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Crime is crime, period. Evidently, according to the majority of the mainstream media, a hate crime only pertains to white on black crime, if and when that takes place…so, of course they make a 24/7 news report about that via their liberal networks. If it’s the opposite scenario, the drive-by media remain mum…as we all know by now. – Can you say blatant hypocrisy? – Nothing like playing the good ol’ race card if it suits your leftist agenda.

To cut to the chase, there will be various reports about recent attacks that are sweeping across this nation. Check them all out and see what you think about each of them:

1.) SHOCKING: Vicious Black-On-White Gang Attack Caught On Camera; Local Media Coverage Avoids This

2.) Watch: Couple Attacked In Brutal Hate Crime That You WON’T See In The Mainstream Media

This has to do with the NBA, not a crime per se…but still, free speech and the race card is played here too:
3.) Atlanta Hawks owner sells team over email on race:

4.) Media desperate to censor string of black on white hate crime attacks in Iowa

5.) Three convicted in racial hate crime killing of Cobb County man

6.) Lastly, read about Precious Parker and her sidekick!:
Two Brooklyn women tired of ‘white people moving into the area’ force tenants out at gunpoint, then squat in apartment: police

Toss in your own stories if you have some. Plus, speak you mind about any or all of the above.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. For your first video, I’m pretty sure none of these urban youths go to school, attend a trade school or even have a job or are looking for one. Also Can someone please tell me what language is being spoken by the lady doing the recording? seems like a mix of English, Ebonics, and more gibberish which is Ebonics

    • AJ…

      I haven’t a clue to what accent that was…but I do know one fact, it was gibberish just as you said.

    • iron_mike_houston

      I think the bitch was saying I’m going to have 5 kids raised by the tax payer and the GOP will help me. I’m sorry to say this but I don’t see any reason to vote for Cornyn. I will vote for the democrat because we have to hit bottom before we rise again.

      The videos are disturbing. John Cornyn and the GOP is worse!

  2. EXACTLY. Where’s the two-faced, hypocritical media?????? America’s MSM sickens me, which is why I will only get my news from the Economist now, and even it has a lot of room for improvement. No American newspapers, magazines, or TV news. None.

    • tutu…

      Just curious, do you live in the USA?

    • Dude,
      You do realize “The Economist” is a communistic rag. If you want news about the US, go to Pravda, it is much less communistic than “The Economist”. For that matter, I check out several of the British publications understanding that some are nothing but propaganda media.

  3. Perhaps it’s time someone, somewhere organize a ‘Project Charles Bronson’, where every able bodied white is schooled in weapons handling, getting a concealed weapons permit, self defense and encouraged to participate in vigilantly policing.

    Filling out police reports, making arrests and even carrying police style restraints.

    Yes I know it’s not perfect and can easily backfire…but it was just a idea.

    Justice will always side with the thug, the best we can do is show we will not take it lying down anymore and maybe get the wicked to stand down a bit.

    Like I said…just an idea.

    After all…

    Nothing’s more scary then a bunch of angry white people with guns!

  4. Yep it’s all fun and games until one of the welfare babies gets laid out on a slab, then there is not enough purple drank in the world to mollify the wailing and gnashing of teeth, nor enough justice to placate or pacify the looters.

    The media has performed a Herculean task keeping social issues like black on white crime out of the news cycle.

    My own personal experiences with bad negro behavior go back as far as 1969 and it looks the same now as it did back then.

    They have learned nothing good in five and a half decades.

  5. Black on white crime is just one of many forms of discrimination Caucasians now suffer. I notice that, while White public religious expression is not only discouraged, but condemned and ridiculed, the same Black religious discourse—as is common to hear on many forms of media—is untouchable by Lefties and Atheists, even extolled.

  6. Spurwing Plover-

    Your right about one thing if a group of whites attacked a black couple they media scum suckers would have a field day the media sharks would have one of their usial feeding frenzies and the media vultures would be circling like they did after Cheney’s hunting accident just more reasons to totaly boycott these lowlife no account sidewinders and cowarldy polecats. JUST LISTEN TO THE CRICKETS LADIES AND GERMS AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES

  7. iron_mike_houston

    Lock and load and shoot the ferals. The funny thing is they will be living off us! No one will give the feral a job so the government tit is what will feed them!

  8. iron_mike_houston

    Another thing, I won’t be watching the NBA. I’m also not going to watch the NFL next season. Hell I need to stop now!

  9. I don’t believe Eric Holder has organized a federal taslk force to deal with the continued violence and hate crimes…

    Chicago needs your help Mr. Holder, black on black murder is OUT OF TOTAL CONTROL…

    But boy you’re all over Ferguson Missouri.
    You transparent …

  10. Funny how these cowards always pick the weakest looking white dude around, always make sure they out number them 5 to 1, and then claim and think their “hard” . Lol I just laugh. I have seen these so called tuff guys tuck their nuts so many times I’m amazed people buy into their bluff. Its all smoke and mirrors. Let the numbers get somewhat even and show em your not a bitch they will run everytime.

    • Indeed!

      They are like coyotes. Alone they bark, yip, yipe and maybe bite at your heels but are really just cowards…until they form a pack of 10 and over…then they become a threat.

  11. bt ..i keep forgetting to thank you for all the cutting edge work
    & articles that you put out. i am here reading them everyday.
    your stuff is as good as any on the blogs. nice going, consider
    me a fan ..

  12. I would suggest everyone read the book “White Girl Bleed Alot” by Colin Flaherty. Shows how really big this problem is and how everyone wants to cover it up. If you didn’t know, this will be an eye opener

  13. Spurwing Plover

    Another reason for Concealed Carry for protection from these feral beasts from africa

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  15. This video is the reason that, of the three c’s of concealed carry, I lean towards capacity.

  16. The other day a black guy gets behind me at a fast food place, without any reason I found myself figuring out how to take this guy out. He never thought a thing as I pivoted to my left to throat punch him. And no I didn’t do anything to harm him God bless him, he didn’t do anything to deserve it. I guess that makes me a dick. But I’m alive and I am going to go home whatever it takes. Punks need to understand some creepy ass old crackers will just take you out no warning, no talking, no jumping around throwing sticks and leaves over our heads barking at the moon. If I feel threatend SUPRISE MOFO, and that sound of breaking glass is my dobe. It’s feeding time.

  17. Spurwing Plover

    Look at all the nasty things liberals said about CLERENCE THOMAS becuase he opposed racial prefrences and supported the U.S. Constitution and especialy the 2nd AMENDMENT

  18. Why do we have to put up with this crap?! Not only do black on white crimes get burried by the media but we have to deal with the backlash when a black guy is killed by a poloce office?! Maybe you should have stopped committing crimes! I don’t like feeling this way but if every one wants equality, it needs to be all the way around! One race cannot commit crimes and expect to not be helheld accountable while another race gets crucified when the other race does something stupid and someone gets killed. Teach your damn kids right ffrom wrong! Throw out their shitty rap ccds and make them read a book! Be a damn parent and stop supporting thugs!

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