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Rashad Owens, a wannabe rapper (scientific name: rapperious felonious negroidus) and experienced criminal intentionally and drunkenly ran his stolen car through a crowd of crackas in Austin at South By Southwest trying to escape police. Yes, he chose to drive into a crowd of innocent bystanders to escape. It’s all right, they were all crackas.

Fox News reports:

Austin police said officers tried to pull Owens over at a gas station near Interstate 35 for suspected drunken driving, but he drove off. He crashed through festival barricades and mowed down more than two dozen people on Red River Street.

He allegedly killed 35-year-old Steven Craenmehr, an employee of Massive Music and native of the Netherlands. Austin resident Jamie Ranea also died in the crash. Several other victims have critical injuries and may not survive.

A wannabe rapper with a lengthy rap sheet is no surprise. But intentionally driving a stolen car through a crowd to escape the police shows the absolute soulless brutality that is common, and even accepted, in the ghetto black thug community. He will no doubt be a star in prison the rest of his worthless life.

We’ve been witnessing the ever-increasing brutality and brazenness of the attacks on innocent victims (usually white) at the hands of ghetto black thugs since Obama and Eric Holder brought their anti-white, racist agenda to Washington. And it is all despicable to decent people of all races.

From brutal home invasion robberies and rapes to the Knockout Game attacks to every other violent crime imaginable, ghetto black thugs are completely out of control in America bringing terror to their victims because they feel completely empowered to do whatever they want to whomever they want.

Owens had multiple arrests on his record. Why was he on the streets? Is it any stretch of the imagination that a career criminal will only commit more crimes when released from incarceration? Now two innocent people are dead and more will probably die because this worthless monster was allowed to breathe air outside of prison walls.

AWD has warned for years of the danger of being in close proximity to large numbers of black people. Experience and crime data show us that blacks have a propensity toward violence and most have a severe hatred of whites. For those merely trying to attend a concert at SXSW, being in close proximity to a wannabe rapper was sufficient to cost them their lives.

AWD has attended SXSW in the past. I have friends who attended this year. This could have been one of us mowed down by that piece of excrement. The lives of the friends and families of the victims are forever changed for the worse because of the heinous actions of a sub-human monster. And there seems to be more and more heinous actions and more sub-human monsters on the streets every day.

Society must be protected from violence and crime. The federal government has an anti-white agenda that will not even prosecute hate-crime cases if the perpetrators are black. We cannot count on the government nor the police to protect us. That responsibility falls on us.

How long will decent, law-abiding taxpayers suffer at the hands of thugs on the street and tyrants in high places before we take control and restore law and order?

Here’s the video from Austin:

Dallas News |



  1. inagadadavida

    We need car control now! This was an “assault ride!” A “car of mass destruction.” No one needs more than one gallon in their magazine- er, gas tank! These cars belong on battlefields, not on American streets! It had a fully-automatic transmission!

    Dozens of victims, and the two the “news” chose to spotlight were boons? This wasn’t a hip-hop show, how hard did they have to look to find little DeAndre and miss Critisha or whatever?

    Yeah, this was murder.

  2. spurwing Plover

    ifa white man drove his car through a crowd of blacks the media would have aregular feeding frenzie like they do after a mass shooting it would make major headlines in all the major birdcage linners/parrots toilets and the talking heads would be on it for days and leftists rags like TIME and PEOPLE would put it on their front cover

  3. Imagine an America devoid of all feral and dangerous Negroes…

    • ahhhh what a dream… if only that 1.6% of plantation owners would have picked their own damn cotton! The legacy costs of slavery have far outweighed the little bit of agricultural production in the south over 150 years ago…. imagine if they were all still in Africa….. like obsolete farm equipment they cost far more to maintain than they could ever contribute. Its like still making payments on a tractor that you never used and it has been sitting in the junk yard years before you were even born. ( legacy costs )
      Im so tired of it all…

  4. If only whites would behave as tribally as blacks for once…. for every one of US that THEY assault or kill we should reciprocate ten fold, but alas, we are a people governed by the rule of law ( well, most of us are unlike them ) and the majority of us WORK to support our families so we don’t have time for protests or revenge…. but, when the economy finally collapses ( and it will ) beware of the angry Saxon you brutish pavement apes because we will have nothing to lose anymore.

    These feral sub humans view our restraint as a weakness but someday the simmering rage that is building in our community will be loosed upon them and THEN… then, the mythological tales they love to opine about such as the white boogie man and white oppression will finally come true….

    We need to make them fear us again… resurrect Jim Crowe. Its the only thing these mindless brutes understand. The experiment is over… you cant civilize them. They are not meant to live as Europeans. Lincoln was right… we were never meant to live together. They will always view us as soft targets because we don’t respond violently as they do. When we finally fight fire with fire this shit may stop happening..

    Hell exterminating them in a race war wouldn’t be hard.. they can barely contain the animus that they feel for their own….

  5. He had a son, a desire to be famous..and now he is infamous. Will he get death penalty if found guilty?
    What was he doing in Alaska?
    AWD, can you get judges names, the ones that let him be on the streets?

    from SBPDL:
    Anonymous Baron Munchausen said…

    *Live From SXSW*

    Something to add to the list of things black people don’t like:

    Moving around. Being actual Participants in festivals

    After the rooftop Soundgarden show I was able to attend (only 500 of us were able to) , I was on my way down 6th street to another venue to catch a band that I have never seen. The charm of SXSW. Being able see bands from all over world…

    . It was like being in Africa.

