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The unwashed left has been called out by their Obama/Soros plantation masters to disrupt, vandalize and attack Donald Trump campaign stops. And young tyrant thugs are only too happy for make $15 while attacking people and destroying property while chanting their tired profanity-laced rhymes.

Here’s a video of a single Trump supporter with huge cojones marching directly through an anti-Trump riot in Burlingame, Mexifornia. Listen to the idiot thugs bullying him. This is Mexifornia!

In California, police have done basically nothing to contain the mobs. Of course, it’s California Mexifornia now and a collapsing state totally controlled by those who directly or indirectly support the thuggish anti-Trump riots. As has been proven scientifically for 30 years, California sucks. In another ten years, California will be Venezuela without massive bailouts from states that are run by adults. Non-socialist adults. I’m talking Red States. Hopefully, the bailouts won’t happen and California can enjoy the consequences of their moronic governance.

Obama and his ilk love the attacks and riots. You can take the community organizer out of Chicago but you can’t take the community organizer out of a socialist, racist con man in the White House. Not when leaders from #BlackLivesMatter who do nothing more than burn and loot inner cities are regular visitors to the White House. After seven years of Obama, America has learned the old adage: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Obama has shown favoritism to leftist thugs since he arrived in office and dropped the open and shut case against the Black Panthers. He has disparaged police and wept at the deaths of black thugs who were killed by police when in the process of them trying to kill police. The results in America are predictable. America is more divided than ever due to his actions and inactions. And everyone is pissed. How long can this go on?

So what happens when a Trump supporter is physically attacked and rather than running away chooses to pull out their gun and popping his attackers? Bullies always depend on the bullied to not fight back. The police certainly aren’t going to put down riots as is their responsibility. Will law-abiding Trump supporters continue to be beaten by savage rioters in the streets and do nothing? I don’t think so. I hope not.

AWD was listening to the Stones this morning. One of my favorite Stones songs is “Gimme Shelter.” The chorus is, “War, children, it’s just a shot away.” Indeed it is. How long can Obama, Soros, and violent tyrants on the left expect the law abiding to sit idly by while they are violently attacked by leftist and illegal alien thugs?

Tyrants depend on our commitment to peacefully keeping laws. While Obama breaks the Constitution on a regular basis, imports Muslim terrorists and allows millions of who knows what to illegally cross our borders and live on welfare, Americans continue silently going to work and paying the bills. And it’s not going to well for those of us who are law abiding. Millions of jobs have been lost and we’re struggling to pay our bills. Now we are beaten in the streets by those whose welfare and food stamps we provide because we support a candidate who says he will put America first? How long until the final straw breaks?

AWD has read that Trump-supporting biker gangs are heading to Cleveland for the GOP convention. Those biker boys don’t play around and they will march through those anti-Trump riots and stomp them like the cockroaches they are. It can get real in a hurry!

Obama may get the race and class war he wants. And he most likely won’t like it. Law-abiding tax payers are armed to the teeth and a good many have military training. The punks who need safe spaces at their publicly funded universities because someone writes ‘Vote for Trump’ on a wall will quickly learn that they are in deep Dukakis. Especially when they no longer have a 100-to-1 number advantage. Gender Studies classes in college don’t match up well to former Marines and their military training when things go south. And you better believe there are millions of well-trained, well-armed patriots just itching for a fight.

America cannot continue on this course. Either we just roll over and silently become whipped dogs starving under a socialist tyrant government or we start taking charge and purging America of the slime that now infests our country.

Maybe we should get Charlie Daniels to record a new version of Gimme Shelter that says, “Revolution, children, it’s just a shot away!”



  1. Quartierleblanc

    Brilliant and spot on. I predict the “summer of riots” and I think everything is in place for this to happen. The Baltimore PD prosecutions are likely to fail with the next set of trials due this month. Another acquittal or hung jury will probably lead to dropped charges for all with the resultant consequences. Trump’s nomination will also add to the stress upon the social structure. All it will take is another incident to set the powder keg off. I think the left knows and wants this. Rest assured that Obama will use this as excuse to stop or limit firearm and ammo sales. I also predict increasing “attacks” using the knockout game scenario. With that it’s only a matter of time till force is met with force.

