Harry Stone, a 60 year old husband, father and church-goer, was recently gunned down in cold blood while jogging in Kansas. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national outrage. There won’t be any. Nor will you hear any politician say “if I had a grandfather, he’d look like Harry Stone.” Won’t happen. Don’t waste your time trying to guess the race of the shooter. You already know even though he hasn’t yet been caught. Harry Stone was just another white person caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other words, in close proximity to young blacks.

How can AWD be so sure of the race of the shooter? Isn’t that racist? To liberals and racial hucksters, any criticism of violent black behavior is racist. AWD is so sure of the shooter’s race because these senseless, violent attacks against white people at the hands of violent black youth are occurring every day across America! Not that you’ll hear the propaganda mainstream media report them! That would be racist! So they hide the race of the attackers or categorize them under the title “urban youths.” And newspapers wonder why their circulation continues to collapse!

Want proof of why AWD is sure of the race of Mr. Stone’s killers? Here’s some black mob attacks on whites that have occurred only in the past week:

Police: Man, 19, beaten by two groups of students downtown

Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper

Teen fights break out at carnival in Fairview Heights

Taekwondo world champion dies after being gunned down at drive-in movie theater

St. Patrick’s Day violence exceeded initial reports, police dispatch tapes show

Elderly clerk burned in robbery dies of injuries

There are many, many more but you get the picture. There is a one-way race war taking place in America. It is blacks killing whites. Any mention of this is immediately dismissed by the politically correct on the left and right as “racism.” It is not! It is fact! And as Patrick Moynihan once said, “you are entitled to your own opinions. You are not entitled to your own facts.”

Recently, a conservative writer named John Derbyshire was dismissed by the PC National Review for having the audacity to warn his children about the dangers of being near large groups of young blacks in this article. Politically correct editor Rich Lowry called Derbyshire’s words “nasty and indefensible.” But are his words indefensible? Don’t the news reports posted above prove the veracity of Derbyshire’s warnings to his children? Every one of the victims of the violent attacks or murders mentioned above would have done well to have listened to Derbyshire’s advice! The dead would also be alive.

Certainly, the leftist trolls reading this post will say, “AWD, whites commit crimes too!” It’s the moral equivalence defense so popular with liberals. No doubt they will go back decades to bring up Timothy McVeigh or the Columbine shooters. Of course white people commit crimes. Some violent. But the fact is we don’t see white kids doing drive-by shootings or being involved in violent flash mobs where they attack black people. A white flash mob consists of people singing Handel’s Messiah in the Food Court of the local shopping mall. Black flash mobs entail something entirely different, ugly and dangerous!

While the racial hucksters and PC on the left and right make a national issue of a Hispanic man in Florida shooting a young, (apparently drug-addled, violent and thuggish) black youth, no one cares for Harry Stone. In PC America, no one cares for the white victims. They don’t matter. They are an after-thought and have been for a long time. When violent criminal Rodney King was beaten by LA Police, blacks burned down south-central LA in protest. When black rioters pulled Reginald Denny from his truck while working and crushed his head with a brick on national television, whites said “oh, that poor guy…pass the milk, honey.”

The left wants to ignore it. The politically correct on the right want to ignore it. Certainly, racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson will deny it. It may not affect you…yet. But there is a one-sided race war taking place in America. If you are white and in proximity to blacks, you are a target. Whether it be jogging, at a Target store in Dallas, driving, at a movie, or at a festival. Prudence dictates you be prepared to protect yourself.

To paraphrase Dylan and Obama, the times are a-changing and I have little hope this will be rectified before much blood is shed. Don’t be a victim!

Here’s the treatment a soldier received recently in Tampa:


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