It was revealed today White Hispanic George Zimmerman passed a lie detector test taken the day after Trayvon Martin was shot. Lie detector tests are inadmissible in court. You know how racist those lie detector machines can be! Spike Lee should tweet the address of the lie detector machine and send the New Black Panthers to straighten things out.

What’s missing in all this is the All Trayvon-All The Time coverage from the mainstream propaganda media. They really haven’t shown too much interest in the case lately. Most likely since bloggers started doing the real journalism (again) in showing Trayvon wasn’t exactly the angelic 11 year old in the cute Abercrombie & Fitch t shirt he was portrayed to be. In fact, it turns out Trayvon was pretty much a violent thug using drugs who had been caught with stolen property in his locker at school. His locker is racist, too.

Then witnesses started showing up testifying that they saw Trayvon straddling Zimmerman bashing his head into the pavement and bashing him with his fists. Racists! And those photos of Zimmerman with a broken nose and cuts to his head didn’t help the propaganda media’s story either. Zimmerman probably broke his own nose and bashed his melon into the pavement! After all, he’s a racist white Hispanic!

Once the evidence about what really happened that night in Florida came to light, the mainstream propaganda and leftist cracka-hating celebs scattered like the cockroaches they are. Apt metaphor. All the marches and threats of Black Panther raids on the jail to lynch Zimmerman just seemed to vanish like intelligence at a Pelosi family reunion. The truth didn’t fit the story the leftist propagandists wanted to tell anymore. So it simply went away.

From what AWD has seen, every piece of evidence released has corroborated Zimmerman’s story. And that is the reason you’ll never hear the word Trayvon or Zimmerman ever again. Except on the internet from bloggers seeking TRUTH!

Truth is not to be found in the mainstream propaganda media. I’m including all cable and network news (yes, you too, Fox!) and virtually every newspaper in America. They are selling (or trying to) yellow journalism. They have an agenda. That agenda is to further the leftist, socialist, anti-American message propagated by the modern-day Democrat Party and the White House any way they can. The propagandists figured they could rev up the racist, black usual suspects and anti-American idjits to create news that would distract Americans from concentrating on the cluster-f*ck presidency of Barack Hussein (I know, that’s racist) Obama. As long as they could further the invented story that a “white Hispanic” who is more black than he is white killed a poor, innocent black teen and got away with it, they had a story. No matter how much information they hid or manipulated.

AWD wrote when it was All Trayvon-All The Time that none of the new information coming to light about Trayvon’s thuggishness mattered in a court of law. And I also said that we should wait for the trial and hear all the evidence before jumping to conclusions. If Zimmerman murdered Trayvon, he should go to jail. If not, he should go free. The professional propagandists and racists didn’t want truth. They wanted vengeance for the story they manipulated. It has been nothing more than a high-tech lynching by professional liars.

Most conservatives AWD knows only want the truth about what happened that night. The racist left wants blood. They want to perpetuate the belief that racism occurs only with those on the right. But the truth is that leftists are racist in magnitudes light years beyond what is seen on the right. Conservatives want truth. Leftists want outcomes to further their agenda.

Andrew Breitbart (may peace be upon him) wanted to destroy the mainstream media because of the politically correct poison it spews to stupid people. AWD wants to kill political correctness. Political correctness is the sickness that prohibits the truth from coming to light. It forces people to believe what is, is not. And what is not, is. If one doesn’t fully agree with that ridiculous agenda, they are immediately dismissed as “racist.” And, in the PC world, a racist is the worst thing one can be.

AWD understands racism to mean one feels they are superior to others by means of race. Most conservatives, including AWD, judge people not on race, but behavior. Not to say there aren’t those on the right that hate black people just as there are blacks that hate whites. But most on the right are what AWD refers to as “trashists.” We don’t like trashy behavior regardless of race.

AWD once met a former Black Panther from Los Angeles who is now a black conservative radio voice. He told me he feels white people have come much closer to embracing Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society than black people. Of course, he is dismissed as an Uncle Tom for daring to speak against the leftist PC mantra. When AWD states the same, I’m labeled a racist. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer than I have done for four years now on this blog:

I don’t like trashy people. Black, white, brown or yellow or any combination of such. Responsible, law-abiding people of any race are welcome around my campfire. But I do reserve the right to criticize poor behavior of any race, including blacks. I refuse to let Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Matthews, the NY Times or anyone else to define what I can say, think, say or do!

Journalism has long been dead in the mainstream propaganda media. Their only audience are the monumentally stupid who feed at the trough of lies. When Juan Williams told Michelle Malkin she was “just a blogger” and not a journalist, he could have paid her no higher compliment.

Truth is coming to America. And it won’t be found on television or newspapers!

What do the current crop of leaders in the Democrat Party have in common? They’re all exceptional liars.


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