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Harry Stone, a 60 year old husband, father and church-goer, was recently gunned down in cold blood while jogging in Kansas. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national outrage. There won’t be any. Nor will you hear any politician say “if I had a grandfather, he’d look like Harry Stone.” Won’t happen. Don’t waste your time trying to guess the race of the shooter. You already know even though he hasn’t yet been caught. Harry Stone was just another white person caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other words, in close proximity to young blacks.

How can AWD be so sure of the race of the shooter? Isn’t that racist? To liberals and racial hucksters, any criticism of violent black behavior is racist. AWD is so sure of the shooter’s race because these senseless, violent attacks against white people at the hands of violent black youth are occurring every day across America! Not that you’ll hear the propaganda mainstream media report them! That would be racist! So they hide the race of the attackers or categorize them under the title “urban youths.” And newspapers wonder why their circulation continues to collapse!

Want proof of why AWD is sure of the race of Mr. Stone’s killers? Here’s some black mob attacks on whites that have occurred only in the past week:

Police: Man, 19, beaten by two groups of students downtown

Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper

Teen fights break out at carnival in Fairview Heights

Taekwondo world champion dies after being gunned down at drive-in movie theater

St. Patrick’s Day violence exceeded initial reports, police dispatch tapes show

Elderly clerk burned in robbery dies of injuries

There are many, many more but you get the picture. There is a one-way race war taking place in America. It is blacks killing whites. Any mention of this is immediately dismissed by the politically correct on the left and right as “racism.” It is not! It is fact! And as Patrick Moynihan once said, “you are entitled to your own opinions. You are not entitled to your own facts.”

Recently, a conservative writer named John Derbyshire was dismissed by the PC National Review for having the audacity to warn his children about the dangers of being near large groups of young blacks in this article. Politically correct editor Rich Lowry called Derbyshire’s words “nasty and indefensible.” But are his words indefensible? Don’t the news reports posted above prove the veracity of Derbyshire’s warnings to his children? Every one of the victims of the violent attacks or murders mentioned above would have done well to have listened to Derbyshire’s advice! The dead would also be alive.

Certainly, the leftist trolls reading this post will say, “AWD, whites commit crimes too!” It’s the moral equivalence defense so popular with liberals. No doubt they will go back decades to bring up Timothy McVeigh or the Columbine shooters. Of course white people commit crimes. Some violent. But the fact is we don’t see white kids doing drive-by shootings or being involved in violent flash mobs where they attack black people. A white flash mob consists of people singing Handel’s Messiah in the Food Court of the local shopping mall. Black flash mobs entail something entirely different, ugly and dangerous!

While the racial hucksters and PC on the left and right make a national issue of a Hispanic man in Florida shooting a young, (apparently drug-addled, violent and thuggish) black youth, no one cares for Harry Stone. In PC America, no one cares for the white victims. They don’t matter. They are an after-thought and have been for a long time. When violent criminal Rodney King was beaten by LA Police, blacks burned down south-central LA in protest. When black rioters pulled Reginald Denny from his truck while working and crushed his head with a brick on national television, whites said “oh, that poor guy…pass the milk, honey.”

The left wants to ignore it. The politically correct on the right want to ignore it. Certainly, racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson will deny it. It may not affect you…yet. But there is a one-sided race war taking place in America. If you are white and in proximity to blacks, you are a target. Whether it be jogging, at a Target store in Dallas, driving, at a movie, or at a festival. Prudence dictates you be prepared to protect yourself.

To paraphrase Dylan and Obama, the times are a-changing and I have little hope this will be rectified before much blood is shed. Don’t be a victim!

Here’s the treatment a soldier received recently in Tampa:



  1. I’m past sick and tired of the silence from the national msm…it’s infuriating.

    Case after case every single week…and the msm remain mum…thank goodness for Al Gore and his Amazing Internet, we won’t be silenced!

  2. As to Derbyshire’s article, he makes some valid points. The last time I walked through a black neighborhood was after a Braves game in Atlanta a few years ago. I had rocks thrown at me. Just saying….

  3. I am so damn sick and pissed off reading and hearing about these black animals attacking innocent white people……Anyone can go on Al Gores internet and find hundreds of video and incidences of these black animals attacking, killing, and beating our elderly, women, and children for no other reason other than they are white……….and these incidences are happening on a daily basis everywhere in the country….everywhere….

