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obama race baiter

You can take the white-hating racist community organizer out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the white-hating racist community organizer! Even when he resides in the most important address in the world.

Note: AWD coined the term “ghetto blacks” to refer to the violent types we are currently seeing burning/looting/killing white people in Ferguson. The term ghetto blacks does not refer to responsible, law-abiding black people.

It’s obvious to sentient beings (this excludes you, libtards) that Obama despises white people. His justice department has dropped charges against the New Black Panthers and consistently refused to pursue hate crime legislation against anyone but whites. Only one person has been charged with hate crimes for the ghetto attack practice known as “Knockout Game.” It was a white guy and the only white person known to have played Knockout Game against a black person. The hundreds of black attacks on whites? Never mind about that!

Holder and Obama jumped into he middle of the Trayvon Martin debacle with Obama saying if he “had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” Had Obama grown up in a ghetto instead of sunny Hawaii with his white grandparents, he’d most surely would have ended up dead like Trayvon. Especially when one examines his irresponsible, choom smoking childhood.

Obama couldn’t find any officials to send to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher but sent three to the funeral of Ferguson thug Mike Brown. Obama can’t find time to honor our fallen war dead but has time to meet with professional racist and illiterate thug Al Sharpton at the White House about race relations. That’s like meeting with Michael Moore to train for the Olympics.

Now that the midterms are over, Obama is free to come out of the closet. No, not that one..but I wouldn’t be surprised. The closet of his hatred of white people. He has lost the vast majority of the white support (imagine that!) that elected him so he will now spend the next two years poking his finger in the eye of crackas. Why? He’s a petulant child and it’s all he really knows how to do.

But AWD! Obama doesn’t really hate white people! You’re just imagining it, you racist, redneck, inbred, trailer trash! Has any other President in history inserted himself into local crime events as Obama has done…but only when a young black thug is involved? How many dead white kids with black or Hispanic murderers has he spoken out on? Has any other President accused the police of “acting stupidly” only to find they had acted professionally and how they had been trained. Has any other President said the outrage of rioters who are looting/burning/killing over the death of a black teen thug is “understandable” when by every measure the thug did about everything possible that day to get himself killed? Who would attend the “church” of white hating Jeremiah Wright for years? Or hang out with the New Black Panthers and speak at their events? Has any other President been low enough to invite the racist fool Al Sharpton to the White House? Well, I’m sure Bubba Clintoon probably did but it was only because Sharpton was probably bringing Bubba some hot chicks. You tell me if Obama likes any white people except for the PC white liberals who made his pampered life possible!

Obama is holding a faux summit with Sharpton to discuss ways to improve police/ghetto thug relations. I guess he forgot to schedule the summit to discuss ways to keep black thugs from killing other black thugs which happens by the hundreds each weekend across AmeriKKKa.

Hey, here’s an idea on how to improve police/ghetto relations! Quit committing crimes! Get a job and contribute to society! Don’t burn down your ghettos and steal everything there. Don’t kill white people with hammers while chanting “Kill all white people!” Yeah, some of those things would probably greatly improve police/ghetto thug relations.

Actually, the anti-white hatred of Obama is a good thing. It clearly exposes at the highest level the hatred most black people in America have for white people. Including our President. Not all, but most black people hate whites. Black people might like a few white people they know as individuals but they generally despise the Caucasian race as a whole. Anyone who has grown up with blacks understands this. Even those blacks who are able to flee the ghetto have a hard time over their disdain for white people. AWD discussed this years ago in this piece:


Don’t believe the title of the post? Read the vast majority of comments from blacks! Blacks in America are almost universally black first, American somewhere down the line. Even those who are politically conservative cannot escape this mentality.

White people must begin to understand the ghetto black culture. One only need to watch what’s going on in Ferguson and other black communities over the death of the latest sainted black thug. Ghetto black culture breeds irresponsibility, hatred, violence, and dependence. What other culture in the world worships pimps and gangstas while referring to its women as bitches and ho’s? What other culture rejects education? I can only think of one that treats its women as bad as ghetto blacks and it is spreading rapidly throughout ghetto black America. Islam.

