Ways of Resisting the Delusional Left


AWD received this submission by email from Chris Volkay. I read it and deemed it worthy of the high journalistic and ethical standards of this page. That is, it’s sure to piss off liberals. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from Chris. Good stuff!

By: Chris Volkay

Hegemony. Juggernaut. Leviathan. Power-lifting Politburo. The Left has done it. There’s no doubt. I remember James “cornpone” Carville, the leftist political hack, saying that from now on the left is going to continually win the White House as it is just a matter of demographics. The left has more bodies that still move and that’s it. I think he’s right. The left could put up a cardboard cut-out and that would get 55% of the vote. There is no longer any competition between candidates, a battle of the better ideas, it’s simply a numbers game now that the right has lost. And with illegal immigration probably going to explode exponentially, it’s just going to get worse. I really don’t think there are any viable political solutions. How could there be? The leftist monolith has no opposition. The Republicans are just, let’s call them Democrats-lite. RINOs. These edentate Republicans are shameful. In occupied France they might be refered to as collaborators. They’re all the same, infected with this politically-correct obfuscation of reality to the point of elevating it to a true religion, not just a mere political ideology. (The left is the ultimate example of Hoffer’s “True Believers.”)

If you are not fairly treated in our free republic and you are in essence, shut out of the political process it seems to me that you need to look to possible alternatives. The one that is popular at the moment is succession. America is so polarized I think bifurcating the republic makes perfect sense. Too bad we can’t just use an axe. Both sides view the other as cretinous curs, there is no meeting ground. You could take the 50 states, divide them into about 25 states each. The Northeast and the Washington, Oregon and California seaboard would all be leftist havens, sanctuary states for all of our poor, downtrodden whining crybabies, and the rest, the Midwest and the South could be for the good guys. Us! Yay! It does work out to about 25 each.
Of course the leftist leeches would never let us go and we on the right lack the guts to make it happen. Who would pay the bills for their various leftist daydreams that always end in debacle? Them? No way, not when you’ve got a bunch of captive chumps (the white middle class) trapped in the system. Which brings me to the central point of this little tome, money.

The numbers vary based on where you look but, roughly, there are 90 million households in this country. About 45 million pay no taxes, the other 45 million therefore pay all the taxes. The payers obviously support the non-payers. But one thing you can always say is they are so ebullient and gracious for our help. Makes you feel warm all over doesn’t it? Such gratitude for something we do not have to do (as all of their failures are their own, just like everybody else, yours and mine.) People are quite wondrous.

I think most people would agree that no taxation without representation is a fair enough doctrine. But when you have a country that is purposely throwing its borders open to pad their voting rolls, are we really getting any kind of representation, or is it in name only. And remember, after this latest performance by the G.O.P. I can only conclude that we are receiving no representation. So why should we be the ones that continue to pay for what we expressly do not want? All manner of liberal pipe-dreams (think crack pipe). And speaking of opposition, did you see the picture of Trump and Clinton together at the Al Smith Dinner in Washington? Telling jokes, laughing, sorry I missed the party! All these elites are in bed with one another, there is nobody looking to help us.

So, is all lost? I remember what one of my first bosses, Robert New, who said, “No matter what the smoke and mirrors tell you, always keep watching the money.” And filthy lucre, of course, is everything in our realm, for how can you fund your utopian dream schemes if you ain’t got no dough? The idea being that if you starve the belly the beast will eventually die. If not you can at least put this odious vampire on a diet of sorts. So I yakked to a couple of guys that regularly are involved with money, taxes etc. This is what they told me.

(BTW-I’m not advocating any of this, but people have a right to know what is going on around them in their world, so I include this as informational and/or educational material.) The first guy told me about a cousin of his named Carlos. It seems Carlos toiled for some 25 years and never paid a dime in either state or federal income tax. Carlos had a longtime employer in the construction field who paid him under the table or cash. It’s all part of something known as the Underground Economy. So I looked it up on the Internet. It is surprisingly, at least to me, gargantuan. Depending on where you look it seems to be something like 12 to 15% of the entire U.S. economy. In fact, there are entire movements that are fighting taxation. One began in 2003 when Bush invaded Iraq. It was a war-tax protestation. It’s just one example. According to them, the power of the IRS is almost based entirely on nothing but fear. People are afraid because of all the propaganda that comes down the pipe. The IRS, they say, is chronically underfunded, understaffed, they have no ability to deal with the untold millions of people that are already not paying their taxes. Also, the number of people that are actually serving time in Club Meds for tax crimes is miniscule (which I’ve read elsewhere). Many sites suggested instead of cheating or filing fraudulent returns, to instead simply send in nothing. That way you’re not committing any type of fraud, you’re just tardy ( You’re staying after class!).

Some people choose to sort of play it half way. Instead of going fully off the books, they will quit their current jobs with companies and corporations (where you can’t escape because the government takes your taxes out of your paycheck) and form their own businesses, becoming self-employed. The lawyer leaves the firm, the programmer, the whatever, and they set up their own businesses. This has many advantages. Right away you as the owner are in control of everything. It sets you up now for very liberal (oh how I like that word in this context) deductions, credits, etc. you control the amount of income coming into the business. Tons and I mean tons of people I have known through the years have cooked the books, only reporting traceable income like checks and credit cards and omitting the cash. Some have insisted on dealing ONLY in cash. Gee, I wonder why?