    I’d like to get a few guys together and bait these god damn black street thug animals into attacking one of us……guaranteed there will be some dead black animals…..guarantee it…..

    Stand your ground……..uphold stand your ground laws everywhere….

    • SandManInAZ

      Bluto, you’re sick. Seek help.

      • Swamp Music

        I think bluto is angry, and tired of the violence against whites that goes largely unreported in the media. He is frustrated at a government that is very selective in it’s enforcement of the law. I feel the same way, I just express it differently. I never used to be ‘racist’ but I am now. I view all blacks with suspicion. Sad but true. Until the black race proves otherwise, I will continue to see them that way.

        I’m still waiting for so called black conservatives to denounce the violence as race based, so far, not a peep.

        PS Sand man, should the animals that murdered Mr. Stone for the crime of jogging and minding his own business get some help too?

        • Swamp, I agree Bluto is angry…and he has reason to be. Most white people I know only want equality. We are frustrated by those who demand special treatment in the year 2012 with a black president. The Great Society was the beginning of the end for America. When people were able to become professional victims in the eye of the government, it was done. When white people became the root of all evil, it was done. Why not return America to a country that rewards performance instead of demonizing it? Regardless of one’s color.


        • Roger that, and Bluto will have help when the time comes and all of the help will have their own weapons and ammo.

        • You have reason to be concerned with Black America – they are at the bottom of every social indicator of success in a free society. Blacks in America might do well to see how Asians get by in the USA. According to a recent survey, Asians are at the top in almost every measurable way. Blacks should take some hard lessons from their success, but I am not counting on it for at least several generations, largely because of what White Liberals have done to them, another story.

          People on this site should rethink their views a bit. You can’t say that Blacks as a race are this or that – it is a cultural thing, a product of free choice that is the root of the problem.

          Blacks have the capability just as everyone else has, they just need to throw out the hip hop, anti-white attitudes and make going to church not so much a social event as a meaningful way of life.

          Pew study here:

  4. Black on white murders are 34 to 1 according to the FBI.

    Just think, with the demographics now upside down, we can look forward to more social instability and chaos.

    Speak out and you are a Storm Front “Racist” or KKK

    • 34 to 1! that ratio is a little low and I expect it to increase dramatically shortly, the closer we get to the elections the more danger will be presented to White people. Over here in the contracting world, each time a White resigns or is terminated (for cause) the person is replaced with a black (NO exceptions)In places where two people are billeted in one room the arrangement is ALWAYS one black and one White! NO exceptions again. Many ghetto thug types are now being hired (wasn’t always the case) and they are bringing their project thug mentality with them. Told my Mormon wife last night that I am burning out being around these sub human monkeys and she has an opinion that almost makes me want a divorce! Share love with them!!! GTFO I will share 5.56 comes the time is all. But she does now carry her Taurus Judge everywhere so I will keep her for a while longer.

    • FuriousFatMan

      dont forget teh only reason it’s 34 to 1 instead of 34 to 0, is because that 1 person is really a mexican and the government classifies hispanics as white when they commit a crime.

      it’s also why whites look more “rapey” than they should.


      • SandManInAZ

        No… whites(non-hispanic) commit more rapes.. im sorry to break it to you. Ask a CO at a prison, idiot. Lying wont get you far.

    • 34 to 1? Your stat is not correct, tho the problem is probably real. But it does not help to throw out numbers that are not fact checked.

      Actual FBI numbers: 83% of White Homicides are committed by Whites, 13% of White Homicides are committed by Blacks. This is about the same as general population breakdown.


  5. Swamp Music

    Stinking black coloreds. Watch your back white man, and use good situational awareness at all times. Don’t go out after dark if you don’t have to. Carry a revolver so you don’t have to worry about spent shell casings. Maybe get some edged weapon training too.

    The poor guy in the vid made some critical mistakes. When the coloreds disappeared behind the vehicle that should have been his first clue. The savages knew way before the white guy knew that they were going to attack him. For safety sake just assume that a group of feral coloreds are going to attack you, and make your plan before you even leave the house.

