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What Now In The Middle East?


By American Infidel #1

What should be the correct course of action right now in the Middle East? There are many strategies and opinions to be debated. I believe overt action should be taken. If you disagree, tell me to pound sand. But please offer another strategy instead of merely criticizing mine.

What our government needs to do in regard to Middle East strategy is to take bold steps, grow balls and stand up to China and Russia. Initiate a creation of a “New Iraq.” This is my first response to this growing conflict. In response to the “under the radar” operations that we have allowed China and Russia, they are already involved in the Syrian conflict. Since 2003, we have created an “ally” in the Middle East. Iraq. Although a questionable ally, I trust them more than I do Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Trust me.

We should offer Iraq primary trade, military, medical, educational support if their militants and fighters push into Syria. Syria’s army is split in loyalty. We have fought against and trained Iraqi soldiers and government officials, We operate large military and private security bases next to and within Afghanistan. I trust Iraqis more than the Afghanis. Since 2003, I personally developed close relations with some of the Iraqi people that supported our invasion. They loved democracy and I witnessed many fight for it. They were on our side.

The deal the Iraqis MUST accept is the recognition of Israel’s right to exist. They are closer to this acceptance than any other country in the Middle East. The enemy of the enemy is my friend. Trade, oil, and a boom to our economy, theirs, and Israel’s; a New Union. Turkey will get on board.

Our government should announce an immediate push of remaining “stimulus” money to Iraq, opening official lines from Iraq to the heart of Syria for their fighters to surrender to and join the fight with Iraqi militants and their supporters. It may sound crazy, but even if Iraq does not accept the deal we could provide incentive for Syria’s army to regroup to and take them down finally with a base of operations in Iraq. Russia and China will blink.

You may disagree with this strategy but please tell me something that will be more effective.



    • American Infidel #1

      Taking bold steps is the only way to engage Russian and China. Iran will not want to mess with Iraq. They had their tails kicked by them for nearly 10 years. The key to establishing democracy IS Turkey, Israel, and Iraq. Jordan will concur and so will others. They just need positive influence. We can run operations out of Iraq. Shut down Afghanistan.

      • I just don’t think this administration will do as such…do you AI? It’s not that I disagree with you at all, you know far more about all of this than I ever will…what I see this team doing is and has been destructive so far…what do you think? Hopefully our next administration will be far different.

        Btw…I still have company, so I’m just popping in and out of here to comment now and then..I shall return. 😉

    • And this mother fu**ing bastard Barack Hussein Obongo is stripping the military, eliminating our missile defense, and taking out of the defense appropriations budget $500 billion……leaving us in this country in a defenseless position in an increasingly hostile world…….

      Obongo’s plan is working…….×3501.jpg

      • Paul Bonnichsen


        Photo pretty well sums it up. Hard to believe individuals still rally around this sorry ass POS pres.

        • Paul, it’s called “herd mentality”,….where the “pied piper” leads, they follow.

          It’s scary as hell to think that possibly as much as half of America is brain dead enough to follow that SOB.

          Real bad days are coming if America doesn’t wake the hell up!
          Sometimes I have real doubts that we ever will!

  1. I was just telling a former NASA R&D guy tonight (10 PM our time) that Israel is in the eye of the hurricane. Believe it or not, Assad is WAY better than what will come after him if he is disposed. Syria is 80% Sunni, 20% Alawite (Assad’s ethnic group). Most muslims do not consider the Aliwites to be muslims. The Aliwites were an offshoot of the Shiites (hence Assad’s support by Hizballah and Iran), with some early Christianity thrown in for good measure. The U.S. should stay out of this mess.

    As an interesting aside, if you are inclined to an End of Days scenerio, “Magog” has been identified as the Mongols (China) and Edom is identified as Russia. America is not mentioned in any of the prophesies- AND SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THIS. In fact, the Great Wall of China is known as “Al Magog” in Arabic. Additionally, the biblical Land of Israel extends north to Tyre in Lebanon, and up to Allepo (past Damascus) in Northern Syria. So what’s taking place now is occurring on the Mountains of Israel, where Gog and his armies will finally be obliterated from the face of the earth. Trust me, this is definitely NOT a place for American soldiers to be at this time.

