I guess when the dudes and dudettes told our favorite troll Brid from Scotland (or Ireland? What’s the difference?) to crawl back under her rock, she finally listened! She can’t be found! Vanished into stupid, politically correct air! Brid the troll has been scarcer at AWD than testosterone at MSNBC!

Brid has the special gift of annoying the hell out of anyone who doesn’t breathe out of their mouth with her well-worn, predictable liberal lies and PC distortions. Some of her usual bon mots are calling us “redneck, racist, Islamaphobic, homophobic, teabagger, inbred trailer trash” and other pitiful names every leftist who has commented here regurgitates with each comment. Seems to be a pattern with leftists. I guess when one cannot utilize rational thought and reason, name calling is the only weapon.

We last heard from Brid immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing. She, of course, scoffed and called us Islamaphobes because we immediately knew it was the work of Muslim terrorists. Brid just knew it was the work of evil white creepy ass crackas. We asked her to check back once the suspects were caught. Since then, Brid has been silent as Al Sharpton at a spelling bee.

Brid also has the talent of posting under various user names. After suffering the ban hammer on numerous occasions for ridiculous comments and personal attacks, she’d come back with a different persona. She’d fool us sometimes…but not for long. After several of her pointless, argumentative, name calling comments, the ban hammer would come her way. But she never gave up. Until now. After the Boston bombing, Brid disappeared faster than a white girl in Aruba.

So where, where, the hell is Brid? Does anyone know? And does anybody really care?

Open post time. You know the drill. I know you’ll want to reminisce warmly over Brid.

Since we’re wondering where, where the hell is Brid, Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is from Camper Van Beethoven. It’s called “Where The Hell Is Bill? Wonder if Bill knows Brid? Hope not, for his sake.


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