The big Muslim Jumah shindig at the DNC was rumored by organizers it would have possibly 30,000 attendees. It brought approximately 300. Guess the other ones couldn’t get across the Rio Grande in time. The Jumah looked less like a forceful presence of Muslims in America and more like a 7-11 clerk convention. “Would you like a Sluuuurpee with your beef jeeeehrky?”

Luckily, there were no incidents of violence, no planes flown into buildings, no stonings, no beheadings, no hangings, no burning down of Christian churches, no honor killings or any other of the common gifts the world consistently receives from the Religion of Peace. Curiously, all 300 attendees were part of the Obama administration.

Jibril Hough of Charlotte, spokesman for the event’s sponsor, the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs said:

“We must make the Constitution work for all Americans. We’re not asking for anything more or anything less.”
Oh really, Mister Gerbil? What about all those demands to have separate swim time for Muslim women at public pools? Special Muslim grub for Muslims in public schools and prisons? Muslims in America whine more than homosexuals about being picked on by Christians and crackas! You are free to have a Jumah in a park in Charlotte without fearing of violence. Try saying a Christian prayer in your house in Saudi Arabia and you’ll likely end up separated from your melon! So don’t give us the “make the Constitution work for all American” bullsh*t! Especially, when the cat at 1600 Pennsylvania who happens to love Islam is doing his damndest to destroy the Constitution!

There was a smattering of Christian preachers counter-protesting the Jumah in Charlotte. According to the Charlotte Observer, Jamil Abdur-Rahman, a member of the National Muslim Council for Justice who traveled to Charlotte from Red House, Va., said:

“You never see a Muslim at a Christian gathering trying to insult people. You never see us doing anything like that.”

Oh really, Jemimah? Been watching the news from Egypt lately? Christians are being slaughtered by your fellow peaceful Muslims and their churches being burned to the ground on a daily basis. Yes, we do see Muslims doing that EVERY DAY! We see Muslims around the world insulting everything that represents Western values. We also see Muslims around the world KILLING everything that represents Western values. Quit whining, you worthless half-a-sissy!

The DNC at first championed the event but later, oddly, removed the event from the DNC Charlotte website. Racist, Islamaphobic bastids! This shows how completely screwed up Democrats are in 2012! They can’t decide who and what they want to support. They have the mongrels from Occupy bearing down on the DNC Charlotte event like Rosie O’Donnell on a Twinkie but decide to scrub their site of the Jumah event? The Dims will have a difficult time disavowing the OccuPoopers after lavishing (look it up, libtards) praise on the unwashed, unemployed Marxist bums since they infected New York last year. Not that it will ever be mentioned by the propaganda media!

What’s interesting here is the bust Jumah was organized by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs. Indigenous? Like as Indigendians? There were no @#&* Muslims in America when the Pilgrims landed! I saw the movie! I know Hussein likes to tell all the bass-ackward Muslim countries that Islam has played a large part in America since the Founding Fathers. But he tells that to Muslims. They’ll believe anything. After all, they’re Muslims. But Indians ought to go on the warpath about the Muslims encroaching in on their indigenous thing. Next thing you know, you’ll be going to the Palace of Allah Casino losing all your shekels!

AWD kind of had a feeling the Jumah would be a bust. I think the DNC will be a huge bust. Imam Hussein is having difficulty giving away tickets for people to attend his speech at evil Wall Street bank Bank ofAmerica Stadium. After his Denver speech in 2008, think how bad it will look for Obama to have empty seats! I think it’s damn likely. I bet the DNC staffers are scouring under bridges in Charlotte for bums to put in the stands for a carton of cigs.

The Jumah really just looked like a bunch of people who rolled out of bed late and went down to the 7-11 in their jammies for some milk to put on their Crunch Berries. With a good many elected Dims heading for the hills rather than Charlotte, the Dims better keep those 300 Muslims around. Obama alienated most of America by kissing the asses of Muslim countries, maybe the DNC should put them in the catbird seat at the DNC. I’m sure they’ll have room. They sure turned their back on the Jumah-go’ers yesterday!

Here’s the “leaders” of the event. No wonder it was a cluster you-know-what! That white Muslim guy Gerbil Hough…I guaran-damn-tee you that guy had a mullet at one time in his life! What a worthless turd! The other guy looks like he just got out of the hoosegow. Where he probably learned Prislam! Yep, just the kind of people the Democrats cater to these days!

Here’s the Democrat Party 2012!

I like the song but I can’t dance to it! Because dancing in Islam gets you killed!


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