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Warriors vs. Mercenaries



Not a day goes by lately that we don’t see a video posted online of some rogue cop(s) violating their oaths of office. With increasing frequency, we’re also seeing pictures and videos of soldiers behaving in dishonorable ways.

Of course this comes as no surprise to anyone here. Dishonorable if not illegal behavior is the inevitable, rotten fruit of institutional Political Correctness, which infects every aspect of American life—our police forces and military included.

Reading Malgus’s, Sgt_B’s and Old Salt’s exchanges echoes much of what I’m hearing from retired soldiers in Oath Keepers: The military is a cesspool of PC insanity and only getting worse, and thus there’s little faith that the latest crop of machine-gun wielding kiddies have any concept of honor, loyalty or oath.

And per LEOs in Oath Keepers, it’s even worse: We have very few LEO OKs, and those that do join readily admit they can only trust a very small minority of their coworkers. The rest, they say, are corrupt, power-abusing jackboots—or, you know, the standard-issue incompetent Shaniqwas of the world.

In other words, the guys and girls with the guns aren’t doing it for law and order, national defense, a sense of honor or anything else so noble. They’re doing it simply for the money and the benefits (legal or illegal). “Membership has its privileges”, if you will.

There’s a word for people like this: mercenaries.

Contrast this with warriors—professional fighters who put it all on the line for selfless reasons: kith and kin, community, nation, religion, etc. These are men of honor and integrity, guided by a calling infinitely superior to that of simply looking to score some easy power and money.

The strength of our present-day mercenaries is formidable, for it is derived from the power of a nearly omnipotent State. The State uses these mercenaries to do their bidding, increasingly against the very citizens that have traditionally been the heart and soul of said organizations.

Meanwhile, the State works actively to keep warriors separated, confused, demoralized.

But warriors have something mercenaries don’t: A willingness to give it all, when push comes to shove. It is this selfless dedication to a noble cause that has seen this nation emerge victorious again and again, despite the most daunting odds.

This is the fruit of the honorable warrior spirit.

Mercenaries, on the other hand, will cut and run when they feel that the odds of death or bodily harm become too great. I.e., at some point for the mercenary, it’s simply not worth the paycheck. And so they’ll eventually wilt in the face of sustained violent opposition.

As I write, warriors are finding each other via various channels—groups like the aforementioned Oath Keepers, social networking, the blogosphere, etc. They’re organizing. And they’re preparing.

Preparing for what? For push to come to shove.