    Wouldn’t one assume that if you encountered a wild animal in the bush that there is a good chance that animal is going to attack you? Why would anyone think different about a feral colored?

    Take care good White folks and don’t be a victim. The negro is not your friend, even if he smiles at you and shakes your hand, he is your enemy and should be treated with the same caution you would give a wild animal. Learn his habits, and his environs. Avoid the places where he is likely to be, you don’t need to be there anyway do you?

    I’ve posted this before, but it’s time for a reminder I think.

    Jeff Coopers ‘Color Codes of Awareness’.

    BTW, if any troll thinks this is racist, well, tough shit.

    • Thanks Swamp. Read that last time-and just read it again! Excellent piece of advice.

    • SandManInAZ

      How about we just get all you race war anticipators holed up in a stadium somewhere and let you kill each other? Then atleast the next time I see you typing your filth here… I can ask you “Why werent you at the race war, punk?” What could you say to that, tough guy?

      • Swamp Music

        If your comment is directed at Swamp Music, I am clearly not advocating race war, or any kind of war. I am only advising people of the reality of the black thug mentality, and some hints on how to avoid becoming a victim of black on white violence.

        I am white and proud of my heritage, and no troll or black liberation thinker will dissuade me from my beliefs. To be a white person in America has become an affront to folks like you.

        That’s more than enough of a response for the likes of you. The race war has already started, and the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessa Jackson are blowing the bugle. The escalation of black on white violence is the beginning, in other words, whites did not start it. If defending ones self against the ravages of black mob violence is racist, then so be it.

        America will not become South Africa, believe it.

      • sandman
        Would not be a good strategy to hole up in such a close area, it’s best to spread out so as to increase the killing field.

      • white devil

        YOU talk real tough sitting behind YOUR computer sandlady….. what do you say to that tough guy?

        LOL race war anticipators in a stadium to kill each other? Really? So acknowledging the reality of black hatred for whites makes us all looney toons? Maybe your real name is Tim Wise..

        Sorry to rain on your parade Nancy but a race war is a REAL possibility… but keep riding your unicorn while wearing rose colored glasses and go type your self rightgeous filth somewhere else….. I cant stand punk white liberals like you no were near blacks but want to tell us how we should live around them.

  6. REV Wright

    Just another Obama black “keepin it real”.

  7. In the liveleak video I saw kicks to the head, over and over. This was attempted murder.
    Now I will speak plainly.
    I carry a 10mm Glock 20 in a Raven holster about half the time with 16 Buffalo Bore or Double Tap rounds.
    This video is exactly why I go heavier at times.
    They won’t “keep comin” with the 10mm. (Charles Bronson would carry 10mm if it were today)
    At other times I carry a Glock 36 45 cal.
    (I have a carry permit in my state)

  8. Swamp Music

    Dude, I was wondering how we could organize a day for Mr. Stone. Clearly there are many of us across the country. How could we get the word out and simultaneously have a day and time on which we could march or show some solidarity?

    Some ideas folks?

    • I’d get in on it. That’s my question to this and so much more… So, yeah, there are a lot of us, but individually we just stand around waiting for some nebulous something, a catalyst or a leader,(or maybe the right catastrophe?)and nothing changes. How do we mobilize? There are enough of us out here to do what needs doing, I KNOW it. What the crap do I do??? And I’m just a little chubby, home maker, (heavily armed) gramma. We KNOW we can. How!?!?

    • How bout auto gunfire in the ghetto, maybe spray some gasoline around and set the FN place on fire. Time comes, I do not plan on taking prisoners.

  9. Dave in Texas

    Nasty, filthy monkeys. Round them up and ship them all back to Africa. Take no prisoners. If one of them doesn’t want to go then put a bullet between its eyes.

    I know I have had enough. It’s time to stand up and let all those apes know what’s up. I’d love to have a “Harry Stone Day”. Hell, I’ll even go to my daughters school and have an official Harry Stone day to teach our children NOT to trust any black apes. Ever.

    Black apes are a bunch of lazy hypocrites anyway.

  10. The entire system under Obama and Eric Holder is moving towards restricting your ability to protect yourself from the welfare underclass and the 1,000,000 gang members (FBI stats) spawned from this same insane system.
    Criminal thugs have “rights” according to Holder.
    The entire Fast and Furious” gun running operation, where guns were being funneled directly to the narco terrorist Mexican drug cartels, was designed to be used in the future against The Second Amendment.

