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What’s in your wallet, you racissss muvaf****ers?

AWD has a dangerous job. Most outside of war have never experienced the blood and gore in the plumbing fixture sales industry. I won’t publicly admit the savagery I have committed to gain another 2 feet of shelf space in Walmart lest I end up in Guantanamo for crimes against humanity. Let’s just say that Kohler never quite figured out why their sales guy just vanished in ’07 before the big trade show in Peoria!

AWD’s labors and willingness to do what few are willing to achieve quota have allowed me to have several credit cards in my wallet. Along with business cards of several lawyers. AWD is like millions of other guys who slug it out in the trenches every day to live a nice life, provide for our families, pay for kids college, pay taxes, own a home, etc. We are the responsible. We are the engine of this great country. And we are the hated!

One guy who hates us is actor Samuel L Jackson. Never has anyone profited on the words “muvaf***er” more than Samuel L Jackson! But Jackson repeats the vulgarity with such eloquence! Yes, he repeats it about 300 times per movie.

AWD has never considered pretending in movies to be a job for a man. Otherwise, I’d be a movie star. And I certainly hold nearly all actors in low esteem. Actors are really less talented than rappers. Rappers can be in movies. Actors cannot rap. I rest my case.

Back to Samuel L Jackson.

Jackson promised America he would leave the country if Donald Trump was elected. Never trust a muvaf***er! Not only has he not left, he has traveled the world bashing America and its culture of white supremacy.

According to Blurbrain:

The Hollywood Reporter says Jackson gave a press conference at the Dubai International Film Festival recently. He was still complaining about last year’s “Oscars So White” non-controversy and even threw out that white people dismiss black entertainment as “black shit.”

Someone from the crowd asked Jackson what he thought about President-elect Donald Trump to which he replied, “my agent won’t let me answer that question.”

But then he indirectly addressed Trump with this:

“I am a product of the segregated south. I was a part of apartheid. There were things I couldn’t do. They inform who I am but not how I act. I understand something about my country that others don’t understand. Like what just happened during that [presidential] election, I get it in another kind of way. I’m not confused or shocked by it. I get it, I lived in it during another time. I understand who those people are who want to make America great again,” said Jackson.

So we Trump voters are nothing but racisssss muvaf***ers who want to, according to Joe Biden, “put y’all back in chains!” What about the black Trump voters? Oh yeah, Uncle Toms. Forgot.

And who can forget the ghetto thespian (look it up, liberals) and his ginning up hatred of law enforcement when he said the police had “open season on young brothers.”

Jackson admitted he is a racissssss movaf***er when he told Ebony Magazine he admitted he “voted for Barack because he is black.” But, of course.

Jackson even admitted he hoped the San Bernardino terrorist who murdered his co-workers at a Christmas party was a white man. But, facts and experience are sorry muvaf***ers when you’re hating on da crackas! You see, Samuel L, terrorists are Muslims. It’s what they do. Crackas work and own credit cards.

So what are the geniuses at Capital One thinking by putting one of the most anti-white actors in America in commercials to sell white people credit cards? What? Weren’t known cracka-haters Spike Lee and Charles Barkley available? Oops!


Every week AWD receives a credit card offer from Capital One. Every week I laugh as I rip it in half and trash it. Usually, the ceremony is accompanied with a “F you, mova-f***ers!”

I’m not an ad guy. I have a real job. But even so, I wouldn’t put the Chief Terrorist of ISIS on a commercial for Delta Airlines.

AWD can’t imagine I’m the only cracka who is puzzled when I see Samuel L Jackson, who hates white people, trying to sell credit cards to the majority of the population who own credit cards. White people.

So you really want to know what’s in my wallet? F*** YOU is in my wallet.




  1. Quartierleblanc

    I actually have a Capitol One card. It’s in my “old” wallet the one I replaced with the new one one with the “chip.” It’s just one more that I don’t need and haven’t used. I feel the need for some cutting. The missus cut up her Macy’s card with a letter when they started their anti-trump BS.

  2. Capitol one could not give me a credit card with a 1000 dollars free added to it. I respect my race too much to be bought. Screw Samuel Jackson. I do not watch his commercials nor do I watch his movies. I don’t care that he grew up in a segregated South. The only answer to the race question is semi-segregation. We have lived “together” (forced to mingle by the US government) for years and what has it brought? More crime and more racism from the feds and the blacks. Negroes have a chip on their shoulders because they are black and no amount of integration will ever cure that. Separate them from us and let us see who succeeds. We (white people) will…of course.

  3. Disgusted Caucasian

    Until now, I wasn’t aware that there was a Black version of James Carville

  4. jackson is an actor Really ! sence when.

  5. Rebelpatriot

    Plain and simply put. I can’t stand that “SOB” Samuel L Jackass!! Take you and your family to Africa and don’t come back.

  6. Sambo swore that he would move his black ass to South Africa if Trump won, I say if he doesn’t fulfill his promise, we should move his black ass to SA for him.

  7. I put a great big “FUCK YOU” on the application and send it right back to them!! They have to pay the postage! I had a brokerage account with ING Direct that turned into Capitol One, As soon as Jackson started doing their adds I closed the account and went else where!

    Fuck Samuel L. Jackson!!

  8. Remember the credit card commercial with all the monkeys in it,,,,,

    Don’t own one, save and pay as you go,,, otherwise you are a slave to the bankers.

  9. I never used the term NIGG** in my 60 years prior to 2008. But, when these prominent, overt racist blacks began their organized program to stir up hate between the races, I needed a term sufficiently
    harsh to describe them.
    Sam L Jackass is in the league of Obuthole, Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackass, et al., etc,etc,etc.
    It’s a good fit for these vermin.
    A bonus to the terms use is it is about as politically incorrect as it gets.

  10. Jacksons next movie will be a cowboy movie with an all black cast called RIDE MOTHERFU***R RIDE.


    Wallet hai-elle! What’s on ewer sammich-board? Honky!

  12. They’re capitalist Hollywood millionaire dopes who constantly berate capitalism while at the same time making juuust a little more of that sweet capitalist money from Capital fucking One. Totally un self-aware assholes. Just my opinion.

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