Molon Labe

Kiev Cops



  1. Well, this is a good point- Let me give you something to ponder. My hubby has been a Cop for 29 yrs. Both local & state of which the latte he spent 25 yrs.
    Most cops have to justify why they look sideways at someone. He has been in a prison riot & various assorted things the average civilian or cop will ever see. The last 15 yrs has been PC hell for cops.
    Don’t you find it odd that in the last 2-3 yrs.. all these “bad cop” vids have been popping up?
    My hubby & his counterparts all over the US have to answer to superior officers if someone complains of a speeding ticket.
    Whiney college liberal student want to double check the cops doing their jobs but causing safety issues. How would you like if every time you talk to someone of color, they pull out the race card?
    See, here;s the deal – with all these vids popping up- some are vague – & NO ONE IN THE MEDIA DOES ANY FOLLOW UP to find out if the event is true – WHY NOT?
    I am not sure some of these are on the up & up- here is why…. let’s shake the public confidence in our military & police – historically speaking – that is how a fed police force can take over. Then we are all screwed.
    If ALL these events really took place by a small percentage of police…. they would literally go belly up after lawsuits.
    My husband got 3 days off with out pay for *answering a call in 5 instead of 3 minutes or less* dispatchers fault calling him on the wrong frequency – I saw the investigation myself.
    ** Not stick this is your pipe of PD concerns… the police – the very ones that have to give Miranda & follow arrest procedures & trial laws ….stay with me here….. ** DO NOT GET THE SAME RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE THEY ARREST**
    I would have never believed it til he went thru it. On the 5 minute call thing: 1 of his workmated complained – my husband had never (in 5 yrs of LE) had 1 formal complaint -only a few of the “he only gave me a ticket because I am ______” which were unfounded but he STILL had to answer to superiors.
    Here is how IA (internal affairs) handles in for most PDs –
    1- a complaint is made – the officer is NEVER told if an investigation is being done
    2- IA investigated & THEN makes a decision- WITHOUT:
    3- providing evidence to the Officer – right of discovery afforded to all arrested going thru trial EXCEPT if you are a Cop.
    4- Officers do NOT get a jury or their peers before a judge.
    5- IA THEN makes a determination – still the officer does not know AND decides a punishment
    6- Surprise – the Officer is called in, read the complaint, given a minimal amount of explanation, some of the evidence… THEN.. stay with me….
    7 – GIVEN his punishment.
    8- The Officer is denied the very right promised by the laws HE must uphold if he arrests someone.
    9- He is never charged, never given the right of getting an Atty during the process, no trial, NOTHING.
    10 – most of the time – they get time off withOUT pay- you can’t take vacation or sick time. No pay means NO PAY.
    11- AFTER all that – then he can try to appeal using the worthless union some PDs force them to join
    12- retirement, time off with out pay, crappy details, no promotions are always hung over their heads.
    13 – they are forbidden to strike
    14- They have no recourse
    15- there is NO good ol’ boy cop thing of decades ago.
    IF all these vids on on the level, why are you not hearing of HUGE trials & lawsuits constantly?
    A bad cop (yes there are some just like any job) makes great news… right?
    Are we to believe all these people getting ________ by the Po-POs are just letting it go?
    PDs all over the US are disbanding – esp in small areas. They barely have enough money to cover costs.
    16- there are cell phone video cameras everywhere….. why are we ONLY seeing bad videos?
    I speak the truth & was shocked & talked to countless lawyers about this nonsense of Police being denied basic rights. “It is the ways they work, in their contracts, etc. (con’t)
    11- AFTER you serve you punishment

    • 1- If we get in the slightest amt of financial trouble – we have to report it to the dept- do you have to do that for your job?
      2- EVERYTHING has to be gone over & double checked. I don’t like to license my dogs. Criminasl will use that info & steal your purebred dogs – happens a lot. I HAVE to. Say you get into a screaming match with you mate- we all do time to time…. if someone calls the PD, he can be fired.
      3- A local Statie & his GF were at a bar having some drinks – I guess she is mean drunk. She started hitting him in the face, etc. He walked outside to leave the drunk GF & go home – she came flying out & jumped on him, biting & hitting him. He did nothing. (saw the report). Couldn’t do nothing. He finally peeled her off of him & she fell to the ground- got a few scrapes. He then drove home thinking that is it…He is done with her. He never defended himself. 10+ (strangers to the Statie)
      witnessed the whole even as I wrote, told IA that he did not touch her….- He was FIRED –
      4- Cops all over are getting in major trouble if they make a Obummer joke or pass a comic around. Some are even fired.
      5- REALLY, an influx of bad Cops all of a sudden? REally? My hubby applied for some agencies in a another state several yrs ago – OMG… The 15-25 page applications – who stayed with you more than 3 days, providing them with credit bureau reports, every life certificate you ever had- school transcripts, why you got divorced, spouses get background checks – why they got divorced, polygraphs, checks, drug tests… that is just the initial phase -then there is testing, psych exams – physical tests, running miles & miles – this would be almost all State Police agencies – boot camp & training for 6 mos. Guys that were Marines said it was just about as tough or as tough as their boot camps. Local agencies have much less training. (con’t)

