Violent flash mobs and attacks are commonplace in large cities where large populations of blacks live (and die) these days. In nearly every case, young black street terrorists are the culprits. Not that the leftist propaganda media will cover the horrible results of 60 years of the welfare state. The propaganda media won’t even tell the race of those responsible for all this violence and mayhem. Black street terrorists who commit these crimes are described in the propaganda media as “teens” or “urban youths,” never blacks. The PC media will never admit that if Obama had a son, he would look exactly like the hundreds in this video (h/t I Own The World):

Or perhaps the media doesn’t cover these events is because they are so commonplace. Just as they don’t cover Muslim beheadings and suicide bombings in the Middle East. News is something different. If a group of white kids were to go on a rampage and destroy property, that would be news. Rampaging violent black kids? That was yesterday.

AWD tends to believe the reason these attacks are not covered is a bit of both mentioned above. Political correctness has insulated black people in America from criticism. Blacks are portrayed as victims and, furthermore, taught that they are indeed victims of America and white people. The Democrat Party forever bought the black vote when it replaced the family structure in black areas with welfare checks. Welfare and social programs were designed to create dependency on the government. Black males today are not encouraged to be fathers and role models. They are encouraged to be pimps and thugs. Self responsibility doesn’t enter into the equation because the next welfare check or food stamp EBT is in the mail.

Not much is expected of ghetto black teens by the PC left. Blacks drop out of school, illegitimately procreate, commit crimes, etc at rates far beyond other races. The only area where most young ghetto blacks succeed is in creating mayhem, destruction and problems for responsible Americans.

Look at the kids in that video. They are not starving and attacking grocery stores. They are attacking passing motorists and recording it with cell phones. Just for the hell of it. They fear no retribution. They are dressed in the latest fashions with the latest in technology. Yet they are animals. Put those kids in Africa, give them machetes and within a month they would soon be hacking apart the rival tribe in the next village. These are soulless monsters without decency created by the state. But that doesn’t trouble the Democrats….98% of the street terrorist’s mothers voted for Obama.

If you remember, writer John Derbyshire was fired from National Review for writing an article where he taught his kids to not be in close proximity to large groups of black youth because of the likelihood of violence. I have also had “the conversation” with my children. There was the usual outrage and criticisms from PC “conservatives” like Rich Lowry and many others of his ilk resoundingly decrying Derbyshire’s racism. Would you want your teen son or daughter to be caught up in the video above? Or yourself? Would Rich Lowry dare to walk amongst the street terrorists above? Or have his son or daughter do the same? Of course not. But they don’t have the balls to tell the truth about the higher probability of being a victim when in a crowd of black teens. The PC right don’t want to be called “racists” by Al Sharpton. They might not get invited on MSNBC! But it’s not racism. It is FACT!

Black flash mobs, Knockout Games, and “Beat Whitey Nights” don’t usually appear in states that allow citizens to protect themselves with firearms. You’ll notice the video posted took place in Chicago, where it illegal to own firearms. Attacking cars in the manner above in the wrong place will get a street terrorist shot dead in the street. But in their blue state hellholes, black street terrorists know they will not be held accountable. They also realize the law-abiding have been disarmed by the state. And, if the thugs are arrested, they will soon be free on a plea bargain deal that puts them back on the street to continue their carnage.

Just last week, a black street terrorist in St. Louis guilty of playing Knockout Game was shot dead breaking into a home. Knockout Game is where black mobs attack a passing white person and randomly attack them trying to knock the victim unconscious with one punch. Good on the homeowner who had the good sense to arm himself in an area full of black street terrorists.

If these attacks are commonplace by black street terrorists with full bellies, iPhones, and the latest fashions, one must imagine what will happen when the first welfare check or food stamp EBT doesn’t arrive. There will be mayhem in areas full of street terrorists. It will not be safe for law-abiding people of any race to be in close proximity. Even more so for white people. The only answer is to prepare yourself and family for the worst. Decent people must be fully armed and prepared to defend themselves. It will be a matter of life or death. Kill or be killed. I know where AWD stands on the matter. I will not be a victim. At least with a full magazine.

America will never repair the damage done to it by leftists until political correctness is destroyed. The black community will never heal itself and become productive until all forms of welfare and social programs are cut off. Communities where ignorance, dependency, and violence prevail will soon mirror the darkest parts of Africa. Look only to Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Chicago or any other city where blacks make up the majority of the population and control the government. Dependence on the governnment (i.e. taxpayer) has destroyed the black community as a whole and has created a tremendous weight around the neck of America. Enough is enough!

Here’s another video of black street terrorist violence:

And another. Notice how the black street terrorists are called “teenagers:”

And another. No mention of race despite the video showing black street terrorists:

And another:


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