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If this is hate speech from Yoel Romero…when he responds to the leftist hatin’ losers in this world, they must be hiding under rocks by now.

Here’s the main story:

Yoel Romero wears a headband with the Bible verse John 3:16

Cuban-American UFC fighter Yoel Romero thanked Jesus after his fight this weekend.

“What happened to you, USA? What’s going on, you forget the best of the best is Jesus. What happened USA? Go back, go back to what you know. Don’t forget Jesus people.”

Listen below, it’s only 45 seconds:

What say you…hit me with your best shots!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Disgusted Caucasian

    So we need shit skins to fight our battles now? This seems to be a trend around here. How long will it be until this site is ‘Angry Black Dude?’

    • We dont need shit like you fightin anything. Wanna be profane? Go crawl back up your moms cun* where racist like you belong. I feel the frustration and anger like anyone else, but are we going to call Allen West and Ben Carson a SHITSKIN now?????? A RIGHT person is RIGHT a-hole …… color in being rightseous with me………you might just be what the left is looking for.

  2. Txsecededave

    Good for him. He’s got the cajones to speak his mind. Truth is hate, to those that hate the truth.

  3. How is what he said hate speech against the gays? So what was that speech by Farakhan in SC the other day? It’s okay to say such things about white people?

    I am getting really tired of these double standards. It’s time to take a stand.

    The attacks will continue .. it’s all about the deconstruction of American values! The LGBT activists are no better than rainbow jihadists!

    • Almost anything Christian will from now on be hate speech to the commie left and their ilk. I guess it it’s their plan….no problem if MOFO Muuuslims throw gays of buildings….. but you just dare to not bake that cake.

  4. Hey folks,

    I thought you would all enjoy watching this heartfelt rant by the very outspoken E.T. Williams. Although more than a “rant” it’s a sincere Call for ACTION!

    What do you guys think?

    He looks like presidential material to me. Look out Donald Trump. You’ve got some real competition!

  5. It’s refreshing to see someone make a stand against the wiles of team Obama.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    No one knows more about the evils of socialism and a Liberal Goverment then someones who lived in Cuba under a progresivist dictator who liberal idiots go wacko for(Like Jimmy Carter)and other pinheads

  7. Don’t know much about Romero, but I’m now a fan. The country has hit a new low as we celebrate perversion and give sick minded people like Bruce Jenner the Arthur Ash Espy award for bravery. The country is totally upside down and the one who started the downward trend or at least escalated it is president Ovomit… piss on this sorry ass president and also the first lady.

  8. Carnac123

    “Go back to what you know”. God has just sent America a message through a black Cuban boxer. God uses strange ways to send messages sometimes. You would not expect that message from Yoel but he was moved to say it. He is right. In that moment, Yoel was not a black, a negro, nor a libtard like Sharpton; in that moment Yoel was a man sending a message from God. Whether he knows it or not he was used. We need to “go back to what we know” in every way.

  9. protect our president……that’s right……president Shitstain and the rest of his family should be protected from crazies………….and here is how we should protect him……..

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