    Hold on to your hats, as what is developing as we speak was prophesized over 3,000 years ago.

    All the Best, Olds

    • Olds, I agree with you. It’s rarely that I disagree with my brother American Infidel #1 but I don’t believe we should be involved with Muslims anywhere. Especially when it comes to foreign aid and sacrificing our sacred military lives on their worthless behalf.

      Turkey is now Muslim controlled. Iraq is now getting further in bed with their Shiite brothers in Iran. Muslims will never accept Israel. America should divest itself from the Middle East, especially now that it’s basically controlled by the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. We can drill our own energy and keep our money and wealth at home. Let the corrupt Saudi kings who funded 9/11 fend for themselves against the Islamist beast they have created.

      If the entire Middle East ceased to exist today, I would party all day tomorrow. Screw ’em. We have NO more business over there unless it is to blow Iran to the bejeezes belt to keep them from getting more nukes, taking out their fanatical government and then get our boys back home asap.


      • “It’s rarely that I agree with my brother American Infidel #1…”

        I think you meant to write “disagree”.

        BTW, I saw “Green Zone”, the other night. Guess what, no WMD’s! All of the American and Iraqi lives lost, and billions down the drain for absolutely nothing. What a sad, sad waste. Maybe we will finally learn from our past mistakes, and quit sending our boys as cannon fodder to the ends of the earth so that U.S. defense contractors and American politicians can make easy money in the form of six and seven figure off-the-book kickbacks. Just like it was in the good old days of the Vietnam War.

      • Swamp Music

        But this is all the anti-christs(You Know Who)plan. olds442 is usually on target. This is no different. Nice to hear from you olds, it’s like old times on AWD. Wish you would post more often.

        The Middle East is poised to explode. Is there any doubt left as to Obamas intentions? Not to me there isn’t.

        • Swamp:

          I really don’t think that Obama or his administration has ANY plan. He just keeps staggering from one crisis to another.

          BTW- You just might get what you wish for. Have a GREAT week from all of us in Jerusalem to all of you in America.

          Front row seats over the first base dugout might cost a little more, but then again, we don’t need talking heads to give us the play-by-play.

      • AWD, AMEN!

    • Wow Olds,I wish I had been around earlier today (actually yesterday). We could have had an interesting discussion. Your reference to Gog and Magog is interesting to say the least. Yes i do believe that the Ezekiel 38 & 39 prophecy is being set even now. I believe you may have some of the countries wrong though. Gog refers to a person not a country, from my sources it actually means “Czar”. Hmmm, Now who in the past has had czars? Magog may actually represent Russia. Please note how Russia is getting more and more cozy w/ Iran. Other countries that may be involved are Sudan, Syria, definitely Turkey, Lebanon, Lybia and possibly Jordan. The two major players will be Iran and Russia. I believe China will sit this one out but be a major player later, as in 200 million man army at Megdo.
      Once Iran and Russia are “uterly” defeated, Iraq will move to fill the power vacuum in Mid East. Keep an Eye on Iraq.
      As far as US not getting involved any further in the Mid East as far as being involved with Muslim countries I have to concur with you. Having said that, for the record, we should NEVER ABANDON ISRAEL. Gen 12;3. If we continue down the path we are on we can expect a severe “judgement”.
      Olds and any others please pick up a copy of Joel C.Rosenbergs’ “Epicenter”. It will enlighten you, even if you aren’t a “Believer”.
      Folks its time too take 2 Chronicles 7;14 seriously!

      • Dirty Al:

        When the Assyrian king, Sanherev conquered most of the inhabited world 2,500 years ago (with the exception of Judea- where G-d wrought a miracle for the Israelites and all of the tens of thousands of Assyrian troops died in an overnight plague outside the gates of Jerusalem), he exiled the native populations that he had conquered to other geographical locations. Thus, we really don’t know who is who anymore, in so far as the original nations are no longer in their original locations. With a few notable exceptions- Paras (Persia) or modern day Iran, was not conquered by Sanherev. Edom (“red” in Hebrew) has been historically linked to the Romans. Some scholars theorize that after the Fall of Rome, the remnants of the Roman legions migrated to the north and east into present day Russia. Hence, “Red Square”, and the “Red” army.

