Warriors vs. Mercenaries




Not a day goes by lately that we don’t see a video posted online of some rogue cop(s) violating their oaths of office. With increasing frequency, we’re also seeing pictures and videos of soldiers behaving in dishonorable ways.

Of course this comes as no surprise to anyone here. Dishonorable if not illegal behavior is the inevitable, rotten fruit of institutional Political Correctness, which infects every aspect of American life—our police forces and military included.

Reading Malgus’s, Sgt_B’s and Old Salt’s exchanges echoes much of what I’m hearing from retired soldiers in Oath Keepers: The military is a cesspool of PC insanity and only getting worse, and thus there’s little faith that the latest crop of machine-gun wielding kiddies have any concept of honor, loyalty or oath.

And per LEOs in Oath Keepers, it’s even worse: We have very few LEO OKs, and those that do join readily admit they can only trust a very small minority of their coworkers. The rest, they say, are corrupt, power-abusing jackboots—or, you know, the standard-issue incompetent Shaniqwas of the world.

In other words, the guys and girls with the guns aren’t doing it for law and order, national defense, a sense of honor or anything else so noble. They’re doing it simply for the money and the benefits (legal or illegal). “Membership has its privileges”, if you will.

There’s a word for people like this: mercenaries.

Contrast this with warriors—professional fighters who put it all on the line for selfless reasons: kith and kin, community, nation, religion, etc. These are men of honor and integrity, guided by a calling infinitely superior to that of simply looking to score some easy power and money.

The strength of our present-day mercenaries is formidable, for it is derived from the power of a nearly omnipotent State. The State uses these mercenaries to do their bidding, increasingly against the very citizens that have traditionally been the heart and soul of said organizations.

Meanwhile, the State works actively to keep warriors separated, confused, demoralized.

But warriors have something mercenaries don’t: A willingness to give it all, when push comes to shove. It is this selfless dedication to a noble cause that has seen this nation emerge victorious again and again, despite the most daunting odds.

This is the fruit of the honorable warrior spirit.

Mercenaries, on the other hand, will cut and run when they feel that the odds of death or bodily harm become too great. I.e., at some point for the mercenary, it’s simply not worth the paycheck. And so they’ll eventually wilt in the face of sustained violent opposition.

As I write, warriors are finding each other via various channels—groups like the aforementioned Oath Keepers, social networking, the blogosphere, etc. They’re organizing. And they’re preparing.

Preparing for what? For push to come to shove.

Molon Labe

Kiev Cops


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