    • Joe Stalin

      During both the 1968 Martin Luther King post-assassination riots in Chicago and Rodney King Los Angeles riots of the 1990s, both firearm and ammo sales were stopped to prevent lawful self-defense. Even Charlton Heston reported his anti-gun Hollywood buddies asking him for guns.

      Yes, you need to buy an AR-15 NOW and acquire extra ammo and high-capacity magazines. Stop by the gun shop and at least get some extra rounds.

      • Quartierleblanc

        Joe, that’s going to be part of my (hopefully) next article on AR15’s. I fear the time is now or not at all if the present course continues, especially if Hillary is elected. Not only do you need mags and ammo, but spare parts. I’d include back up iron sights, low mag optics that don’t need batteries and some sort of web gear or load carrying vest.

    • ragincajun

      Fyi is having a 12$ pmag sale atm. Just got 10.

  2. Eastwood Ravine

    It won’t be much longer before people start standing up for themselves. When they do, that’s when the next civil war starts.

    Gimme Shelter is a great Rolling Stones song, but I prefer Street Fighting Man!

  3. minuteman26

    When the SHTF make sure LaRaza, Black Lives Matter, and the SEIU are on your target lists. All are Marxist organizations. Then add CAIR for good measure.

  4. nina sage

    Bikers, take care of their own first then others. They don’t give a shit about Trump.

  5. Cicero Zometa

    What happened to our country? Our children have been brainwashed to hate America, even after saving the World from fascism. If your a patriot, have common sense, think bathrooms should be safe for women, believe in God, and support our military, your a bigot. We gave minorites Trillions in programs, affirmative action, jobs, scholarships, endless entitlements, now they demand more. When did evil, become good?

  6. I say bring it on……the “hard-left” will shoot themselves in the foot with their protests….their violence… will all betray them in the end…….just as it did in the sixties….the silent majority rose up…..and they will again……

    the “left” will literally go out of control with riot-fever…..their fever will get out of control and take them down a road to hell….and they won’t be able to stop it….they can’t control themselves…….the common sense people of the country will finally say enough is enough and we will send in the troops and put them down………

    it’s time to bash their heads in……..break their noses……send in the attack dogs…… bring out the water cannon….. it’s time to teach these morons a lesson……..

    to tell you the truth…I’m looking forward to it…….get out the pop corn….it’s going to be a whole lot of fun………

  7. Disgusted Caucasian

    Today starts the new America as Trump will win Indiana and put this primary contest in his column. It’s high time Cruz and Kasich lay down their arms and accept defeat. Trump is the boss from here on out. Either get behind him or get out of the way.

  8. Vito Corleone

    I am armed

    To the teeth spent 2 yes kin

    State pen at 17 came out a virgin and now I am Alfred E Newman “What me worry”

  9. I think the rolling over is over. Everyone I know is totally fed up with the destruction these perverts are waging on our country, our freedom, our futures, and our religions. Political correctness is already becoming the first casualty in our frontal assault. Next will be the so-called peaceful protesters who, somehow, become violent and amazingly morph into looters. To them I say, ‘Get a job’. I’m sure they will find this offensive and politically incorrect.

  10. madman_MN

    However badly it turns out for the leftist “Fascistii” (and I predict Chicago in ’68 will pale comparative to what the Democratic Party is about to face when its Sanders supporters hit the streets of Philadelphia) a comforting thought comes from this video:

    A *BIG* man, in stature or otherwise defined, shows no fear when surrounded by the tiny bodies, tiny brains and very large-lunged lunkheads of these…
    …the street-fascistii.

    Send that man a box of cigars and every kudo you can muster for him!

  11. Spurwing Plover

    Crowd of uncivilized brutes and these masses of unwashed vermin and spitting on kids and needing their teeth knocked down their throats

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