        America is a melting pot of the seventy nations, and is thus excluded from the ancient prophesies. As long as America does not get involved in the final cataclysmic war, you are safe. Ancient accounts will soon be settled, and the safest place for U.S. troops to be stationed is in America. This is definiely a case of letting “sleeping (vicious) dogs alone”.

        • Bro Olds no doubt about Presia/Iran. Edom is up to debate reference Gen. chap 25 focus on verses 25&29. Esau was nicknamed Edom which you were correct means red. Once Esau left home he in hill country of what is now Jordan. This hill country became known as Edom, side note “Petra” is also located there.
          Anyways check out the book I mentioned its only a few bucks on Amazon. Also check out;”Seeds of Turmoil” by Bryant Wright and “The Everlasting Hatred” by Lindsey.
          As far as letting sleeping dogs lay, I agree with the exception of not abandoning Israel ref Gen12;3. I will not buck that. As far as being safe during the time I’m/we’re discussing no one is gonna be safe,of course I may not be here.

  2. What now in the Middle East? Maybe this…

    “Breaking News »
    Israel: This time if attacked, we’ll go for Lebanon with all our strength

    DEBKAfile July 6, 2012, 8:46 AM (GMT+02:00)
    Brig.-Gen. Hertzl Halevi, commander of the Galilee division posted on the Lebanese border, warned Thursday that in another war with Hizballah, the IDF will go full strength into Lebanon. The potential damage to southern villages will be a lot heavier than the last time because it is there that Hizballah has planted its units. “Both sides will use heavy fire power and both need therefore to do their utmost to prevent this from happening.” But without exercising great force, he explained, the IDF cannot prevail and the enemy must take this into account. This was the fourth IDF briefing to reporters in 10 days – an unusual frequency that was not explained.”

  3. Paul Bonnichsen

    War is a money making machine for defense contractors… I for one am sick and tired of seeing our young men and women coming home in body bags or coming home disabled for the rest of their lives. Bring our military home and screw the third world nations who return to their savage ways immediately after our military is withdrawn from their borders.

  4. We need to get out of the UN, kick their asses out of America and bring all our forces back home and tell the “turd world shitholes to “piss off”!
    No more foreign aid to those scumbags either.

    The mooslims need to be told that if they try to destroy Israel, we will interfere with awesome force.

  5. David in SC

    We should be wary of war by proxy, we’ve been down that path before. Personally I think we should implement a foreign policy of complete reciprocity, in other words, both peoples enjoy the same basic freedoms, no bullsh*&, none at all. No more just us,the US, giving and giving and giving, protecting and dying again and again,hell, in most of these third world hellholes any one of us or a soldier protecting them cannot even become a full citizenn if you were to move there. Look it up, there are only a few countries that allow full citizenship rights to naturalized foreigners. I think we need to pull out and let them slit each others throats until they beg someone to stop them from themselves. I use to feel sorry for the “average iragi father that got up every day and just wanted to take care of his family”, but I now think that is a myth, especially in afganistan, the only reason we are there is for the minerals. Let Russian and China drain their resources there for the next 50 years. We need to focus on self sufficiency. War and hate are a way of life for these people, they’ve been at it for a thousand years, only arrogance would think we could “civilize” this part of the world. I have two sons in the guard and I’m not sure I want them fighting for a bunch of ragheads that hate anyone thats not a muslim.

