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Dudes and dudettes, AWD asked Liam, our favorite Englishter across the pond to report on how Islam is negatively affecting Englandistan. He graciously responded with this eye-opening post about the danger of unchecked Islamic immigration. England appears to be in deep Dukakis unless real Englishmen start changing things over there pronto! Liam may be a fuzzy little foreigner but he’s welcome around AWD’s Texas campfire any time.

Greetings my colonial cousins!

In a first for the site, the AWD has kindly allowed me to inject a bit of civilised English-tery in order to raise the tone for you right-wing extremist, Islamophobic bitter clingers!

Seriously, what follows might be of interest as it deals with three issues that are as relevant in the US as they are here in Englandistan, namely; Islamism, immigration, and voter fraud.

Tower Hamlets might sound to you like the name of some picture postcard English village, or maybe a fancy new apartment complex in Manhattan. In fact, it’s the name of a London borough, which includes the heart of what was previously Cockney London, the famous East End. Traditionally a tough but decent part of the country with its own distinctive culture, for years the liberal Left sneered at its people as “racist bigots” (sound familiar?), though they were good enough to die in their thousands in two World Wars and suffer months of carpet bombing in the Blitz without complaint.

And now? The borough is being Islamised. And it’s being done with all the familiar accompaniments of third world elections. Tribalism. Bribery. Intimidation. Fraud. In the heart of London.

Mass immigration is the key to understanding this. In 1971 there were fewer than 3,000 Bangladeshis in a borough with a population of around 250,000. Today there are approximately 100,000 – 32% of the population. Only 31% of residents are “white British”. The next largest minority is Somalis. Oh joy.

Here, and in other parts of the UK, they’ve brought their corrupt politics with them. In 2004, a High Court judge ordered new elections in two Birmingham council wards (city hall board members), citing “voter fraud that would disgrace a banana republic.”

The elections two weeks ago in Tower Hamlets were worse. Thanks to Tony Blair’s stupid loosening of the rules around postal voting, fraud is rampant. At one time, you pretty much had to be disabled or out of the country to have a postal vote. Now, in one recent by-election in Tower Hamlets, 36% of votes were cast by post, even though only 14% of voters had applied for them.

The borough now has a directly elected mayor (another Blair brainwave, thanks Tony!) He’s a charmer called Luftur Rahman. He was thrown out of the Labour Party (quite an achievement in itself) for links to the Islamic Forum of Europe. Its stated aim is: “to change the very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed … from ignorance to Islam”.

Here are few examples of how he runs the borough:

• Council meetings have often been toxic, with Mr Rahman’s supporters in the gallery chanting homophobic abuse at his main opponents, who happen to be gay, as the mayor looks on. (Note: remember gays, diversity is a beautiful vibrant rainbow, and old white men are the problem!)

• Of Mr Rahman’s 18 councillors elected last week, all are Bangladeshi (and 17 are men). He has never appointed a non-Bangladeshi to his council cabinet (war on women!).

• Political allies and vote-getters have been rewarded not just with money, but with valuable council property sold at below-market rates.

• Mr Rahman pays tens of thousands of pounds to Channel S, a London-based Bengali television station influential with his Bangladeshi base. It gives him fawning coverage. He pays £50,000 a year from council funds into the personal bank account of Channel S’s chief reporter.

Here are a few examples of his, shall we say, novel approach to election rules:

• Days before polling, the number registered for postal votes in one large council block (public housing complex) doubled. Seventy-seven per cent of those votes were cast for Rahman’s candidate.
• Residents and their families told The Telegraph that Mr Robbani’s (Rahman’s agent) supporters blitzed the building, signing them up for postal votes, then returned a few days later to collect the blank ballot papers. Mr Robbani has repeatedly refused to deny it.
• One Rahman opponent won a ward election by a clear margin. Following a recount personally ordered by the mayor, and with a mob of around 2,000 Rahman supporters surrounding the building, his vote dropped by a quarter from 2,270 to 1,722 and he fell from first place to sixth.

• Large groups of Rahman supporters picketed polling stations, remonstrating with some voters who refused to take Rahman leaflets. The council has received 20 complaints of voter intimidation.

• Rahman’s strategy and delivery adviser, Kazim Zaidi (good old London name), said that if the result was not accepted, “civil war” would “spill out on to the streets”.

Well folks, I don’t want to bore you with this, so I’ll point to the links below if you want any further reading on the subject. I know it’s easy to shrug and say “Englandistan”, but the issues involved here, in one way or another, affect the whole civilised world. Ethnic identity politics, mass immigration, weak authorities either unwilling or unable to act, constant playing of the race card, voter fraud and corrupt practices, and contempt for the rule of law.

Of course, for our MSM this side of the pond, the problem is the huge national vote for UKIP, those bunch of radical extremists who want to do crazy stuff like, you know, make our own laws in our own elected Parliament, and don’t let everyone in the whole damn world come and live here. I know which one I think is the real problem.


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