What Now In The Middle East?


By American Infidel #1

What should be the correct course of action right now in the Middle East? There are many strategies and opinions to be debated. I believe overt action should be taken. If you disagree, tell me to pound sand. But please offer another strategy instead of merely criticizing mine.

What our government needs to do in regard to Middle East strategy is to take bold steps, grow balls and stand up to China and Russia. Initiate a creation of a “New Iraq.” This is my first response to this growing conflict. In response to the “under the radar” operations that we have allowed China and Russia, they are already involved in the Syrian conflict. Since 2003, we have created an “ally” in the Middle East. Iraq. Although a questionable ally, I trust them more than I do Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Trust me.

We should offer Iraq primary trade, military, medical, educational support if their militants and fighters push into Syria. Syria’s army is split in loyalty. We have fought against and trained Iraqi soldiers and government officials, We operate large military and private security bases next to and within Afghanistan. I trust Iraqis more than the Afghanis. Since 2003, I personally developed close relations with some of the Iraqi people that supported our invasion. They loved democracy and I witnessed many fight for it. They were on our side.

The deal the Iraqis MUST accept is the recognition of Israel’s right to exist. They are closer to this acceptance than any other country in the Middle East. The enemy of the enemy is my friend. Trade, oil, and a boom to our economy, theirs, and Israel’s; a New Union. Turkey will get on board.

Our government should announce an immediate push of remaining “stimulus” money to Iraq, opening official lines from Iraq to the heart of Syria for their fighters to surrender to and join the fight with Iraqi militants and their supporters. It may sound crazy, but even if Iraq does not accept the deal we could provide incentive for Syria’s army to regroup to and take them down finally with a base of operations in Iraq. Russia and China will blink.

You may disagree with this strategy but please tell me something that will be more effective.


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