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I can’t get through Facebook without seeing a conservative wanting to send troops to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS! Anyone in opposition are deemed as “liberals.”

Well, I don’t want to send anybody or any money to fight ISIS! But AWD, you must be a liberal! No, I am sick of wasting time, money and American lives trying to prevent Muslims from killing Muslims! It’s like trying to get Michael Moore to stop spreading butter on Oreos. Ain’t gonna happen!

The only way to prevent Muslims from killing Muslims is for the American taxpayer to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to station troops in Iraq or wherever to force the Shia from killing the Sunni and vice versa. In essence, we give them Americans to kill instead.

I believe ISIS is the most evil group I will see in my lifetime. I wish them all dead. They are savage barbarians and not worthy of the oxygen they consume. I understand it’s difficult to watch the videos of the barbarism committed by the 7th century monsters.

But, at this point, what has ISIS done to America? Beheaded a few Americans stupid and naive enough to travel to a Muslim country. OK. Traveling to the Middle East is like sending your daughter to intern for Bill Clinton. Nothing good can come of it. Humanitarian efforts only work with humans.

But AWD, they are slaughtering Christians and beheading innocents! Yes, they are. But slaughtering Christians and beheading innocents was not invented by ISIS. It’s a Muslim thing, you civilized people wouldn’t understand. It’s what Muslims do.

And what about the next savage Muslim group that replaces ISIS once we have spent another trillion and lost another few thousand precious American lives? If history has taught us anything, it’s “meet the new Muslim savages, same (or worse) than the old Muslim savages.” So spending dearly to replace ISIS will merely open the door for the next savages who will also rape, behead, torture, and kill.

Plus, any additional war from America towards Muslim savages will not be fought with an end goal. America doesn’t win wars anymore. That’s so WWII. The war will drag on and on so John McCain and Lindsey Graham can fill their sales quotas for the defense companies who own them. Is AWD the only person who read Orwell’s 1984??

Want to kill ISIS? Then be prepared to kill a whole hell of a lot of Muslims. Because they are training 6 year olds to behead their enemies. And Americans don’t have the stomach to watch videos of exploded mini-jihadists on the news right before Dancing With The Stars.

So, all my friends on FB, it sure sounds brave and patriotic to call for America to send in the Marines. But, the truth is, those who control the Marines don’t want to win wars. They will tie the hands of Marines so it becomes more difficult to kill ISIS. Those in control only want to sell bombs. And any action against Muslims in the Middle East will be an open ended cluster you-know-what that will further drain our coffers and military. Perhaps that is the end goal of those in control.

Want to stop ISIS? Nuke the bejeezes out of the entire region. Because that is the only way you’ll ever stop Muslim terrorism and savagery. And that is what we should do if America is attacked by ISIS or other Muslim savages.

Sorry to make all you people think a little! It’s time for Dancing With The Stars.

Yeah, yeah, AWD is a liberal!




  1. Last paragraph does it for me. Nuke them until they glow, and the desert is turned into a glass parking lot.

    • What is the difference between our heroic politicians who are going around destroying Confederate Memorials and the ISIS scum that are destroying churches and ancient sites???

  2. My Son was in Trashcanistan. was wounded and saw his fellow soldiers blown to bits by bombs! FOR WHAT!!! They are barbaric. I hate Muslims! Let then kill each other. I don’t give a damn! Makes me puke to see the millions of them coming to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Look around the world, where Muslims are not a majority, they are hated with a passion. I have a family living next door and they are pure trash.

  3. I can see AWD’s point. I think we should fight ISIS and destroy them completely. They are killing Christians in terrible ways. They are raping 8 year old Christian girls and selling them as sex slaves. These Christian families have been Christian since Christ was on earth and they are not giving in even at the threat of death. I believe we should give the brave Kurds and Jordanians all they need to fight ISIS with. THey are the few that are fighting back in the area and winning battles. The longer the ISIS vermin last as a ‘quasi-country’ the more ability they have to secure WMD’s and use them and use them against us particularly. ISIS is an army of demons and the world must snuff them out. We must kill them with great ‘prejudice’. This is a real war and we cannot keep ignoring the provocations. Islam is the enemy. Islam tried the same thing hundreds of years ago when it began moving out of its normal boundaries and going toward Europe. The Popes of old…(Pope Urban…I think) declared a holy war that mobilized most of Europe that history calls the “Crusades”. The Crusades have a bad reputation in leftist history books but they did stem the tide of Islam until recently. Islam is making another bid at taking the world and it is going to take us and a whole lot of others to stop them. If we lose we may as well say good bye to civilization. Islam is a disease. We must exterminate them. Do we have the grit anymore? We must!

    • I do feel sorry for the non-Muslim minorities, Christians, Yazidis and secular Kurds. I also agree about the Crusades.

      When some self-hating Lefty know-nothing tries to guilt trip me about that period I ask him if the Muslims won the Holy Lands in a card game, and politely enquire what the hell the Muslim hordes were doing rampaging to within 40 miles of the English Channel 400 years before we set off on the first crusade?

      • Hate to rain on your parade, Liam, but the Kurds are not “secular”. They’re Muslims. And like the others, most of them believe it’s their “divine” right to rape women, and to take them as slaves; especially (but not exclusively) non-Muslim ones. And let’s not forget about all the “honor killings” they commit every year. Otherwise, I share your sentiments

        • Are you sure the Kurds are Muslim? That does not sound right from my knowledge of history.