Ghetto black leaders like Farrakhan and Sharpton are egging on their mindless minions for a race war. It appears it is starting and Ferguson is Ground Zero. Be aware and be prepared.

Prediction: get used to hearing the term “white privilege” over the next decade. Black hatred of whites and blaming us for their problems is not going away.

Here’s a lovely product of the black ghetto expressing her love of diversity with crackas:

[yt id=”xcuJ5hYkC-g”]

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Uhhhh..we’re judging blacks by the content of their character. It ain’t pretty!



  1. Spurwing Plover



      All this white folks, why are you being so stupid! God created us all and you are out there categorising yourself and discriminating people! The black kids who are outrageous and aggressive are being that way because of the pain and what they’ve been thru. BE THE CHANGE THE WORLD NEEDS!!!! IT’S 21ST CENTURY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  2. The Margaret Thatcher snub was a big insult…Thatcher and Regan were the guiding force in the defeat of communism….
    He has a deep loathing for white culture/heritage… his ignorance on the subject of white privilege as with most other ghetto blacks is one of envy..
    All white people who settled in America had to work their bollocks off to achieve their place in life,nothing was for free.
    With the Gestapo being lead by Herr Holder, all white culture is being attacked as privilege and is deemed as racism…
    I find the most disturbing thing about Mr Hussain is weakness or unwillingness to tackle international,domestic terrorism. It’s really sad and pathetic the leader of the free world has not got a clue what to do!!!!!
    The threat of some ghetto blacks being radicalised is one to be taken very serious….Islam is always looking for dysfunctional pricks to join them!!!

    • Stuart, have you forgotten O’s returning Churchill’s bust….the jackass has done nothing but snub Britain…

      • Yes sorry not to mention the bust of Churchill….I think Obama didn’t want to be over shadowed by one of histories great statesman…
        Again another example of an arrogant buffoon…
        The bust was given to show solidarity and support in the wake of the 9/11 attacks..
        Click the link above and it shows the true American spirit in honouring/welcoming British injured troops arriving in America….
        These are the real American patriots not some Marxist anti white leader of the free world

    • Stuart. Thanks for that. Right on the money. I only hope the country can survive two more years of this nonsense. Barry and Herr Holder are doing their best to tear this country apart. Why isn’t their some mechanism in our constitution to put a stop to this without having to wait two more years?

  3. yes. Now that the blacks have killed the white, Bosnian guy things could start to turn ugly, depending on how the local Bosnian community reacts. They didn’t have any problems taking to the streets quickly. that’s good. it shows the blacks there are those out there that won’t be pushed around.

    stay armed and ready.


  4. An absolutely tremendous article. It is so true. Whites live in a world of their own. If you and I tell them the truth in polite company and even tone down the rhetoric…some look at you as if you were the grand dragon. Some change the subject. Some even look down on you as just some redneck fool. It is they who are stupid. They know you are right but they are too lazy to do something about it. Don’t mess up their Sunday night football game with truth. The truth is blacks DO hate white people more than they can imagine. Some whites are waking up to that fact and arming themselves. Most are still swallowing Kool-Aid from Obama’s farm in Guyana. The ghetto blacks aim to kill you and your kids. They said so. Do not cut them any slack. Remember their goal if the race-war starts. Do the same.

  5. So, did ya hear?????? 3 black yoofs just beat to death a white motorist in St. Louis while shouting kill all White people. Where’s the Media coverage????!!! WTF is your president on this one?

    • Since the ‘coronation’ of this black piece of crap as president,…, it has been open season on white people. The government and the media are attacking us and our rights and even our rights to exist. We will eventually have to resort to 1776 style actions against this dictatorship.

  6. Short and sweet… still hoping someone will put a bullet through Obama’s head for the destruction and divide he has brought to our country.

