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There aren’t any words from needed me…I’ll leave that for to do after you read, watch and digest.

Off we go…see what you think in regards to both reports presented below:

Though he has reportedly gotten all sorts of grief from others in the black community of Hartford, Conn., for his outburst and accusation against Al Sharpton, Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis is refusing to back away from his fiery “in your face” comments.

As reported yesterday, Jarvis jumped to his feet and shouted at Sharpton during a speech at a Hartford church by the race activist and MSNBC host. Sharpton had just finished leading a march against violence in the city that’s recently seen the homicides of five young people, when he took to the pulpit of a local church and asked the crowd to donate $100 apiece to his National Action Network.


That’s when the black pastor shouted something for which most others in the church denounced him and escorted him out of the sanctuary: “How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money? You’re nothing but a pimp!”

Those words from Jarvis prompted Sharpton to do something that proved he was far different from most of those gathered in Shiloh Baptist Church — he reached into his pocket and pulled out $1,000 in cash, pledging it to a community memorial supposedly aimed at discouraging youngsters from getting involved in a life of crime and violence.

On her Fox News show On the Record, Greta Van Susteren asked Pastor Jarvis about his public denunciation of Al Sharpton’s motives and tactics. When given the chance to walk back his accusatory comments, the black pastor chose instead to double down, saying Sharpton’s actions were “pimpism at its best.”

“We don’t necessarily need outside intervention or marches that really are not going to produce any type of solid results as to fighting crime and creating employment and jobs in a neighborhood that’s rife with poverty,” Jarvis said.

“…hypocritical and contradictory to the cause…”

Then we have this evil man…check him out below:

In the turbulent wake of the so-called “pool party” controversy, McKinney, Tx., has become the latest ground-zero hot spot for racially charged protests over police interaction with minority communities. Hundreds of people marched through the city Monday night, carrying signs that read “Black Lives Matter,” “My Skin Color Is Not a Crime,” and “Protect Our Youth.”

As has reported, there are vastly differing opinions and analyses of what happened last Friday when police were called to the neighborhood pool party. Various videos of the encounter between officers and young party-goers leave viewers with divergent impressions about the incident.

Was it a case of white police officers overreacting and mistreating innocent black youngsters? Or were the officers justified in their aggressive actions in what some attendees describe as an attempt by authorities to bring order to chaos and protect those threatened by an unruly mob?

One black pastor who attended the Monday night march and rally in McKinney and spoke out loudly for “social justice” was Rev. Ronald Wright of Dallas. In venting his outrage at police conduct during the Friday night incident, Rev. Wright made what sounded like a threat against police — a threat that, though clumsily expressed, suggested that terror attacks against law enforcement are on the horizon.

Rev. Wright — senior pastor of Gods Community Church of Joy — is head of an organization called Justice Seekers Texas, whose website claims it is dedicated to protecting civil rights and seeking social justice.

But in the video you, Wright seems to raise the ugly specter of an ISIS-like attack on those he called “injustice law officers.” – You can see the original video and all he really said at this site.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Okinawa Marine

    The interesting thing is, Blacks are already committing acts of terrorism in the US. All of the violence (50% committed by Black Youth) all of the crime, all of the protests, the burden on our tax system…
    This group of black youth (Around 6% of our population) are committing more terror crimes than ISIS has, literally. Look at the amount of crime and murder.
    So, this “Reverend” as he calls himself, is very serious, and maybe his comments will start to resonate with our society and law enforcement that, Hey, we have a serious threat here in the US that we need to get serious about, and start to confront it and eliminate it. This is only going to get more violent and require a lot more attention. They do not want equality, they want more! More entitlements, more violence, more priveledge, more “Reparations” its all about them.
    Hopefully someone will wake up and start to address this, it is only going to get worse.

  2. the revrum Al Sharpton…….still learning how to read……….that’s right……..a second grader could read better than this dolt……….

    the truth is…… this man is “black buffoon”…………

    what a buffoon………distorts history much………

    • Bluto…

      LMAO! You know I love that first picture. But that last one is a winner…I remember when he said that…he’s so damned dumb…he thinks we all believe that!

      Anymore he’s nothing a fool to be laughed at…which I usually do.

      Btw…when the tax man going to come and take him away?

      Anyone remember how the tea party groups were targeted and fined?

      There’s a lesson to be learned there!

      • Big….

        I’ll never get over that “resist we much”…….. never…………it’s golden……….

        • Bluto…

          You know I won’t either…we both used it for years.

          Too much fun and golden is right! – It’s timeless…

  3. I don’t know if many of you caught this segment last night, but the kid lied thru his teeth on national TV. He lied about his real name and who he really is. Be sure and check out his picture…talk about gang signs.

  4. hate whites…..we much !! Been to the white house 84 times. Pay back taxes??? Hell no ! Remember Tawana Brayley???? This buffoon is a complete abomination. I would love to spit in his face and kick him in the nuts. Have a nice day everyone.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    This sharpton jerk is the same one who wants to make it a crime fora white person to shoot a black in self defense Sharptons pea sized brain is showing signs of stupidity and non use

  6. A few words about Rev Al….


  7. A thousand dollars is pennies to Sharpton, He learned a long time ago how to manipulate the gullible, He got caught and had to think fast.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    A-Mess-NBC the stupid peacock needs a good plucking

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