And even those W-2 wage slaves who won’t or can’t go into business either under the table or as their own bosses in a brick and mortar building can still open a small business out of their home. Again this has many advantages. Write offs, deducting part of your mortgage payment, etc., etc. Lots more. Of course the bigger fish among use things like fancy pants trusts and off-shore accounts to make their money magically turn to mist.

Another site I saw said to use their D.O.N. method of paying taxes (Don’t Owe Nothin’). The idea was to reduce your income and then on the other side use to government offered deductions and credits to whittle your liability down to zero. According to them when you figure in all the taxes of both the feds and the state and local taxes, people in the top brackets are paying about 50% on their money (basically just subsidizing others).

Another area of interest. Back when the real estate and stock markets both crashed in 2008, I read an article that said that in Britain (they were hit hard also) some 900,000 people deigned going on the “dole.” Almost 1,000,000 Brits refused to take either unemployment or welfare that they qualified for. Pride? Why? And this goes for all the rest of it too. Our country is set up to be a welfare state. If you can get it, food stamps, housing assistance, whatever, I say take it. When in Rome my friend. Play the system in your favor. And why not? The Britain they once knew and the U.S. we once knew are both cinders.. The leftist hegemony, the liberal Borg, call it what you will, has infiltrated all of the important areas of our culture, Hollywood, politics, education, the lap-dog media. Again, save the republic? What’s left to save? The citizens, at least most of them are too blind or just too flacid to muster much of anything. It reminds me of what some comedian said once, “Our ancestors built the trans-continental railroad, blew up the Rocky mountains in sub-zero temperatures. Can you imagine a group of Millenial men today with that task? You’d point to the mountains and they’d all hit you with their purses”. But you can improve your own situation, both financially and emotionally when you strike back against the ubiquitous low hum of the Borg.

Another trick that the left has been employing for decades. The boycott. As I write this the left has been boycotting Rush Limbaugh for something like 10 to 15 years. Now they are boycotting Trump Towers and reports say that business there is off some 56%. That’s fair, that’s their prerogative, but it’s also ours. Let’s boycott the hell out of these delusional narcissists. You know the usual suspect list. Streisand, Clooney, Mark Cuban, Michael Moore, Robert De Niro, Madonna and the rest of it. Their records, movies, clothing lines, whatever it is. Also any companies or corporations that aid and abet causes that you don’t agree with. Any company that sponsors this specious BLM gets dumped. In Ferguson, where the BLM started, the university of Missouri’s enrollment is down 25% as a response to the dumbbell dean who resigned in the face of BLM’s protest. I’m glad it’s down. 1.4 million signed a petition against Target for their LGBT bathrooms and the fall in patronage has definitely hurt the company (so the analysts in the paper say). Muey excellente. Keep it up.

How about the cretinous actions of this thing known as a Colin Kaepernick? Viewership is off to a dismal start this year and many blame the players and their insipid kneeling and fist salutes to the BLM once again. Good, great, you can close down the freakin’ NFL as far as I’m concerned. Board it up. Finally, and this really is the coup de gras, some buffoon named Tavis Smiley just wrote a Time magazine article that he feared that under Trump, blacks would be enslaved again. What absolutely magnificent garbage. And this is the guy that broadcasts nightly on PBS. What to do? Add the loony PBS and Time magazine to the mix of boycotted outlets. Add to these the NY Slimes, Wapo, and the even more viperous LA Times. All the networks are in here as well, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. None of these are really news outlets anyway, they are more the state-run arms of the leftist delusion.

Finally, it’s an individual decision of course, but if I were a young man the chances of serving in our military under the Leftist Politburo would be just about zero. Another way to starve the these charming devils.

So, what do we have then? Even though you may have heard that resistance is futile, it can be surprisingly effective, not on the national level as I’ve said, but in your own little world it can be quite effective and very, very satisfying. Starving the government from all the money you can, boycotting those individuals and companies that you don’t agree with. Not serving the state in the military or any other way.

I remember about 30 years ago I’m guessing, there was a group of environmentalist, green people, who fought the government by “monkey wrenching” them. So, to stop the loggers from cutting down trees they would put sugar in the gas tanks of the logging vehicles and tractors, either steal or just break the chain saws, that kind of thing. I think one could sort of monkey wrench the Leftist Leviathan and even do it legally. Depends on what you were doing.

Over-throwing the government, violence? Come on, forget it, no way. Mostly just use their own tricks and loopholes against them. Don’t just go along with the program. Just about everything I’ve mentioned here, except the underground economy and the monkey wrenching is legal anyway. And again, I’m not advocating anything, but every citizen is entitled to know what is going on around them, it’s a matter of disclosure because ultimately what other people do in a republic both indirectly and directly affects them and their financial situation. So there.


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