    • Mr. Rational

      The problem is that there are too many willing teleprompter-readers out there, already cultivated and readied by the same people who made Zero.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    When it comes to the demacratic party the Daleck’s from DR WHO had the right idea EXTERMINATE,EXTERMINATE,EXTERMINATE

  8. The Shocking Truth About Michael Brown and Ferguson Riots

  9. Spurwing Plover

    On a seperate note the United Nations want to use this ferguson incedent to disarm american’s and control our police force More reasons to give the UN the Heave Ho and lets tear down that UN pig sty its a eyesore on the hudson and ruins the landscape and background

  10. Godda come up with a name for the weird white children that are present in Fergusen – rioting and marching. I think just plain “ghetto” works for the black people rioting. Those are not normal black people. They are just nasty blood-sucking thugs that create and maintain ghetto.

    I am genuinely perplexed by these largely privileged children (and some older children in adult bodies) who descend on these towns. The ones with the signs wearing keffiyas or Guy Fawkes masks.

    I think both groups are a scourge and an embarrassment to both of their races.

  11. Just FYI – suddenly I am getting warnings that your site is malicious. Avast. Hmmm. Makes ya wonder. I thought it was an anomaly, then I reclicked on your banner and lo… warning popped up.

  12. Duke of Earl

    White libs know O hates them- and they agree, they are only worthy of shame and scorn for the Original Sin of the Percieved Racism of Their Ancestors. And, as an “organizer”, O knows he can manipulate Libs by their guilt and their need to prove to the world that they are good, fair people.
    White conservatives know he hates us- almost as much for our politics as for our race. We don’t care. We just want him to be gone and take all this racism nonsense with him.

  13. Nostradumbass

    Rocco cover again

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    And when all the brokenhearted libtards
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  14. Pointy End Out

    Youre correct, we WILL be hearing ” white privledge” more over the next few years, but THEY will be hearing ” lazy stupid useless nigg*rs” more often too…

  15. damn straight this president hates us simply because we are white, law abiding, and love our country…..

    how the hell did this bastard of a president get elected not once but twice in this country……

    Shitstain is going to make us pay for being a successful race…..he is going to make us pay for being a free people…..not like his race……subservient to the the dhimicrat party……a bunch of black miscreants, savages, murderers and rapists………uneducated……..and violent……….and are a people with a serious penchant for blaming others for their own misgivings and failures………..

    Shitstain doesn’t have to answer to anyone now that the elections are over and he is a lame-duck….. so look out……Shitstain is going to pull out all the stops…….full speed ahead….white people be damned………

    we are on to you Shitstain…..we know who you are….and we know what you are………..

    a big pile of crap……….

    • Don’t forget Who ultimately will be ruling us after the war is over. The same One who will come to save us all from ourselves and OUR ignorance of the only way to live. His job is to save us from ourselves and THE Father. There is no hell for you and me. Remember that.

  16. Spurwing Plover


  17. Solution: Export EVERY Obama black to Liberia.

  18. Every weekend Chicago has 20 to 60 Trayvon’snd Mike Brown’s being gunned down by other blacks, and that’s just Chicago!

    Don’t forget: Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Omaha (yes Omaha!), and on and on add nauseum

    We actually need a fully militarized police force in every major U S city to deal with this out of control black crime. We need special gitmo style prisons to deal with their muslim converts…

    Omaha, Nebraska: The Most Dangerous Place In America To Be Black

  19. Spurwing Plover

    Obama the Fink threatens to veto any budget that dont contain immagration reform Sounds to me like EXTORTION more reasons to have Obama IMPEACHED and banished from america forever and even longer

  20. Former Police Chief Admits Involvement in Federal Anti-Patriot Operation

    “I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate… Second Amendment groups, patriot groups…”

    Former Pennsylvania Police Chief Mark Kessler admitted on the Alan Colmes Show Tuesday that his viral gun rights videos were created under a covert federal operation to attract and take down patriot groups across the country.

  21. Tells is like it is. White America is under attack.

  22. True colors have come out thanks to Obama & holder…glad to see a few blacks openly denounce these jackasses especially Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee and NBA star Charles Barkley…I would highly advice other like minded blacks to do the same..I am hearing and reading many who are of the opinion that they will be considered no different than the imaginary moderate Muslims who do or say nothing to denounce their fellow Muslims wreaking havoc & commiting genocide worldwide.