    90% of the people on the street were black. All of them standing around. Cliqued up. Listless. Loud. Walking slowly. Making it impossible to move at all. NONE of them there to actually see a show.

    How is it possible for collectively that many negroes to show up here?

    The cops had erected a military police state. They were on every corner. There were 10 in a ring, standing back to back for a 360 view, in multiple places. There was heavy vehicles being readied. There was staging areas for the horses, getting ready to push people out of downtown.

    This doesn’t happen at the Austin Rodeo.

    Or the Pecan Street Festival, or the bat festival, or the Sound & Cinema, or hell, even the gay pride parade.

    It only happens one other time…

    During the Texas Relays.

    Another weekend when blacks invade Austin.

    Odd. Isnt it.

  6. Baron Munchausen said…

    at this moment I sit in the Monster Tent at Butler Park. I have a platinum badge that allows me full access to all things Sxsw. Its truly amazing the logistics behind pulling off such an event. its truly amazing to see all the technologies on the horizon, all made by white people. At the interactive trade show that is all you see. Same thing with the gaming expo. But I see the ruination in the distance. The negroes heavily invade downtown Austin for the music part of the festival. Every year it gets worse. They never have badges, they’re loud, abrasive, walk side by side slowly along the side walk, hanging out on the corners, swarming in and around the convention center, everyone of them an inspiring rapper it seems, that is unless they are busy running people over. Every year gets worse. *sigh. If y’all ever get the chance, Yale should check it out before it gets too bad. I say its got a year or two. SXSW seems to break their collective necks putting on all these hip hop shows for people who don’t buy badges. or wristbands. or anything. Every year they seems to be more hip hop shows, and now we get to see the horror of too many black people a la vehicular murder, muggings, fighting, etc. etc. I’ve never seen so many blacks in Austin. its a sickening feeling. thank god when the festival is over they will go away.

    Baron Munchausen

  7. Snake Oiler

    On the off chance that you haven’t seen it, J. G. is on fire…..

  8. iron_mike_houston

    His bond is $3M and that shouldn’t be hard for a rapper to come up with that kind of dough. I’m sure that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can help out if he can’t liquidate enough assets to get to $3M.

  9. REV Wright

    “No problem here. Move on.”

    AG Eric “My Peeps” Holder

  10. Just another “upstanding” Texas negro.
    Now, on my dime, we TEXANS will pay to feed this piece of black shit and keep him alive for over 10 years, before he is EXECUTED in Huntsville.
    What a waste!
    We need new laws now for quick executions that KILL the convicted perpetrator the same way this convicted convict killed his or her victims.
    An eye for an eye JUSTICE, Texas style.

    • REV Wright

      Alternative: Send the black Obama felon to live with Nancy Pelosi.

      She could use a little black Obama rapper love.

  11. This carnage is really only begining.
    Remember the lesson of Fort Hood: make sure you finish the job when you put the perp down.CNS

  12. Snake Oiler

    Of all the millions of ways to be an asshole, the status quo regards “racism” as the most alarming. Put on your X-ray specs and you’ll see the contagion everywhere. According to a recent study, 10,000 “racist and ethnic slur terms” are hurled on Twitter daily. Imagine all the tender sensibilities withering in the heat of those Tweets.

    As it turns out, the most commonly used term is “white boy,” which comprises a full 48.9%, followed by “paki” at 11.7% and “whitey” at 7.9%. “Coon” and “nigga” came in at a paltry 3.2% each. So much for affirmative action.

  13. Have been reading about this across all the political news forums, and the most common thing I have read is that its all the cops fault. That if they had not tried to arrest him that he would have likely not ran everyone over.
    There is a certain manner of that, I do understand, but I find it amazing that so many people would rather blame the police then the criminal.

    • jose emanuel

      You’re right Jonathan,at the end it will be all whitey’s fault!Bring back death penalty kill all the thug’s and the rest can live in Connecticut along with the lib’s.I can picture them now sitting around holding hands and singing cume by yaa.”PARASITES” is all they are!

    • Nostradumbass

      Of course it’s the police fault. You have two black victims swarmed by ambulance chasing lawyers. You won’t get anything from the vehicle insurance, it was a stolen vehicle, the next pocket to pick is always the public’s, in this case the Austin Police department. Black Logic 101: The person with the money is always at fault.

      as a side note: I would wager the two black victims are “slip and falls”. In 2006, three hurricanes came through central Florida. Several astute blacks in Miami (4 hours south of the hurricanes) immediately hit up FEMA for hurricane damage, move out exp.. etc.

  14. spurwing Plover

    Lock him up in solitary throw away the key no visitors allowed no parole,no plea bargins and no movie offers from Spike Lee

  15. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: NY [Thugroid] Underestimates Arizona Trucker


    • HAHAHAHA!!!!! Video of the month! A wannabe thug got his punk ass handed to him! Didn’t have much to say after that beat down did he?

      You may not mess with Texas, but you definitely don’t fcuk with arizona!

      BTW, anyone notice in the background, the white guys saying “he’s done, get off him”? If it had been a bunch of ferals around, they would have been saying “kill his white ass”. And there would have been more than one feral delivering blows.

  16. Hopefully the Texas justice system will put him down like the worthless mad dog he is

  17. He’s just another one of Obama’s foot soldiers. I read a great piece by Jim Goad about how black youths suddenly feel empowered to brazenly attack Whites. According to the mainstream media, there is nothing to see here folks, so move right along…

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