  6. 1st Jewish is a religon and that is all it is. Therefore Israel has no right to exist. 2nd Israel is not and never has been a friend of America, they just use us. Israel is also the only country to commit an act of war against America and get away with it. It is the only act of war that never has been investigated by congress and is now locked up under national security! People of the jewish religion in America seem to believe that Israel is more important than America, who are all of the people of the jewish religion loyal to America or Israel? but have no problem taking our money and weapons. Israel has spied on us, lied to us, stolen from us, attacked us, and control our media to make sure we never know what war crimes and crimes against humanity they commit every day. They do not believe in democracy (just ask the abrabs how equal they are to this religious group who enslave and/or murder their men, women, and children every day. The people of the jewish religion believe they are better than everyone else including the American people! They control our media, financial system, and our elected government prostitutes in D.C.. Israel has been the 1st to break every treaty they have signed, FIRST, then blame the people who the land rightfully belongs to. The solution to the middle east is for America to establish ties with the Arabs and cut all money and weapons to the country of Israel, let them fight their own battles without us!! People of the jewish religion have to decide where their loyaltys lie. If they put their religion before America then they should not be allowed to be citizens of America. If jewish is a culture then so are the mormans, quakers, buddist, and many others. The Arabs are not bothering us, we along with the people of the jewish religion keep harming them by stealing everything they own and giving it to the people of the jewish religion! Israel should be banned from lobbying congress as well as all other countries!

    • American Infidel #1

      I love Freedom of Speech, you have exercised it. However I have and am more comfortable walking with my guard down in Israel than in ANY Muslim country. I’ve never been shot at by Jewish statesmen, nor have any killed my closest friends.

      • Am Infidel just watch Brother the Anti Semitism (Anti-Israel) and Anti Christian business is just gonna get worse.

      • American Infidel,
        My wifes brother spent ten years in Ethiopia doing work through the church, A combat veteran of two tours with Special Forces in Nam he was not much afraid to go anywhere in the world, he told me that he always made it a point to leave the middle east through Israel even if it cost more and caused a time delay, He too felt very comfortable and safe in Israel.

        • American Infidel #1

          With what we have done with the middle east since the 70’s has not worked. We need to build on the changes that we have influenced and taken hold. Something new. However, this administration has no clue as to what leadership is.

    • TiminKuwait

      Are you serious? Have you ever been to Israel? Have you been to any Muslim/Arab country? I’m thinking not!!

    • Nice try, Ahmed.

      All Arab’s eyes are dark brown because they are all FOS. Just like you.

    • David in SC

      If God is on their side, what could we possibly do any more than he could? The Jewish people have exploited the Christians for far too long. Let them stand on their own, Gods will be done, and let us get our country in order. To hell with anyone else.

      • Somebody needs to read thier Bible Gen12;3. Somebody may also be ate up with Replacement theology. TRUE CHRISTIANS support Israel out of thier own free will. Besides our SAVIOR was…now wait for it…A JEW! PRAISE G-D!

        • Dirty Al
          What ever harm we do to the Jews we do to God, What ever kindness we do to the Jews we do to God, This country will cut its own throat the day we turn our back on Israel and God will have no mercy on us as a nation.

          • Yes Steve your absolutely RIGHT,AND THANKS for your comment,and please”Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”. I really loath hearing anti-semitic trash. I’m afraid though that I may be Matt 7;6;).

  7. True Blue

    I would humbly suggest that our foreign policy should be isolationism. Protect our own borders for once and let the rest of the world go to hell in it’s own way; but touch one hair on the head of one Citizen and we will literally unleash a hellstorm of fire and death upon you, your family, your friends and their families. Kill one American Citizen and we will kill a thousand of yours -while giving the finger to anyone who whines and cries about precious ‘human rights’. Take an airplane hostage? We will blow it up ourselves, Then kill a thousand of yours for every one of ours aboard it. (The only exception being when a Citizen chooses to enter a war zone of their own volition, like Hemingway going off to fight in the Spanish Civil War -they’re on their own.)
    Our government has no business doing anything else, no business in Civil Wars, no business in revolutions, no business choosing which manic theocracy is ‘okay’ and which isn’t. No business being ‘world police’ -particularly when we decide it’s okay for X to have WMD’s but not for their neighbor Y to do so. No more ‘Aid’ in any form -we cannot buy friends, and we can no longer afford to feed our enemies.
    Freedom is a risk, but either we believe in it -really believe in it- or we do not. North Korea or whoever wants nukes? Fine. North Korea actually decides to try nuking us? Re-read my foreign policy statement and imagine everything above the 38th parallel covered in a clicking hot meter thick layer of glow-in-the-dark glass for the next thousand years. Same as if someone came into my house and aimed a gun at my wife -they’ll be leaving in a sponge- but I would never want to live in a world where my neighbor has to be disarmed to make me feel safe, and would refuse to help storm his house with the intent to deprive him of the same rights I want to keep. The atomic geenie is already out of the bottle and has been since one day in Almogordo New Mexico 1945, and it is the same risk we already face.
    How secure are former soviet nuclear facilities? How incorruptable are the men watching them? How about these nuclear weapon ‘disarmarments’ we hear of? How secure are those facilities? And disposal sites?
    I remember a news report about Fernald Feed Materials in Ohio (a weapons manufacturing site that is now an EPA project) that stated that refined radioactive material was turning up at RR crossings where dumptrucks of waste bumped over the tracks. If we are that negligent with our own top secret, weapons grade material; how careful are the Russkis? How many bushels full have already been sold onto the world market?
    Hell, remember the movie ‘The Manhattan Project’ about a high school geek building an A-bomb? Did you know it really almost happened, except the kid did it using things found in every hardware store, including the radionucleides? Turned his mom’s backyard shed into a multi-billion dollar Superfund cleanup site too.
    No more nation building -except our own, no more proxy wars, no more ‘favored nation trade status’ no more NAFTA’s, no more EPA unless you ban trade with countries that don’t follow the same job-killing rules. Bring the boys back home and protect our own damned borders for once.
    America First, Only and Always.