    There is no “debate club”, this is high treason, plain and simple.

  11. ARbuilder

    This and other “incidents” is more than enough reason enough to carry a gun and urge others to get a permit and do the same.Then set your mind to use it in the event your life is ever threatened by this type of Black Cowardice, It may not be a catch all, but in the event of an attack you’ll at least have some ability to even the odds you survive. This BullShit of tolerance for Black stupidity and ignorant behavior is just that BullShit! Protect yourself and yours and the hell with them and the PC, ERA, Civil RIghts or whatever made them think they are above the law and acting civilized in ths country. Its our country and the time to take it back is NOW!

  12. Death to Libtards

    I’ve posted this here before but it’s more relevant today than ever before:

  13. SandManInAZ

    Seperation may be essential, but you loony toon race war types need to chill out. I know you hate reality, but you gotta live in it.

    • Sandman, I think we live in reality whether we want to or not. Do you deny the increasingly common attacks on white people by blacks in America? We don’t see white mobs beating innocent black people. Is that racist for me to state what we all know? In you PC world, yes. I refuse to acknowledge your definition of racism.

      I call on black mobs to quit preying on white people, keep the laws, get a job and quit causing problems. In fact, I call on every criminal of every race to do the same. Think of the benefit to society if we had half the criminals we have today. Until then, I have to protect myself and my family at every turn for the growing probability of being a target for violence.


      • SandManInAZ

        How could I deny that AWD? But youve got folks like “Bluto” talking about baiting “black thugs” into shoot outs.. dude, life isnt a Clint Eastwood flick. Protect yourselves, do what youve got to do.. but for pete’s sake? Baiting people into shootouts? Come on guys…

        AWD, youve never posted something I found offensive. You’re a regular Joe… Bluto is a sick bastard.

        • Sandman, I allow people to express their opinions here….from every political agenda. I don’t agree with every comment (nor do I have time to read every comment anymore!) and I’m sure that everyone doesn’t agree with everything I write (but they should). While Bluto may or may not hate blacks, it’s his right to do so. Just as it’s the right of the innumerable blacks who have commented here about hating whites.

          I’ve always found the name calling boring. I’d rather discuss why we feel the way we do and discuss opinions. Name calling is usually the tactic of liberals (i.e. racists, islamaphobic, sexist, homophobic, redneck, trailer trash, teabaggers, etc) who cannot defend their ideology with logic and reason. For that reason, I refuse to let liberals set the rules of what I can do, say or think with their gospel political correctness designed to stifle any real, truthful dialogue.

          I welcome your opinions even if we don’t agree on everything. We probably agree on many things. Thanks for your comments.


          • You’re approach is correct, I just can’t help myself when I see something disagree-able. I appreciate what you’re doing here, AWD.

            Name calling isn’t productive.

          • Sandy
            “Name calling isnt productive” LOL but empty threats are?
            *rolls eyes*

          • I don’t like blacks much at all but I don’t go around attacking them as they do us Whites. Soon or late, one of these mob attacks is gonna hit a White man with an auto weapon and half a dozen of the gubmints finest are gonna pay for their folly with their lives. I am one of those that carry an auto weapon with extra clips and am aware of how the law would fall on me if I killed one of the cretins so there would be no 1 killed and several wounded with “non life threatening” injuries. Given a 10rd clip I would likly kill a few outright, wound the rest but I would recognize that the jig is up now, shit has hit the fan so I would reload and tap all the wounded again and finish them. Any dissenting ideas here? That’s just me of course, your results may differ.

          • SKIP

            I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.. thats my take on it. Besides taking my chances in a trial ( which is much better than almost certain death ) I would be doing society a favor by exterminating a few dangerous parsites.

        • Not so Sandy. Bluto is simply expressing his feelings out in the open,
          the way that many Americans wished they could do. He’s laying it all
          out for everyone to read. If this offends you, sir, then I believe that you
          need to take your race-baiting comments elsewhere.

          • Ken, that is one of the reasons this website was begun. I wanted a forum where people could speak freely.


          • And a Memorial Day thank you to Mr. and Mrs. AWD.