  23. Snake Oiler

    I am dreaming of a U.S.A. that can do things: deport illegals, shoot looters, win wars. It’s pure nostalgia, of course. We can’t do stuff like that today. We can’t do anything.

    It was that closing phrase that stuck in my mind. We can’t do anything. It’s so damn true.

    A few days later I was watching a video clip of looters trashing a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri following the November 24th grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting.

    The looters were described as “protesters” by Sean Hannity’s voice-over, but that seems to me a bit unfair. There were genuine protesters out there in the streets that night, genuinely indignant about the decision. Personally I think they’re deluded; but they have a right to their stupid opinion, and a right to peacefully protest. Many of them, perhaps a majority, were not looting.

    If we are to keep our civic freedoms, the public authorities should be able to perform one of their proper functions, permitting peaceful protest, without abandoning another one, the safeguarding of citizens’ property against mobs and those who incite them. Do we not know how to do this? We have a couple of centuries’ experience of law enforcement. It’s taught to postgraduate level in our colleges. How hard can it be? Yet we can’t do it. We can’t do anything.

  24. Snake Oiler

    Probably his last words to his thug murderers were: “Please don’t kill me. I hate white people just as much as you do.”

  25. Snake Oiler

    White leftist UCLA female student patronizingly instructs black cop on racism

    Here’s the best symbolic representation I had at hand….

  26. Obama’s greatest accomplishment, the only thing on his resume, was as community organizer. That is, he was an agitator and radical. He actually trained blacks to demonstrate in banks, demanding those low-interest/no-interest mortgages that Bill Clinton pushed with the Community Reinvestment Act. That was the program that caused the crash in 2008. Remember? Obama has been bored up until now when he can relive his glory days as a ’60’s-style revolutionary. Our own little Lenin. His mama would have been proud.

  27. I’ve always known blacks have hated whites. it’s a deep, deep hatred. We are very different peoples. I come from a White, Italian, Irish, German, Polish, Jewish neighborhood and we would all kid with one another growing up. On rare occasion if any do I remember anything physical happening. Well if you live among blacks (which I have the financial misfortune of doing), you know right away that they don’t have that kind of sense of humor towards whites. I see pure hate in some of their eyes, even the children who have been poisoned early by the parent(s). Race relations will culminate in a race war as their population grows, the races mix etc etc. I’m middle aged so i don’t see it happening in my lifetime unless something really crazy happens but I could see 50 years down the road.It’s never going to improve especially with the black leaders we have today. Anyone who has black friends, it’s just superficial or a rarity. I hope we take full advantage while we can, store arms, ammo and survival supplies because when it blows and you are caught with nothing, you will see a hateful, vengeful people out for blood. I can see no way around it.Anyone who thought Obama would bring the country together was delusional. He has admitted in writing he identifies as black almost ashamedly of his mother’s side of the family. It’s a disgrace, especially since his father abandoned him.

  28. Chicago Guy

    It’s all being aided and abetted by the commie /socialist “organizers” and their allied buggers and bulldykes. check this out…..

  29. Well, of course Ovomit has a chip on his shoulder against Whitey, as do the vast majority of blacks in the world. Black animosity against whites stems from deep-grained insecurity about African culture vs. European culture: Gothic stone cathedrals vs. mud huts. Shakespeare vs. no written language. Symphonic orchestras. vs. African chants. I could go on.

    Of course blacks are insecure and jealous when comparing the two cultures’ contributions to the world.

  30. The most interesting, and at the same time, the most baffling thing about the election and then reelection of Obama – for whom we can blame the millions of self-loathing, White guilt ridden, White guilt brainwashed, deracinated White voters who foisted this half African monster upon their fellow White citizens – is that every anti-white thing this guy has done was entirely predictable, and therefore should have been easily avoidable. How? By White morons simply engaging the tribal thinking survival instinct that Mother Nature bestows upon every living organism on this planet – whereupon the cardinal rule kicks in and which states that you must never place a racial competitor (or a race traitor of your own racial group) into any position of supreme power over your White asses.

