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Here in Dallas, two brutal murders have been committed in the past week or two. The victims were white. The murderers were black.

Here is the newspaper report of the murder of Zoe Hastings who was found stabbed to death. The accused is a sexual predator with a criminal record.

Court documents: Zoe Hastings was stabbed, found dead outside of minivan

The young lady was on her way to church when she was abducted by the murderer. She was preparing for a mission trip. A quality, giving life taken by one not worth the electricity it would take to kill him.

The second murder of a jogger in White Rock Lake who was killed by a machete attack at the hands of a black former college football player. The two did not know each other. Again, the victim, David Stevens was remembered as a good man who had applied for five patents for his work with electricity. The murderer is a deranged maniac who picked his victim at random. Again, a valuable life taken by one not worthy of drawing oxygen.

Here is the story:

Slain White Rock Lake runner remembered as kind, hardworking engineer

To make a horror story even worse, the victim’s wife took her life this week saying she didn’t want to live without the love of her life. So much pain caused by one not worthy of living among civilized people.

#WhiteLivesDontMatter. There won’t be any angry protests over these murdres. No comments from President Obama condemning the murderers. No riots and looting from the white community. It’s the difference between the civilized and uncivilized. It’s also the difference of one group of people who receive preferential treatment from the President and mainstream propaganda media even when they defend violent criminals with violent and illegal riots. White people don’t riot. We go to work the next day.

There is no way to tell the benefits the two murder victims in Dallas would have brought others during their normal lifespans. But we know that a young woman preparing for a mission trip to help others and an electrical engineer with patents would be positive contributors to decent society. We also know the murderers are a cancer on civilized society and must be put down like the vicious dogs they are. They are predators against decent people who did them no wrong.

These murders take place every day in America with little or no mention from the press.

Decent people of all races have little or few rights under Obama’s watch. White people have less.



  1. So glad her family will get justice, this is so senseless.

    ANOTHER Me “black lives matter” dindo nuffins killing.
    black male attacking white folk just as they have been encouraged to do.
    This makes something like 360 violent attacks just this year just in DFW alone.
    When will we gather closer together over it?
    When will we organize our lives against it?
    When will we do something about it?

    When Lawd When?

    My heart break for her family….

    • Jenna, not surprising, the mother of the killer is saying the equivalent of “he a goot boy who never done nuffin’ wrong.”


      • She’s just like the mom from ferguson who held up a sign that read “no mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store”

      • Mr. Rational

        Such “fambly” should be treated as accessories before the fact.  By the enforcers of law and order, even if the police and prosecutors have abdicated their responsibilities under the law.

  2. The wife of the white male jogger just killed herself.
    Said in note she could not continue to live w/o her husband. She started her car in the closed garage, laid down next to it, left a signed note,,,,and died of asphyxiation.

  3. Mr. Rational

    The murderer is a deranged maniac who picked his victim at random.

    No, it was not “random”.  He had plenty of Black people around him, but he specifically went to a place where White people went alone to murder a White man.  There was nothing random about that.  It was a racial hate crime.

    He should be up for the federal death penalty, but he won’t because #OnlyBlackLivesMatterUnderCibilRites

  4. Wasn’t Obama going to release 6,000 imprisoned FELONS so they can repeat their attacks on civilized society under the guise of “compassion?” Supposedly, they are “non-violent” but the way I figure it, they just plea bargained their way to a lesser jail sentence. We need to bring back the Death Penalty in Illinois, so we can fry all these killers and gangbangers. And we don’t need no stinking drugs for a painless demise: a firing squad equipped 12-gauge Remington 870s will do just fine with deer slugs.

  5. Always, always carry.

  6. things are so out-of-control politically, culturally, any way you look at it……..everything is up-side down…………

    and nothing is going to fix it until we take the country over “by force”………vigilantism has worked before and it will work again……………it’s time to speak to these sons-a-bitches in a language they will understand……………..

    sometimes you just have to do what you have to do…………….

  7. Until whites protest in massive marches and begin to fight in the streets,…we will keep being second class citizens in a nation we built. White people need to attack the money places and the government wimps that keep us 2nd class citizens. Of course the left wing media will give us bad press at first but when their lives and businesses are on the line they will change their tunes. This is a war……begin to fight it.

    • Jerry Clark

      I agree but it is how to get there. Even though the TEA party was none violent and composed of multiple races just wanting the government to stop spending us into super debt, they labeled them extremist. Then the next election with Mitt Romney, because of his religion too many stayed home and did not vote. Assholes. Look where we are now. We who want this nation to get back to basics are not being heard. It would be nice if we the Conservatives could get together and vote in numbers. I for one think maybe the whites should get together after a crime like this and rally. How else can we get news to give us any air time. Maybe we should be acting like the Blacks.

