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Wikileaks is set to dump a new set of emails hacked from the largest criminal organization in the world, the Democrat Party. This batch of emails will show how the Dims have put every government position up for sale. Want that cushy ambassador job? Well, show Obama the money!

For $3.5 million, you can be ambassador to the United Kingdom! Bad food and Engklishters with bad teeth! But you’re gonna be partying with the Queen, dude! All on American taxpayer expense! Get the old girl drunk and you may set US/UK relations back a century!

Well, AWD doesn’t have $3.5 mill and I guess I ain’t never going to see the Queen in her damn undies. So much for all that white privilege!

Here’s the price list of various government positions:


What’s interesting is to see the pecking order of ambassadorships with the various countries. While raising $3.5 million for the Dims will get you a sweet job in England or Sweden, you can land in Austria for only $950k! Hell, we all know that those Austrian babes can’t compare to the Swedish Bikini Team, but still, there has to be something interesting to do over in Austria, right? Maybe throw rocks at all those Muslim refugees invading the joint!

But for only a few dollars more, you can be the Ambassador to Trinidad/Tobago. Two for the price of one! And they have some pretty decent beaches, so you have that going for you. Probably some decent dollar margariters, too! And no Muslims, either! Shee-ut, negro! Where’s my Speedo? Look for me on the beach curled up beside a half dozen empty bottles of rum and some nekkid Trinidad/Tobagan babes!

Yes, Obama and the Democrat Party is dealing! No contribution is too little to get a piece of taxpayer money in some cushy government job. Some idiot named Robert Roche spent $1.1 million to be named to the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy. What a gyp! No way that guy is getting laid with a boring ass job like that! He should have held out for Austria! At least he could have gotten some hot beer girls in lederhosen pouring gallons of Pilsner down his throat. Plus, he could have chucked a few bricks at those Muslim refugee rapist bastids!

If you got the money, the Dims have the job for you! No budget is too small. A few million and you’re an ambassador! Donate only a few thousand and you’re cleaning up used cigars in the Clinton Foundation bathroom. A few hundred gets you Hillary Depends Adult Diaper cleanup duty.

It doesn’t matter if you have talent, are a crook, or a scumbag (which is the rule for Dims), if you got the money, Obama and Hillary got the time! And the job for you!

Hey, AWD wants some of this action! I see for a cool $3.5 million, AWD could be the FCC Chairman! I want y’all to reach deep into your pockets and hit AWD’s Tip Jar (you worthless, cheap bastids) and donate all you can! I need to run that damn FCC!

Once AWD is named as Chair of the FCC, I’m going to ban all blogs except AWD. For the children, you understand. Hell, I’ll just ban all other websites on the inter net web, too. Except AWD, of course. For the children, you understand. Yes, I believe I could get used to this government service thing!

But I ain’t cleaning no Hillary’s Depends!



  1. So, for a cool one mill, can I be your secretary of whatever? Bennies roll downhill…Other stuff does, too. 😉

  2. And the democrats say their is no waste, fraud, and abuse for Trump to cut out of government! Ha!

    I wonder, how much would the ambassadorship to Haiti cost? Would it be a stretch to say that the big money donors are sure to avoid a job offer for Uganda, the Congo, Sudan, Belarus, Somalia or even now in Venezuela? How about Nicaragua? El Salvador?

    I am sure that when these pay-to-players show up at the far more posh posts abroad as the newly arriving ambassador, the hosting permanent US staff (already in place) recognize them for the checkbook stooges that they really are….

  3. Check out all the “last names”.
    Hmmmmmm, Shalom,,,,,,

  4. Excellent blog post AWD.

    By the way for $500.00 USD I can get you on as Mayor of Detroit for a week, that should get you enough time to recieve a pension and lifetime medical. Plus you get to stay at the presidential suite at the Leland hotel with a hooker of your choice.

    They call this the William Jefferson Blythe room

  5. I know there is one more ambassadorship that has been vacant for some time now and needs to be filled for diplomatic reasons……… has come to my attention that all the ambassadorships have been filled by so many qualified people in the d’himicrat tradition of buying their post but there is one that no one can buy and it has to be filled as well………..

    the ambassadorship to the country “Libya” needs to be filled…… has been said that Hildabeast’s Rotten Cankles’s daughter, Chelsea Rotten Cankles, also known by friends as “Bucky Beaver”, is available and would be eager to get to her new post as ambassador to the embattled country…….

    the only problem is the great, great senator from Arizona, John McCain, wants that position for his daughter, Porky McCain, er I mean Megan McCain………but I think there should be some sort of a vote to see which one should get the ambassadorship…..Porky or Bucky……but true to form Hildabeast has already lobbied the white house for the position in order to get it filled by her daughter Bucky…….she has already gotten a campaign poster printed up and circulated it around trying to lobby the Washington elites…..and I am afraid Porky may be too late……….


    Deplorable Bluto

  6. Deplorable Mike

    Pay for play…

  7. We, the people, are living in a country where at least three-fourths of the government in completely criminal. We have turned into the ‘banana Republics’ we used to sneer at. The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise. It is not patriotic. It is not American. It is not even western in its thinking anymore. It is a bunch of thugs bent on power. It wants America and it will get her to meld into the NWO and become nothing. The hierarchy of the Democrat Party is bought and paid for and that goes for Hillary. It is made up of the scummiest lowlifes one can imagine. It is time the people take this party out and destroy it. There is no difference between the Democrats and any Communist-Socialist party that has ever come down the pike. This nation has done a complete ‘360’ turn in these 200 years. We have come from a nation who rebelled against a King, become a republic where (for years) common people voted for common people to go to Washington to represent our wants and needs, and now have gone back to being led by would-be’ royalty’. The politicians in the “beltway” have become royalty in their own minds. They rule against the people constantly. Their coffers are full so they get elected again and again. This country is run by about 300 people who think they are royalty and forget that we are their bosses and not the other way around. Time for real patriots to stand up and vote and fight if need be. We need to save this nation from the Washington Club that assumes they can run us and it.

  8. wrong post…..had to delete……

  9. It’s not on the list, but I read in American Thinker the other day that someone got an amassadorship in Monaco for only $605,000. Dayum, that’s a great bargain!

  10. Hillary’s cankles won’t hold up……….the debate next Monday is expected to be a ratings bonanza…….the largest viewing audience in the media’s history……….

    90 minutes and no commercials………and Hil-dog is going to have to stand at that podium in her depends …..and you know she’s going to “go” in those depends…..that’s a given……. I don’t think her cankles are going to make it for the full 90 minutes……I expect her cankles are going to give out………and with all that weight and those thunder thighs she just might come crashing down……and god forbid if there are any stairs or steps she has to climb …….

    and if by some chance her cankles don’t give out, she just might go wall-eyed and probably not know where she is………I expect her handlers will have her so drugged up so her parkinsons won’t show her tremors…….I would think Hil-dog’s handlers are probably working furiously to patch her up in order to get her ready for the ordeal…….but I’m not so sure she is up to it…….

    of course she will will be wearing her infamous “Chairman Mao pant suit”….. ……always in fashion……as you know that’s the Hil-dog way, always in fashion……….

    at any rate the debate should be interesting…..Hildy will be doing her best to try and prevent anyone from realizing she is a progressive communist… know she won’t admit to it….and that she cares so deeply about us Americans……..I’m so touched……, I’m looking forward to the debates……..

    and I hope she falls flat on her face and bounces head first down a flight of stairs on national tv………..

  11. ……………………………We’re Ready For Hillary……………………………….

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