    Unfortunately, there appears to me to be a deep rooted streak of racially suicidal self-destructiveness that is still amazingly widespread among millions of Whites in the kwan-servative segment of the White American electorate. That’s right, even after 6 years of having their hind parts jack-hammered by this anti-white, hate filled, half African dictator – I continue to see supposedly White readers making comments on various kwan-servative news websites where they are begging for a chance to vote for Herman Cain, or Ben Carson, or Alan Keyes or Alan West, or even Condosleazy MushroomCloud Rice for President,

    These criminally naive white numbskulls just do not ‘get it’. These disgusting White imbeciles are hardwired into some kind of bizarre, nauseating, pathetic racially emasculated pursuit of the always elusive ‘Numinous Magic Negro’. These idiots are literally OBSESSED with trying to prove they are not ‘racist’ by turning over complete power and authority over themselves and their nation to a racial competitor. These White imbeciles have a death wish and I will be brutally honest when I say I DO NOT SHARE THAT DEATH WISH WITH THESE IDIOTS. Non-whites – no matter how talented they are in the bull manure shoveling department – cannot be TRUSTED TO HAVE POWER over any nation that was created by Whites.

    Here is the rule: Never, and I do mean, NEVER – vote to hand power over the race that you are a member of to a racial competitor – no matter how cleverly such a racial competitor might try to sweet talk you into believing they are not a threat to you or to your racial group’s interests.

    Here is something to consider, for any White idiot who has this suicide death wish fantasy. Let’s say you vote to put Herman Cain into the White House. He then decides that it would be a grand idea to start importing every one of his fellow blacks from Haiti and from Africa and then, using those nosy census questions about race, decides to look for the few remaining, mostly White areas in America and then starts depositing these IQ of 55 or 60 black savage refugees into any empty houses that might exist inside those formerly safe, formerly tranquil, formerly crime free White neighborhoods.

    Let’s go on to say that Herman Cain decides that any White families in those neighborhoods who have any unoccupied bedrooms in their houses should be required to accept a Bantu or a Haitian, and that in order for those ‘privileged White’ families to prove to the government that they are fully committed to a ‘post racial America’ – that they should not mind if that Bantu or Haitian live-in refugee decided to sneak down the hall to their teenage White daughter’s bedroom and help himself to a ration of White Shakey Pudding whenever the urge struck him.

    Is the light bulb beginning to flicker a little, over your empty racially clueless, racially suicidal White heads?

    Remember a news story that was going around the web, right after the Katrina hurricane disaster? A racially clueless, liberal, do-gooder, White family who was living in Dallas – decided to let some black guy from New Orleans who was a ‘refugee’ – move into their spare bedroom. I’ll bet that these nauseating White liberals were all gushing with sticky, gooey, altruistic emotions of stratospheric dimensions and all of their envious and insanely jealous liberal friends were showering them with all sorts of liberal platitudes and praise at their cocktail parties. Well, guess how that experiment in liberal stupidity turned out?

    The black guy from New Orleans decided to reward them and show his appreciation for their generosity by savagely raping their White 16 year old daughter.

    Liberalism is a mental disease, folks. And the only cure for it is death.

  31. President Barack Obama is NOT Black! His White mother took him and left his African father when he was a mere 3 weeks old. He only met the man ONCE at age 10 and admits he did not enjoy the encounter. He was raised primarily by his White Anglo Saxan Protestant maternal grandparents more or less as a White child, socialized mostly with Whites,was given many advantages in life,attended an excellent private school, and went on to attend prestigious universities. He has no clue whatsoever how to be a Black man and did not start to explore his African side until he was an adult with obvious little success,which is very evident,because he does not have a good grasp on any of Black America’s real issues such as epidemic fatherlessness and unemployment, thus does not know how to act to effectively fix the community.He is a White man in a brown skinned body. The ONLY way I would consider him to be Black is if his mother not father was Black and he was raised at least somewhat culturally Black. He does not act in the best interests of Blacks, but rather in the worst interests, because he isn’t Black and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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