Now that liberals have Bill O’Reilly’s scalp on their belts, they’re predictably going after Sean Hannity at Fox News. A few advertisers have chosen to end their support of Hannity’s Fox News show after receiving pressure from leftist groups. As if Rupert Murdoch’s leftist kids haven’t done enough damage to the network!

Polls show that Americans trust network and cable news less than they would their teen daughter with Bill Clinton. So why do they keep watching?

A very conservative, politically active friend of AWD’s last night posted on Facebook, “Does anyone know who won tonight on Dancing With The Stars?” I crap you negative! This woman is consistently trashing the Mainstream Propaganda Media on her page. What does she thinks funds the MSM? Those who watch Dancing With The @#&*ing Stars!

Here’s the deal. We won’t kill the Propaganda News Machine until we STOP WATCHING TELEVISION! All of it! Fox News included.

So many believe Fox News is conservative. It’s not. It’s just not quite as left as the rest of the TV news ilk. If you’ll remember, it was Fox News that was completely in the tank for El Jeb Bush in the Republican Primary. Because it was chosen by the Establishment Dark State for El Jeb to be the sacrificial lamb to President Hillary Clinton. It hurts my fingers to type that name and title. And Fox has moved steadily to the left since Roger Ailes left and the liberal Murdoch brats took the network over. So get over the idea that Fox News is a conservative network. It’s a propaganda tool of the RINO Republican Establishment.

#TurnItOff! Sean Hannity will survive, believe me. And so will you! AWD cut the cord with cable last summer. Not only am I saving $100+ a month, I haven’t missed ANYTHING. I get my news from trusted voices on the internet. Great pages like sift through the chaff and post interesting views and news items. I don’t have to filter it because the writers and readers at share my political and moral ideology. I have about a dozen regular pages on the internet I peruse daily to stay up with the goings on in the world. Do I miss Shepard Smith and Geraldo or even Hannity? Screw that!

It’s obvious that Hannity is on to something real big in the murder/assassination of DNC worker and Wikileaks source Seth Rich. For that reason, the left has kicked its minions into gear to silence Hannity by defunding his show. It’s a good tactic and has previously worked in silencing Glenn Beck (before he was a total nut job) and O’Reilly.

So why do we not use the same tactic ourselves? But not only against a news program or TV show but against the whole enterprise! How long would it take to kill the Hollywood/TV liberal beast if we cut off it’s lifeblood by not watching?

Is one’s life so empty that they must fill it up by watching Dancing With The Stars? The Stars that hate them? Turn off the @#&* TV and take a dance class. Put down your cell phone and have an actual conversation! Read a book, do service work, go to a concert. All the while you’ll be killing the socialist political machine that despises you and your way of life but depends on your time and money.

Note: the first book you should read is Orwell’s 1984 on how the government uses TV and Victory Gin to control and screws the “proles” and keep them from realizing how government controls and screws them!

#TurnItOff! Take this article and send it to your conservative friends and family. Post it on your social media if you have it. Send it to your favorite bloggers! Let’s start doing the right thing by fighting our enemy by depriving them of money.

Don’t be part of the problem! Be the solution! #TurnItOff!


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