Atheists are the biggest bunch of whining wusses in the world next to Muslims! They just can’t be satisfied until they have made everyone’s lives miserable with their bitching about what others believe! Atheists are also a lot like the homosexual community that expects everyone to readily turn over their entire belief system to accommodate a different, but vocal, community with out-of-the-mainstream practices and values.

Atheists have once again raised their offensive heads by placing anti-Mormon and anti-Christian billboards in Charlotte. Charlotte is to host the DNC tribute to Islam and socialism in a few weeks. Here is a report from Fox News:

AWD has always tried not to ridicule something that others hold sacred…unless the religion practices what I consider evil. Which is why I have extensively criticized Islam but not Christian religions. I have criticized Christian preachers who make fortunes off of what I consider to be scamming vulnerable people. Other than that, whatever!

Does that douche not have anything better to do with his time? What an a**hole! Making fun of what Mormons and Christians believe? How base and ridiculous. Mitt Romney never pushed his religion on the comrades of Massachusetts while he was Governor. Even Hussein Hopenchange hasn’t pushed his….whatever the hell religion he believes…on America. Unless it’s socialism. And yes, Mr. Atheist douche, most Americans believe in God in this country.

Atheists take this tack to try and achieve their goals. They want to be complete pains in the asses of religious people in America. Which they are! They inject their tiny minority opinion at every occasion. Generally, they result in totally pissing off the huge majority of decent, law-abiding people.

Just this week, an atheist group called for an investigation in Georgia because…get this…the football team is fed before games by local churches! Why the hell would anyone give a rat about this? Christian people feeding the children of their friends and neighbors in a show of community spirit! But atheists don’t have community spirit. They are a**holes starved for attention and want their pitiful, pathetic 15 minutes in the sun trying to alter the behavior of others.

Atheists and all the other self-imposed police of American’s behavior and beliefs need to first, get a life and second, shut the hell up! No one forces atheists to go to church. No one forces them to believe in anything. They are free to believe in anything…or nothing! Why not extend that courtesy to the rest of us? If atheists don’t like living in a Judeo/Christian country…well, there are lots of places they can go!


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