      • Now, what Cop is going to throw all of that away? I have noticed these videos seem to use many more local PD .
        1- DOES anyone follow up on these stories? I’ve started. Some are not valid – PDs are happy to tell you IF there is an investigation going on. Bigger agencies have Public Info officers… I’ve have not seen too many report on these vids.
        2- I urge all of you to follow up with the agency – that is IF you can make it out on the video.
        Again – a cop screwing up is big news – go on that city’s local news website – see if you find anything out. Report it back.
        3- PD patches are easy to get on EBAY – so are uniform looking clothes, so are portable flashing lights, so are real looking citations, cuff are everywhere as well as a gun belt, etc.
        4- Every yr, there are tons of arrests of people impersonating a Cop.
        %- Most Cops are pro 2nd amendment & like the good citizens armed Many good citizens have helped police out.
        5- You should worry – as civilians…Clintongave a lot of fed $$ to forces all over the US when he was Pres. All those Cops hired then are retiring in huge droves, they are not being replaced in equal numbers – lack of $$.
        Cities are hard pressed to cover those contract costs now- Barry is no fan of established police forces
        6- I can’t speak for the military but I can for a large amt of PDs., The lack of follow up LOCAL or nat’l news stories bothers all of us in the Blue family. Help out, research.
        7- The good Cops do not want any bad one on their forces.
        8- Why couldn’t they be plants to bring down confidence in our police forces.
        9- if you had any idea what a huge microscope we & others live under….
        10 – the freaks want to have all our personal info published – they could show up anytime.We’ve been threatened as of late-
        11- The Cops can’t say anything but they do NOT want any secret police force or martial law. Sure there are some power goons but seriously, they are a small minority.
        12 – Now the police have to deal with severely autistic adults the caregivers don’t want to deal with…they show up & some crazed person is making threats & being physical – a new danger
        parents don’t want to parent so they call police, all the custody piss offs between parents, someone call because their street isn’t plowed, Others telling them everything they do is racist, etc.
        13-Every time my hubby is in public in uniform, some idiot effing parent tells their kids, ” You better do ____ (do your homework, take a bath, etc) or I’ll have that Cop arrest you.” WTF?
        Then he has to tell them that is not the case. We are all SURROUNDED by sex offenders let out on parole.
        14- People bitch when they get a ticket- OH effing cop – he should go take care of real crime yet they are the 1st to complain that when they need them, they are not their fast enough
        15- They work holidays, weekends, nights, they miss birthdays, holidays.
        16= We, families & loved ones, never know if out loved one is going to come home after shift.
        No one cares about a dead cop – maybe for a day or 2 then it is back to EFFING Cops this & that.
        There is more outcry over same sex marriages & some self obsessed famous person ODing.
        17- I am NOT in denial as I know there are sheetstains in every form & every profession.
        There are BAD ones they slip thru cracks BUT I just can’t believe there are this many all of a sudden.
        When was the last time you had to leave a child in craphole apt with druggie parents but under CPS rules -there is not enough to take the kid from crappy parents- How would YOU let that crap go every day?
        1000s & 1000s of good cops YET everyone is barstool atty or expert now- Crack open you state’s statutes- most states have a copy online or at a library- you would be surprised at what you DON’T know- Most of the Cops I know will not go for a takeover of their agencies if SHTF- they can’t say it. Remember, they are human – no excuse for true idiots but how many do you have at your job? You are free to go apply at any academy if you could do better being at the mercy of politicos & judges & bad superiors… you do not get the same rights as the crapholes you arrest tho. Show your restraint when you finally arrest some pedophile that probably murdered children – you can’t touch them. Cops have 1 of the highest divorce rates & deaths due to stress- but it is a calling. It is so much more involved that most civilians even know.
        Thank you to those that read my rant, & true info. Hope you have a tad more insight. Peace. Our tween son wants to be a Cop. Please help investigate these videos. For you, for me, Something is very very wrong & does not make sense. We are being played on so many levels anymore. xoxox


        • Trixie–I feel I touched a nerve. lol. Just to be clear, my post wasn’t meant to single out cops for criticism. Just making the point that there seem to be a lot of those entrusted with a monopoly on the use of force (LEOs and soldiers) who are going astray. To your point, how accurate that perception is, I don’t know. But I’m hearing it from all quarters these days–from those in the affiliated professions. But your points are good ones to take into consideration.

          In case you think I’m a cop-basher, you may recall my earlier post: http://angrywhitedude.com/2013/05/the-thin-blue-line/

  2. Howdy Red…

    I know this is somewhat off topic, but since you live in this state of destruction, thought I’d throw this in here.


