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Last night was the final breath of a campaign that should have never begun. El Jeb Bush, champion to illegal aliens said “adios” to wasting more of our time and tens of millions of his Establishment donors. Somewhere over the years of capitulation and collapse of traditional Republican principles, the Establishment missed the 800 pound Michael Moore in the room that tells them the Republican base is pissed!

El Jeb made it clear from the beginning he didn’t need or want conservative votes. He spoke lovingly about illegal aliens and their love of their families being the reason they break our immigration and labor laws. Sure, if you live in Mexico (if anyone still does), why not come to Los Estados Unidos? You can work for cash and receive welfare, food stamps, education, medication, etc. Jeb and the Establishment have created a swell deal for illegal aliens. All at the expense of the over-burdened American worker who is more than fed up with the whole thing.

Hell, AWD would like to live down in Highland Park where W currently resides in Dallas. I can’t afford it but why not just be an illegal Highland Park alien and sneak past the Secret Service and live in W’s house? I mean, I love my family and all. Maybe El Jeb can put in a good word for me. AWD even hablars him some espanol.

Note: as AWD types this in a North Dallas eating establishment, three Chinese teens are yammering away loudly in Chinese at the next table. America is no longer America. A quick drive down any major thoroughfare in any large city will see more foreigners than American born citizens. Or look at the students in our school systems. Enough with the foreign invasion!!!!

Conservative voters got a gut full of the Bush family after 8 years of W and four of “No New Taxes” George the First. W’s massive buildup of government and debt was what we expect from a Democrat. But I repeat myself. His big-government moderate nightmare leadership made it possible for a socialist, anti-American con man from Chicago to be elected. Twice. And the results are predictable. At least to conservatives.

Did the Establishment really believe conservative primary voters would embrace a third Bush? One who disparaged conservatives and hung his hat on his love and support of illegal aliens? Did you know El Jeb speaks Spanish? lol. The Establishment should ask Karl Rove for a refund!

I suppose the Establishment believed with enough hundreds of millions from the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street they could get enough SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters) to support El Jeb. SRV’s are the kindly people who believe Republicans are good and Democrats are bad. They post memes on their Facebook pages of W with him saying “Miss Me Yet?” They mean well but they are ignorant to the wiles and danger of the Republican Party. SRV’s are dangerous. They are those who vote for Mitt Romney and John McCain in the primaries.

Luckily, Donald Trump did a great job attacking El Jeb as an Establishment tool and killing his campaign. Trump’s up close knife-fighting verbal skills confused El Jeb. El Jeb is used to polite political discourse as he sells Republican voters out.

Here’s a little free advice for El Jeb from AWD:

If you’re hanging Medal of Freedom awards around Hillary Clinton’s neck, you’re doing it wrong, junior.

More than anything else, the Republican Establishment should learn that their days are numbered. They no longer have a hold on conservative voters. We no longer care about the Republican Party and its future. We concern ourselves with supporting individual candidates. Should they get cute and broker their convention, Trump will run third party. And he will take his supporters with him. They will never come back to the Republican Party. Others will follow.

In business, one can never go wrong giving customers what they want. If a business sells one thing but delivers something completely different (and worse), that business will soon find itself in deep Dukakis. There’s no difference with political parties. You can only deliver a load of crap for so long after promising roses to your customers. After a while, the customers go somewhere else. Like Trump Tower.

Lastly, the one thing the Establishment should learn from El Jeb’s ass-whooping is this:

Conservative voters are pissed and we ain’t stopping with El Jeb. Get conservative in action real fast or go the way of El Jeb. Word to the wise.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    All those for open borders are traitors and no reason what so ever to continue to live in america open borders leads to invasions from rabid hairy space apes

  2. I guess El Jebbies whole fambly of decidifiers and strategurizers couldn’t save his feckless ass.


  3. My sister makes $1500 a day working from home…Hasta la vista Señor El Jeb!…peace be upon you and your whole fam damily. Waylon said it best and I still repeat…”we need a change!”