            “REV Wright”

            LT USN

            1110 [1977-1985]

          • Rev Wright, happy Memorial Day to you too! Thanks for your years of service to America!


          • Obviously my opinion has to be PC because I’m not talking about baiting and then kiling them damn negroes? LOL! Whatever…

          • Ken the Con is a poser…pay him no mind. ~

          • Ken is a jackass.. just reading what he said to me says so.

          • SandMan

            Are your views PC? no, not really
            Self righteous? yes

            YOUR reality may be different than that of others on here… so get over yourself. Like it or not… a race war is coming jackass. THIS adminstration wants one and so do MOST blacks who do not hide thier contempt for ALL us white devils… how long do you think the MSM can cover up the surge of black on white crime? Eventually ole whitey will get tired of it and do what he does best… but you just keep riding around on your unicorn wearing your rose colored glasses

    • Swamp Music

      They look like Occupoopers. This is nothing new in suburban Chicago, the Nazis have been there for decades.

  14. Great article and comments, but this took place in Raytown, Missouri. They have no new leads as of this post.

  15. Sorry I missed all the hullabaloo….Beryl has knocked out our internet for sometime here in Florida…..Go away for a little while and all hell breaks out…..

  16. white devil


    LOL you didnt miss much other than SandMan pontificating in a self righteous fashion about how sick he thinks you are for expressing yourself.

    I dont always agree with the rhetoric that alot of people spew on here ( sometimes in my anger im a little over the top too ) but something about him rubs me the wrong way…. like he is trying too hard to play both sides or prove that he is not a racist….

    for the record i think baiting blacks into attacking you so you can shot them is extreme…. however, in the case of a race war ( a war that I believe that most of them want ) that tactic could be effective but a true risk assesment would discourage that action… why risk yourselves or others this way? Better ways to go on the offensive undetected or better yet in force…

  17. Appreciate this website and readers’ comments.

    My first question is this: has black-on-white crime been increasing since Obama has been elected President? Or has this violence been going on for a much longer period?

    My second question is more fundamental to this black-on-white violence: why do blacks hate whites anyway? Is this utter contempt part of their social heritage or their genetic makeup? I believe that whites are abhored mostly by black youth and wouldn’t include so much the elderly or middleage blacks.

    • My view is pretty simple. Blacks can’t have anything BUT animosity for Whites because, since the day they were born, they were told incessently by their teachers, civil right mongers and the media that they are the subjects of rampant racism. This is not ever put in historical context (they have had the best chance here in US for the last 40 years) and is too complicated for some uneducated Blacks to understand. It has nothing to do with genetics, its all about cultural brainwashing and – to some extent – a natural tendency to blame others for faults of your own.

      As for your age comment, agree. But the middle age and older have not had the cradle to grave brainwashing. The young Blacks of today’s America will carry their animosity to their grave. All this because of liberal Democrats, they are the cause of Black pain in America.

  18. Jackson Chen

    Hey, whites are not the only victims.

    Asian people are often victims too, and the media usually don’t report it as much if the victim is asian.

    Onetime I saw a white lady who was greeted by a black “friend ” of hers. The black guy kept touching this young white lady, she smiled at him during the conversation, but anyone seeing her face could tell she was feeling uncomfortable and i suspected that she was too afraid to tell him to stop because she wouldnt wanna be labelled racist.

    As an asian-american, I think this so called “white guilt” is poisoning your young generations. I am not asking anyone to be racist, I just wanna say stand up for your rights. I don’t have the Asian inferiority complex even though some of you might think i do after reading this. I am just grateful to the forefathers of this nation that gave me this wonderful opportunity to be here, but it seems like a certain minority group always wanna see themselves as victims, always blaming the white people. Gee, most of the white people came after the slavery was abolished, hey, didn’t the white people kill each other in the civil war just to abolish slavery? So why are they hating you guys so much?

    And seriously, if the whites in

  19. If the Constitutional right to bear arms is going to be abrogated and Obama’s administration is planning to confiscate our firearms, then what defenses do we whites have against the cowardly black youth gangs? If the economy continues to decline and crime in general increases, then these black, inner city youth will be at liberty to do more damage, including neighborhood and home invasions. Whites are vulnerable because the so-called “African-Americans” will be abetted to kill and pillage.

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