AWD read this article today. It was linked on my FB page. I thought it summed up what happened in Aurora, Colorado last week perfectly and the left’s knee-jerk, anti-gun reaction. I wrote the author and asked if I could repost here and was granted permission. The blog is called Colorado Blonde. The blogger seems to have some talent…for a girl. Joking, mostly all you lebanese femtards! Be sure to comment on her page too after you comment here.

For the first time ever, in the history of mankind, a senseless, brutal tragedy, occurred. At least, that’s what many journalists/celebrities/talking heads, are attempting to force upon you as truth. Look, I’m here, I understand the horrific nature of the theater shooting. But the reality is that this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. It’s that last part that bothers us in the deepest, darkest caverns of our minds.

Over the years, I’ve come to recognize that we as people, do all we can to find a self comfort in the face of tragedy. As an innate, human reaction, we look to justify a person’s poor decision that led them to their demise. They shouldn’t have been out that late. They shouldn’t have taken that way home. They should have been better prepared for that incident. They should have gone to an earlier movie time. It’s a lie we tell ourselves to give us peace, that something similar could not happen to our loved ones and ourselves. That somehow, someway, we never would have made those same choices that led to the end of lives. We need that little lie to make us feel better about our own mortality.

The reality is that stuff happens, regardless of any preparedness level. When my nephew and seven of his friends were killed by a drunk driver in 2001, there was no celebrity or journalist demanding the ban of alcohol and/or cars. When commercial airliners crashed into skyscrapers that had been hijacked by terrorists, there was no celebrity of journalist demanding that all airplanes should be banned. When there is a death caused by drug abuse, there is no outcry demanding the end of drug use.

Just about anything can serve as a mode of destruction. Several years ago, I accidentally mixed ammonia and bleach. I had to clear my family out of the house, open up all the windows, turn on all the vents; and spent the next few days having my middle son yell at me for almost killing us all. This was done on accident. Had I wanted to intentionally cause harm, I had what I needed at hand, or easily accessible by driving my car to a store and purchasing a few items. It takes nothing to fashion a Molotov Cocktail. It takes nothing to manufacture a pipe bomb. But what it does take to carry out an act of crime and terror, is a sick mind. Sick minds cannot be legislated, mandated or regulated.

This outcry for a ban on firearms, is actually more of an approach to that fear I spoke of in the second paragraph. If we feel that we have a false sense of control over the uncontrollable, we feel more at peace, and fear for our own safety a bit less. The firearms weren’t the culprit, they were tools in the wrong hands. James Holmes had limitless options to carry out his warped goal. As a graduate student, he had the ability to acquire chemicals that could have caused even more fatalities. As an adult, he had a vehicle he could have driven into a crowd of people. His options for causing harm, were essentially limitless.

There are lessons we learn from tragedies, but there’s always a fresh tragedy nipping at the heels of society. Here’s the deal, man is man. Man has always been man, man will always be man. Whether a madman chooses to place cyanide in bottles of Tylenol in the Chicago area, or a religious leader forces his congregation to drink poisoned Kool-Aid, or a man in Aurora, Colorado makes purchases to carry out a cowardly, devastating act; they are there. And at every crossroad, when a door is closed, these people find an open window. The brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, were not caused by firearms. They were caused by something ALL OF US have in a kitchen drawer. Evil is evil. Man is man.

No amount of restrictions placed on society stops a sick mind, and it is naive to believe that banning firearms, even if the focus is just banning assault rifles, will make a difference. Even I, as a little nobody woman from Colorado, know enough people that I could illegally acquire a military grade assault rifle. The very definition of criminal, is one who breaks the law. If you’re so inclined to end the life of another, it’s a benign act to purchase an assault rifle through the black market.

Our world is not perfect. It never has been, it never will be. Utopia sounds great on the surface, but we as humans, are incapable of practicing and sustaining that level of kindness. Sometimes, it’s just, it is what it is.


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