  3. Spurwing Plover

    Round up all black gangs and mobs and return them to africa to live like their uncivilzed anncestors

  4. Sorry this is off topic Red but when I saw this I thought about the Grinds my Gears post you did on evil printers. lol


    • lol. I need another Grinds My Gears post. Nothing comes to mind though.

      • Red I was gonna reply and tell you how much I always look forward to your Grinds MY Gears posts and then I got caught up in looking for the video below and then I forgot to reply to you. That’s the last time I take the yellow pills. 🙂

  5. it’s not all that black and white.

    allot of people start their careers as bright eyed wonders ready to take on the world only to be chewed up and spit out by the establishment making them jaded shells of their former selves.

    sadly these men and women have given the best years of their lives working nights, weekends and holidays, 24/7 fighting america’s crime and wars, but when things turn dark for them all they receive is scorn and condemnation instead of help and support.

    never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes

    • They chose that life. No one forced them to become cops.

      I tried to get into the NYPD 10 years ago…went through months of tests and privacy invasions and in the end…glad I didn’t get accepted.

      THey want robots that follow orders..not thinking people.

      They want vets from Iraq and Afghanistan because they follow orders and IMO carry out atrocities on Amerikan streets far more effectively.

      I’m more scared of being shot and killed by a cop then I am a gangbanger.

    • Jeff in CT

      Many people work long hours, 3rd shift, or weekends. The BIG difference between these people and those in LE is that when John or Jane public break the law, the book is thrown at them by rabid prosecutors looking to “move up” the ladder. And when those in LE screw up and kill, mame or beat an innocent into submission, it’s covered by their “peers” because we all know what happens to those in LE who “snitch” on their buds. Videos taken from POLICE dash cams DON’T LIE. Trixee, you are basing EVERYTHING you write on what your hubby, his peers or the MSM show or tell us. Like I said, videos DO NOT lie and show a very disturbing trend. Police are sworn to abide by our Constitution and the laws of the land. But in many cases they don’t. That’s wrong and a very dangerous slippery slope for all of us. Seriously, if you can’t see all the 3am “no knock” raids targeting people for minor offenses, or the raids being committed at the wrong address that end up killing Citizens or their pets, well you’ve been living in a bubble. THE FACT is that unfortunately many in LE have a god complex. And I should know. My family WAS in LE until recently when both my brother and sister, in two different states decided that they have seen enough and have changed careers. The stories they BOTH have told me will make most people cringe. The FACT is the “new breed” of cops are NOT like the LE of old. They are trained to distrust and have an almost military mindset when dealing with many issues they encounter. Ask any Citizen who chooses to carry firearms legally how it went for them after a LE officer discovers that they have a gun on them after a traffic stop. And i’m sure I don’t have to tell you about Connecticut Citizens and what their going through with the new gun “laws” passed recently……..

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  7. You might want to check out the Craigslist personals ads in Kuwait. Fill of soldiers looking for gay hookups.

    Code words there

    AJ is camp Arifjan

    The rock is Ali Al Saleem air base

    You would not believe the amount of queer graffiti on the bathrooms in those bases. Email addresses, and cell numbers abound with dudes looking to suck other dudes off.

    • I could have gone the rest of my life without reading that and been totally happy…

      • Malgus, Sure am glad I retired when I did, Usta was you wouldnd get in the Military as a Queer,(That’s what they were called back then) Then Clinton decided it might be ok, just don’t tell that your a petter puffer. Now its out in the open thanks to Obama, A lot of Officers and senior enlisteds are bailing from the Military before “TAKEING ONE FOR THE TEAM” becomes mandatory.

  8. knarleymarley

    @trixee..Some people do not need videos or the media to know anything about all the corrupt cops out there. Some people get to experience it first hand or witness it through others. Your elaborate defense of these clowns seems to be proof you sit protected at your computer, reading articles,typing blogs,meanwhile real life is happening! Defending theses vial actions by the clowns dressed in neat little uniforms is appalling.

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