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Tuesday’s with the Gipper


The Gipper

The alarm clock switches on with a pop-and-scratch efficiency which obscures the words of the DJ, that is, until I am far enough away to blend the colors.  It is much like staring too closely at comic book stippling.

It is Tuesday, and today, the content of my thoughts are consistent with the themes last 5 years:

  1. Obama is ruining the country;
  2. Coffee;
  3. When are we finally going to have a revolution?
  4. Hot neighbor lady is mowing again!  Time to have a smoke on my porch;
  5. I miss Reagan.

I keep a framed newspaper from Tuesday, November 4, 1980 hanging on my living room wall.  It is the Dixon Evening Telegraph; The first publication in the United States to announce the Ronald Reagan’s victory, and the primary publication in Reagan’s home town of Dixon, Illinois.

The picture of the Gipper is big.  His wizened eyes seem to be saying “everything is fine now; I’m in charge.” But of course he is not in charge.  Not any more.

We have now been taken over by a nation of spoiled, ungrateful, hedonists who want instant gratification.  It’s like the nation has become the collective ‘parental basement’ with half of the population living at home with papa Barry.

One of my favorite quotes from Ronald Reagan is “The best social program is a job.” If this is true, which it is, then why are we rewarding joblessness? Anyway, I am not going to turn this article into a policy piece.

Whether you agree with his policy or not, Reagan was unapologetically proud to be an American.  Did you know he started the tradition of the POTUS saluting uniformed military servicemen, and undertook hours of saluting practice so that he could do it perfectly?

If you haven’t seen the picture of him and Nancy standing on the USS New Jersey, you MUST look it up!  I have had it as the desktop picture on my work computer for months!

I have heard liberals complaining that we are lionizing this man.  Well, some men are larger than life.  Some men make waves that ripple long after they are gone.  Some men are worth remembering.

Today, this Tuesday, and every Tuesday to come; I invite all Americans to reflect on one of the greatest presidents in American history.  Lest we forget, this nation was once guided by great men.

It took a Carter to create a Reagan, and by that logic, we should have someone really great to look forward to in the future.



  1. RSR…

    Hope springs eternal!

  2. Don’t think it’s going to happen RSR.
    Probably will be shillery.

    I’ll gladly buy ya a steak and an mericn’ beer if I’m wrong.

  3. RedSeeingRed

    By the way, RedStaterNYC selected that picture for the article (and the pictures for all my other articles as well!) I love that picture!

  4. the wit of Reagan…………………….

  5. Great post! Reagan was the Man.

  6. I don’t think you would see this under Reagan. In some of the darkest times we have had he was the brightest light. Now its just dark, and he warned us. Would never happen on his watch, he was a real man, something missing in Governance today. Pass this on.

  7. Some of my favorite quotes:

    “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under”

    “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the Rule of Law under God is acknowledged”

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same”

    Ronald Reagan

    • “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”

      That generation is upon us I fear.

      • RedSeeingRed

        Lets be positive, for it costs nothing and benefits us greatly.

        • Good advice, though unfortunately I’ve pretty much given up the ship.

          • Hey! You are a Navy man! Doesn’t the captain go down with the ship?

          • Not if they are Italian. LOL

            Didn’t say I’ve abandoned ship, just looking pretty grim. The Damage Control Party needs to get it together ASAP.

          • Didn’t know that about the Italians! (By the way, if you want a good laugh, check out the Italian WWII uniforms! They look like Peter Pan!)

            You are right, the GOP is treading water and slowly sinking. We need a conservative firebrand that wont bow to pressure and doesn’t have any skeletons in his/her closet. I’m lookin at you Palin!

  8. Unless merica’ grows the nads she is history.

    You deal with feral wild dogs with a savage resolve.
    I suspect none of us here including myself are willing to show that resolve.
    Why, because we are law abiding bible clinging crackas mayhaps?

  9. Ronald Reagan was, sorry to say, an aberration in the GOP. Reagan had principles and convictions that he would never discard or violate.

    He was a rare man who was unelectable as a true conservative but eminently electable because of his ability (as an actor) to project an image of positive strength and confidence to Americans.

    Before him were statists (RINO’s if you want to call them that) and after him were statists. It is unlikely we will see his like again.

  10. Goldwater, Reagan, …. Cruz. The truth emerges, the hate subverts it, the evil emerges, the truth re-emerges; adnauseum. I’ve been alive too long. Cruz/Gowdy in ’16.


    Reagan pulled america out of the notoroius anti-american UNESCO we need to totaly pull out of this wretched UNITED NATIONS

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