Saudi Arabia has cut ties and is inching toward war with Qatar over…get this…Qatar supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism. I crap you negative! Bwahahaha!

Saudi Arabia funds Wahhabi wild eyed terrorist training mosques all over the world and they have the cojones to criticize Qatar for sponsoring terrorism. And I believe all but one of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. Something tells ye olde AWD this little dustup has nothing to do with Qatar’s love of terrorism. Muslims of all stripes love them some terrorism.

A group of Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, and also Egypt have blockaded Qatar. So naturally, Qatar is reaching out to Russia and their good friends in Iran for support.

So what appears to be brewing is a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Shias vs Sunni. Savages vs Barbarians. With armies of wild-eyed religious fanatics ready to slaughter the infidel…whoever it might be.

Is this not the situations we dream of? Muslims killing Muslims in the Middle East? Hell, we should be instigating this stuff. Hey Saudi Arabia, I heard Iran called your women whores. Oh, you call them that, too? Oh, never mind. But I heard they also said the Royal Family humps ugly camels. Oh, you do? Ummmm…this is more difficult to instigate than I thought. Oh, how about this? Hey Saudis, I heard Iran called you a bunch of Joooos! Yep, that ought to do it!

The trick is keeping rocket salesman John McCain and his man servant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham from dragging America into the war. I’m certain that had McCain been elected POTUS he would have declared war on every country on the globe.

It’s time Trump honors his campaign promises to get and keep us out of stupid wars. Wasting another single precious American life for the benefit of a single Muslim would be an atrocity. We’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for 14 years and nothing has changed except we’ve lost a lot of good men and women and have spent billions trying to do the impossible. Civilize savages.

If we can let the Muslims do to one another what they normally do to us, this will be a lot of fun to watch! And who needs their oil anyway? With fracking in the Great Satan and if Trump will open up drilling on public lands, we’ll never again need to talk to any of those savages in the Middle East. I believe oil is trading currently around $47 a barrel. Woo hoo!

So load up the camels, Muhammad! You’re going to war! Praise Allah and pass the ammunition! Oh, and pass the popcorn!

I hope they both lose huge!

Here’s the Saudi soccer team refusing to stand for a moment of silence for victims of the latest terorrist attack in England. Is anyone surprised? F ’em!


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