Here in Dallas, two brutal murders have been committed in the past week or two. The victims were white. The murderers were black.

Here is the newspaper report of the murder of Zoe Hastings who was found stabbed to death. The accused is a sexual predator with a criminal record.

Court documents: Zoe Hastings was stabbed, found dead outside of minivan

The young lady was on her way to church when she was abducted by the murderer. She was preparing for a mission trip. A quality, giving life taken by one not worth the electricity it would take to kill him.

The second murder of a jogger in White Rock Lake who was killed by a machete attack at the hands of a black former college football player. The two did not know each other. Again, the victim, David Stevens was remembered as a good man who had applied for five patents for his work with electricity. The murderer is a deranged maniac who picked his victim at random. Again, a valuable life taken by one not worthy of drawing oxygen.

Here is the story:

Slain White Rock Lake runner remembered as kind, hardworking engineer

To make a horror story even worse, the victim’s wife took her life this week saying she didn’t want to live without the love of her life. So much pain caused by one not worthy of living among civilized people.

#WhiteLivesDontMatter. There won’t be any angry protests over these murdres. No comments from President Obama condemning the murderers. No riots and looting from the white community. It’s the difference between the civilized and uncivilized. It’s also the difference of one group of people who receive preferential treatment from the President and mainstream propaganda media even when they defend violent criminals with violent and illegal riots. White people don’t riot. We go to work the next day.

There is no way to tell the benefits the two murder victims in Dallas would have brought others during their normal lifespans. But we know that a young woman preparing for a mission trip to help others and an electrical engineer with patents would be positive contributors to decent society. We also know the murderers are a cancer on civilized society and must be put down like the vicious dogs they are. They are predators against decent people who did them no wrong.

These murders take place every day in America with little or no mention from the press.

Decent people of all races have little or few rights under Obama’s watch. White people have less.


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