  4. QuartierLeBlanc

    I was very worried that the Jebe strategy was to be the last man standing in a brokered convention. Thankfully that looks like it’s in the past.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    Moses and that burning bush

  6. Hasta la vista, El Jebbie!

    You never had a chance from the get-go. As soon as you brought your brother on the campaign trail, it sealed your demise. Real Americans are now going to be taking over to restore our country. Sell-out politicians and their crony corporations have destroyed the middle class. We are on the brink of Communism thanks to traitors in our government who don’t give a stiff about the rest of us. That’s all going to change in less than a year. Americans have spoken, and you can’t shove your greed-driven agendas down our throats any longer. We will not be puppets. We want the American Dream back for AMERICANS, not everybody else who isn’t a citizen. Let’s make America great again.

    Order up a plate of burritos, and you and your wife can console each other over a beer.

  7. Turner Ashby

    AWD, you accurately predicted today’s political chaos 5+ years ago. 99% of of today’s “media”, and political environment, have been blind to the anger of the American born citizens.. I think many SRV’s have woken up … Yes, AWD & Donald, we want a political establishment toilet flush – much needed! I want an AWD radio show! Yes, driving around Northern VA (DC) is creepy & depressing! It’s 65% 3rd world.. In regards to the 3rd world immigration flood; the volume and costs, both financially and culturally, are destroying my country!

  8. Someone should ask jeb who killed Cia drug pilot barry seal in 1986. Texas historian Robert Morrow says poppy bush and jeb had it done

    • I somehow have a hard time imagining Jeb actually committing a killing. He’s just too much of a wussypants – or at least, he sure has the wussy act down pat in the image he projects while in the
      public eye. I have read some conspiracy stuff about Poppy Bush, though – based on his CIA connections and shadowy associations with some of the fringe elements of the CIA. Supposedly, Poppy had a nickname of ‘Ice Pick’ because he used to like to kill people using an ice pick as a weapon.

      Still seems a little far fetched to me, though. I view these Bush scumbags as the type who would hire a professional hit man to do their dirty work for them, so as to keep their own hands clean.

      You know, like how Poppy made up a big story about the guy Manuel Noreiga – who was his drug smuggling business partner – being an ‘evil drug trafficker’ and then, ordered the US Marines to invade Panama and capture Noreiga and put him on ice so as to prevent him from ever spilling the beans on his partnership with the Bush Family.

      • Don’t forget about the airport in Mena, ARK. and who was the governor at the time.
        100% agree with the Noriega thing too. Noriega started to make too many demands and daddy Boosh put him away. I guess that he didn’t have enough time to stage a coup.

      • I watched Manny spill the beans on Bush during a 60 Minutes interview back in 1988 and knew his goose was cooked.

  9. Buh-Bye Yeb…and take the anchor baby with you.
    I will NOT vote for an establishment candidate. Although I respect what Trump’s scorched earth policy has done to the GOPe, I don’t like his use of emminent domain and bankrupcy. I also don’t like his stands on planned parenthood, Obamacare, or the Confederate flag either. I especially don’t like the fact the he’s from NYC. AND lay-off Ted Cruz, he may just be our best chance. Yeah, he’s got baggage too, but he has balls.
    At one time I said that I’d vote for Hitlery before I’d vote for Yeb, just so we could put an end to this farce and get started rebuilding. I don’t know if I’ve walked that back yet. Aside from there being no Yeb to vote against, there may not be a Hitlery once all the smoke clears. I do know that I’ll be feeling the Bern at the primary, but I’m undecided whether to “Bern it down” or hunker down come November.
    I hope that Cruz can weather the sh!t storm that’s headed his way courtesy of both Donald and the GOPe, but I’m not sure that our nation is fixable anymore.
    It looks like half-time might be over.

  10. The establishment RINO’s are completely tone deaf.It’s over for them as far as getting conservatives on board.The problem now is what about Trump ? If nominated should we get behind him ? If not nominated will he run 3rd party and give the election to the dems ? I would like to see Bernie run as 3rd party if HRC is nominated,that would be fun.It is a problem…any suggestions as to a solution ?

  11. off topic post…………

    Obongo is at it again…..dissing the white people of this country…….the truth of the matter is he is actually doing far more than just dissing us……he plotting against us right from the oval office……..

    just as Hitler had his dupes to do his dirty work Obongo has his dupes doing his dirty work….burning down cities…..attacking white people……

    Hitler’s dupes were his “brown shirts”…..and now Obongo has taking a lesson from the past and has his very own street thugs, his very own “brown shirts”……”Black Lives Matter”…..these are Obongo’s dupes that do his dirty work…….Obongo sat in the oval office and praised the work of his brown shirts….er…I mean Black Lives Matter……..Obongo’s thugs…..his street thugs that are ready at his beckon call…..what ever needs to be done like burning Baltimore to the ground…..who ever needs to be roughed up…..Obongo’s street thugs will get it done for him……..where ever Obongo needs trouble and street riots his brown shirts are the one’s he calls on to get it done for him…….