    In Jefferson’s words, “Trade with all; Treaty with none.”
    Sorry it is such a long post.

  8. TiminKuwait

    My viewpoint.

    We started screwing things up here in the 70s. But to more recent times, the biggest screw up was in 1991. We were on the wrong side of the 1st Gulf War. We should have embraced Iraq and let them dominate the region, for half stake in the oil.

    BUT, since we didn’t do that, we should not have invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam. Not a real popular thing to say where I am, but that is how I see it. Everywhere the dictator has been toppled, a worse Islamist regime has risen up.

    Going forward we should NOT get involved in any more revolutions/nation building. We screw it up every time. BHO has consistently sided with the Islamists and that will definitly come back to haunt us. We should move all our ground troops out of this region with the understanding that if ANYONE messes with us, our allies or friends, we will kick the ever-living shit out of them and NOT rebuild their infrastructure. We should move our Naval forces right into the middle of the Straights of Hormuz and charge a fee for each vessel that wants to pass. A fee equivalent to half a barrel of oil for every barrel of oil they have on board.

    Time to get paid back for all the dollars we’ve spent building, rebuilding, and securing this area of the world!!

    After they run out of oil, f*** ’em!! They can eat sand!!

    Can you tell I really, really don’t like these people???!!LOL

    BTW, I’m not currently in the military. Spent 10 years in the Navy but am now a contractor building and commissioning power plants.

  9. Sun July 8, 2012

    The region in danger DEBKAfile Special Report July 8, 2012, 12:26 PM GMT+02:00) Hillary Clinton warns of catastrophe to region
    “There is still a chance to save the Syrian state from a catastrophic assault that would be very dangerous not only to Syria, but to the region,” said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tokyo, Sunday, July 8. “… the opposition is getting more effective… and going on the offensive against the Syrian military.” debkafile: In desperation, the Assad regime may open up its WMD arsenals against the rebel advance and spread the flames to other parts of the region, including Israel. Hence Clinton’s references to catastrophe in the region.

  10. PS We’re not that far from Syria and it’s WMD arsenal. It would be their LAST MISTAKE to attack Israel. At any rate, I just got off the phone with Civil Defense and ordered gas masks for the whole family.

    Just another typical Sunday afternoon.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    The biggist shames in Peace prize winners, JIMMY CARTER,AL GORE,YASSIR ARAFAT,BARACK OBAMA

  12. I don’t know about overt action but I have an idea that would not only destroy iran but make them look like the bad guys.

    Step one, take a small tactical nuke & smuggle it into their country.

    Step two, get it close to their reactors.

    Step three detonate said nuke in a way that obliterates their reactors & makes it look like they didn’t know WTF they were doing & blew themselves up.

    After this Iran looks like imbeciles & the rest of the middle east becomes scared to f#ck around with nukes.

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