certain reelection.

Why not resend those bills back to the White House now? Because the Republicans know Trump will sign. Then the corporate overlords who own the Republican Party will not be pleased. Wall Street desperately wants to go to single payer and eliminate health insurance costs as an employer paid benefit.

Think about this. Ever since ObamaCare was shoved down our throats with backroom deals and midnight votes, the GOP has campaigned and won both the Senate and House by saying they would repeal ObamaCare. Now that they control all legislative branches, they won’t repeal ObamaCare. Images of pitchforks and torches come to mind.

Worse yet, we’ve already watched the wretched John McCain working to undermine President Trump. So will continue his minions in the Senate. “Fredo” Graham, Lisa Murkowski, John Cornyn, etc.

What Trump really has to worry about is McCain and his ilk resigning as Republicans and caucusing with the Democrats. Think it isn’t possible? Huh! Think again! McCain is and always has been a traitor to his Party and constituents. It would only take McCain, Murkowski, and Fredo to switch sides and the Democrats would control the Senate, permanently creating gridlock for any Trump legislation.

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will stall everything Trump wants to do. Look for a massive battle over the border wall. Worthless Texas Senator John Cornyn recently said “Texans don’t want a border wall.” I crap you negative. He actually said that. About Texans.

The long knives are out for Trump. It’s reported Obama and his henchmen are hard at work trying to destroy Trump’s presidency through leaks and invented scandals. It will be interesting to see if Trump strikes back. He needs to and he needs to draw blood.

Then he needs to bash the ugly mug of McCain and all the rest that are opposing him in the Republican Party. Otherwise, the Democrat wing of the Republican Party will create all the gridlock the official Democrats need to keep Trump from his agenda.

The Democrat Party is nothing more than feckless whiners reduced to silliness and p*ssy hats. It is the Republicans that need to be destroyed.


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