    • Turner Ashby

      Ferguson protesters demand paychecks for gig they were hired to perform..

      “Hired protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have started a #CutTheCheck hashtag and held a sit-in at the offices for the successor group to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in Missouri after the group allegedly stopped paying them. … MORE is the re-branded Missouri branch of ACORN, which filed for bankruptcy in late 2010, FrontPage reported. MORE and other groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have received millions of dollars from billionaire financier George Soros.”

  12. with the demise of Jib Booosh being relegated to the trash heap of spent “not a freak’n chance in hell of winning” republitard candidates we now have to get rid of Marco “amnesty” Rubio………

    Rubio has to go……we have to get rid of this lying-ass piece-of-chit……..we need a primary fight between Trump and Cruz……we need Trump and Cruz to go head to head for the right to represent us in the “general”………

    Rubio is the spoiler……his presence in the race could easily play into the hands of Karl Rove and the establishment cronies planning a take over of the republitard convention and steal the nomination for their “K” street donors……..

    this piece-of-crap has to get the hell out of the race now……Rubio is a turncoat……
    a snake in the grass……….make no mistake about it…Rubio will conspire with Rove and the rest of his crony capitalists to steal this election away from us and give us more of the same “bullshit”…..more monstrous big government…..and more illegals up the ass…..

  13. H. Ross Perot gave us eight years of Bill and Hillary Clinton; Trump could give us four years of Hillary and Bill Clinton. I like most of the things Trump says, but I doubt his commitment to anything except himself. The last time this country elected somebody who was going to fight the political status quo, we got Jimmy Carter. He couldn’t accomplish anything with a Democrat congress. The best thing he ever did was lose to Ronald Reagan. Jeb Bush must have been smoking crack when he persuaded himself that what this country really wanted was another RINO Bush in the White House. He should have listened to his Momma, not his Mommasita.

  14. Rubio is conspiring with donors in NY to steal the republitard nomination at the convention……. Rubio knows he can not win the nomination out-right by winning the nomination through the primary process……Rubio knows his chances of winning are slim and none and it’s closer to none than slim………

    Rubio is a lying-ass piece-of-shit that can not win by convincing the electorate to back him so he is going around us…..Rubio has decided his only chance of winning is to go through the back door behind our backs and conspire with elites to grab the nomination from under the nose of the rightful winner at the convention……

    a vote for Rubio is a vote to allow the flood of the illegal Mexican barbarian horde to continue unabated…….Rubio knows that this barbarian horde will become his personal constituent army and voting block…….just like Obongo has his voting block “the blacks” Rubio is trying to make the horde of illegals his personal voting block……

    it’s my opinion Rubio needs to be deported back to Cuba and gotten rid of……….

    it’s time to strip Rubio of U.S. citizenship……and send him back where he can be hero to the spics in South America…….

  15. McConnell planning to run attack ads agains Donald Trump in the fall if he secures the nomination………McConnell has not ruled out running ads against Trump because he believes Hidabeast will beat Trump in the general……and he is encouraging senators up for re-election to run attack ads if they feel it can he;p their campaigns………

    McConnell…..a traitor to the last… absolute Benedict Arnold……….I’ve been saying it all along…..the republitard establishment will sabotage the election this fall in favor of a Hildabeast Cankles presidency in order to keep Donald Trump out of the oval office and turning off the gravy train ……………

    • Bluto… u still alive and kick’n. There is still a chance (LMAO) you could collect that fine bottle of wine. Promised AWD I wouldn’t use the ”KILL” word anymore, but u catch my drift.

      Hope all is well.

      • still around Paul B…..still around and “killing it softly” as the song goes…..Dione Warwick I believe……..

        good to hear from ya…’s been a while………

  16. Good post AWD… I personally say piss on 90% of the republican party. After some forty years of being loyal to this party, I’ve had enough.

    My choice is Cruz, but if Trump secures the nomination, I will sprint to the polls to vote for him.

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