      • VOTE TRUMP, he will act accordingly.

      • People did not stay home because of Romney’s stated religion, Mormonism. They stayed home because of his unstated religion, fanatical big governmentism.

        No difference between Obama and Romney; the democrats or the republicans.

        Trump is your last gasp (and he’s not perfect by a long shot). But he has my vote, and the vote of the shrinking American population.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    I see 66 BLM and other goons was arrested in Chicago just outside the police station one of the dirty apes went and climbed up the flagpole took down old glory and replaced with their own dirty rag got his butt tossed in the slammer with his buddies and hollyweed director QUENTIN TARINTINO was up there lying like a liberal politician

    • I used to be a fan of Tarantino’s movies. No more. He has severely pissed me off with his lefty-looney vomit, and I will never see another of his movies.

  9. Quartierleblanc

    This is not surprising nor is it new. But bravo for putting it out there. More and more people are now aware. BTW it’s time for a new gun thread.

  10. Indeed, both of these murdered received much, much coveage in the MSM. They were front-page items in the NY Times & Washington Post; MSNBC opened all of their “news” programs with these stories.

    All kidding aside, think how pretty damned-near idyllic America would be without its Negro crime problem, and how pleasant American cities would be without its Negro population…

    • Jerry Clark

      Come on you’re being too rational. We brought it on our selves by bringing them over here. They don’t understand that once we set them free they were better off then they would be if they were left in Africa.
      There was even a book written by a Black Ambassador from Africa that was labeled “Thank God for Slavery”. He did it because he spent years down in Africa and saw how bad it was for Blacks in current Africa then they have it in America. It was much better for the Ancestry of slaves in American then for the Blacks that are still in Africa. There are a lot of Blacks that have moved forward like Ben Carson, but Unfortunately our Government has decided to have these give away programs that have made a large portion of the Black population an attitude of being owed something.
      It would have been the wise thing to do that when we won the Civil war against Slavery we should have sent the Blacks back to their country, especially since they call themselves African Americans. WOW how much better our Nation would be right now. If they came over after wards as Immigrants they would work into our nation like all other immigrants.

      • A black man was the first slave owner in America so its not something whites came up with, just another problem created by the Negro and blamed on whites.


      “The Great Migration was the movement of 6 million African Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West that occurred between 1910 and 1970. ”

      but, it is NOT true that “Once you go Black, you can’t go Back!”…

      ” Dubbed the New Great Migration”…” African-American populations have continued to drop throughout much of the Northeast, particularly with black emigration out of the state of New York, as well as out of Northern New Jersey, as they rise in the Southern United States.”

      You need to start reducing the amount of “free stuff” they get from government like Section 8, EBT in order to incentivize their movements.

  11. Once the poor, Diaper head, “refugees” get here and start operating we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  12. Unfortunately, these murderers remain #LiveBlackMatter

  13. I remember an oddball theory of an old acquaintance who was a Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy nut, but now that I think about it, maybe he wasn’t too far from the truth.

    He believe in something he called “hidden innuendos,” things that mean one thing when taken at face value but really mean something else when you, metaphorically that is, look at it in the mirror.

    He actually told me, “Beware of anything that has “Live” or “Lives” in it for it really means “Evil. Live read backwards is evil!”

    Basically, if you take his theory into account, Black Lives Matter really means “Black Evils Matter!”

    Please keep in mind I did point out he is a conspiracy goofball who looks for government ninjas in his bedroom closet, but it’s really creepy when you think about what he said so long ago.

    • People thought I was nutty when I told them about George Soros yr’s ago.

      • Or that maybe US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts was being blackmailed by The Great and Powerful Obama into supporting Obamacare.

        And then the revelations about NSA domestic spying out… as Steve Sailer points out, maybe there really are genuine, bonafide CONSPIRACIES !

  14. Angry White Dudette

    Truly a sad story. I’m sure Al Sharpton is planning a rally to show support for these two murdered people, and Jesse Jackson will eulogize these people at their funeral services. Maybe Pres. Obama will sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ as well.

    Obama has done more to destroy black/white relations than anyone I can ever remember. Please hurry up 2016 election!

  15. Cooter Brown

    And if Obama had a Son yada yada yada.

  16. I happen to have a new site at Facebook called White Lives Matter Now and Forever and I am hoping that the Angry White Guy might stop by and contribute. Afther I read this article I knew I had done the right thing by starting this group and hope anybody else interested could stop by and check us out. There is a range of topics we touch on the effects whites in every day life and as you will see we are no holds bared except we like to keep that bad language down to a minimum. So stop on by if you get the chance. All are welcome except blacks, illegal immigrants, refugees, and you get the point.

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