obama race baiter

You can take the white-hating racist community organizer out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the white-hating racist community organizer! Even when he resides in the most important address in the world.

Note: AWD coined the term “ghetto blacks” to refer to the violent types we are currently seeing burning/looting/killing white people in Ferguson. The term ghetto blacks does not refer to responsible, law-abiding black people.

It’s obvious to sentient beings (this excludes you, libtards) that Obama despises white people. His justice department has dropped charges against the New Black Panthers and consistently refused to pursue hate crime legislation against anyone but whites. Only one person has been charged with hate crimes for the ghetto attack practice known as “Knockout Game.” It was a white guy and the only white person known to have played Knockout Game against a black person. The hundreds of black attacks on whites? Never mind about that!

Holder and Obama jumped into he middle of the Trayvon Martin debacle with Obama saying if he “had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Had Obama grown up in a ghetto instead of sunny Hawaii with his white grandparents, he’d most surely would have ended up dead like Trayvon. Especially when one examines his irresponsible, choom smoking childhood.

Obama couldn’t find any officials to send to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher but sent three to the funeral of Ferguson thug Mike Brown. Obama can’t find time to honor our fallen war dead but has time to meet with professional racist and illiterate thug Al Sharpton at the White House about race relations. That’s like meeting with Michael Moore to train for the Olympics.

Now that the midterms are over, Obama is free to come out of the closet. No, not that one..but I wouldn’t be surprised. The closet of his hatred of white people. He has lost the vast majority of the white support (imagine that!) that elected him so he will now spend the next two years poking his finger in the eye of crackas. Why? He’s a petulant child and it’s all he really knows how to do.

But AWD! Obama doesn’t really hate white people! You’re just imagining it, you racist, redneck, inbred, trailer trash! Has any other President in history inserted himself into local crime events as Obama has done…but only when a young black thug is involved? How many dead white kids with black or Hispanic murderers has he spoken out on? Has any other President accused the police of “acting stupidly” only to find they had acted professionally and how they had been trained. Has any other President said the outrage of rioters who are looting/burning/killing over the death of a black teen thug is “understandable” when by every measure the thug did about everything possible that day to get himself killed? Who would attend the “church” of white hating Jeremiah Wright for years? Or hang out with the New Black Panthers and speak at their events? Has any other President been low enough to invite the racist fool Al Sharpton to the White House? Well, I’m sure Bubba Clintoon probably did but it was only because Sharpton was probably bringing Bubba some hot chicks. You tell me if Obama likes any white people except for the PC white liberals who made his pampered life possible!

Obama is holding a faux summit with Sharpton to discuss ways to improve police/ghetto thug relations. I guess he forgot to schedule the summit to discuss ways to keep black thugs from killing other black thugs which happens by the hundreds each weekend across AmeriKKKa.

Hey, here’s an idea on how to improve police/ghetto relations! Quit committing crimes! Get a job and contribute to society! Don’t burn down your ghettos and steal everything there. Don’t kill white people with hammers while chanting “Kill all white people!” Yeah, some of those things would probably greatly improve police/ghetto thug relations.

Actually, the anti-white hatred of Obama is a good thing. It clearly exposes at the highest level the hatred most black people in America have for white people. Including our President. Not all, but most black people hate whites. Black people might like a few white people they know as individuals but they generally despise the Caucasian race as a whole. Anyone who has grown up with blacks understands this. Even those blacks who are able to flee the ghetto have a hard time over their disdain for white people. AWD discussed this years ago in this piece:


Don’t believe the title of the post? Read the vast majority of comments from blacks! Blacks in America are almost universally black first, American somewhere down the line. Even those who are politically conservative cannot escape this mentality.

White people must begin to understand the ghetto black culture. One only need to watch what’s going on in Ferguson and other black communities over the death of the latest sainted black thug. Ghetto black culture breeds irresponsibility, hatred, violence, and dependence. What other culture in the world worships pimps and gangstas while referring to its women as bitches and ho’s? What other culture rejects education? I can only think of one that treats its women as bad as ghetto blacks and it is spreading rapidly throughout ghetto black America. Islam.

Ghetto black leaders like Farrakhan and Sharpton are egging on their mindless minions for a race war. It appears it is starting and Ferguson is Ground Zero. Be aware and be prepared.

Prediction: get used to hearing the term “white privilege” over the next decade. Black hatred of whites and blaming us for their problems is not going away.

Here’s a lovely product of the black ghetto expressing her love of diversity with crackas:

[yt id=”xcuJ5hYkC-g”]

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Uhhhh..we’re judging blacks by the content of their character. It ain’t pretty!


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