          • cranky.white.woman

            Yes, the Kurds are Muslim. However, they don’t hate the west like most Muslims. But they still commit honour killings and perform female genital mutilation on their fems.

        • Fair point Adam, by civilised standards the Kurds are pretty backward. By the standards of the region however they’re about as good as it gets.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    And those fools at the Mobel Commity gave obama the Nobel Peace Prize frankly they all should have their heads examened

  5. Spurwing Plover

    And those fools at the Nobel Commity gave obama the Nobel Peace Prize frankly they all should have their heads examened

  6. cranky.white.woman

    That place needs to be reduced to a glass encrusted parking lot. Even if that means the annihilation of innocent Christians and other non-Muslims, such as the Yazidis. I know if I was being used as a sex slave over in that hellhole, being raped numerous times a day by numerous sweaty, hairy, Muslim beasts, I’d embrace being vaporized in a split second over that hell on earth existence.

    Speaking of sex slaves, I read today that 16 ISIS fighters have contracted AIDS from a couple of Moroccan sex slaves, and now those fighters will become suicide bombers. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

  7. I don’t give a damn how we exterminate them……just get it done…..kill them….every last one of them Muslim towel-head pieces-of-crap……..

    Islam is a religion that needs to be exterminated……wiped out from the face of the earth………..

  8. AWD I agree with your sentiment there is no reason to send our troops there to fight if we are going to import their people and their ideology into our country.

    Unfortunately we will not get a choice, civilized man will have to fight savages, both the indigenous ones, and the foreign born.

    They will not tolerate our existence we will have to fight all of them.

    And we must start with our own traitors.

  9. “……No, I am sick of wasting time, money and American lives trying to prevent moslems from killing moslems! It’s like trying to get BLACKS to stop KILLING BLACKS. Ain’t gonna happen! ….”

    There a better analogy…….BTW you misspelled moslem.

    Oh Yeah……nuke the hell outta them for their next attack on the US.

    We’re in a total war for the planet…….It’ll either be a moslem world or there will not be any moslems left…..that’s the way moslems want it……Ever wondered why we never hear from the moderate unicorn moslems? Easy answer they don’t exist……moslems either jihad or support the jihad,


    Thank you to the US servicemen who dealt with this piece of crap and saved a lot of lives in France this evening. Shame they weren’t allowed to do the job properly and finish the scum off. It would be nice if the French Left showed some gratitude, though I won’t hold my breath.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    So wheres the usial anti-war crowd protesting against Obama’s little war plans maybe becuase the media scumrats will ignore them?

  12. Completely agree. Those Middle East ragheads have been killing each other since time began. Why should I suddenly have to pay tax dollars to rectify the situation? Let me keep the money I earn, and let them continue killing each other is what I say. NOT MY PROBLEM.

  13. Just arm the Kurds with heavy weaponry and tell them if they take Syria they can have it as long as they kill all the ISIS bastardos.

    The Kurds now have there own country consisting of northern Iraq and Syria.

    If that doesn’t work we go to Plan B. Bomb anything that moves from 35,000 ft.

    No more wasted American lives.

  14. Disgusted Caucasian

    I’m +100 with the OP. Enough already.

  15. Just airdrop sh*tloads of plastic framed M16s equipped with cheap ChiCom 4X riflescopes along with 12 30-rd Magpuls per gun. No need for decrepit 9mm Stens anymore. Throw in some cheap hand grenades and LAWs and you would have some supercheap “CARE” munitions packages that could be just dropped enmasse in the Middle East. Why plastic? Because it will be good enough for the lifespan of the user!

  16. ISIS as you have rightly pointed out will be replaced by some other Islamic cult of hate…. I am more worried about the whole sale importing of Muslims both in America and Europe…While Americans and the so called coalition ( which is a complete joke ) are trying to stop the spread of ISIS and other Islamic extremists via air attacks…The amount of damage to groups like ISIS is minimal as unlike Islamic dogs the coalition has to still adhere to codes of conflict…
    While we in the UK have got ahead start in the respect of Muslims already in this country , Obama must be envious of all his brothers in the UK and deep down wanting more of his brothers in the USA, to get one other on those limeys…That’s what i find so disturbing !!!
    While American service personnel and the same with the British are still in Afghanistan/Iraq training the so called answer to ISIS/Taliban…Both American and the UK governments are giving a free hand for Muslims to come and live in the respected countries…. Its a complete joke…i just don’t get it !!!
    Another issue is what the hell are all the other Arab/Muslim countries doing in this coalition ??? Not a right allot….Playing each other off…supporting ISIS more interested in defeating Assad in Syria than ISIS…..
    History sadly often repeats itself while we in the West are bending over backwards to help Muslims In Italy/Greece/Spain etc.. we are happy to ignore fellow Christians and there plight and at the same time Lauding Turkey as great allies…… Same as when we ignored the Christians in Armenia all those years ago..
    There is no easy fix solution, as we are not dealing with a particular country but a cult of hate /ignorance which has wrapped itself around most of the globe…
    While we are allowing Muslims to use our democracy against us and their issues of human rights we will never truly master the problem of extremism/Islam, our own deluded governments are incapable of dealing with home grown terrorism as they are frightened of offending Muslims/Liberals alike…that for me lays the problem…….

  17. To quote from the move, “Aliens:”

    “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

    Every man, woman, child, goat, ect. Gone. Period. Helluva lot cheaper for the American taxpayer, too.

  18. Here’s a quote from a Peter Hitchens article on the Obama election that pretty much explains it:

    These strengths had been fading for some time, mainly due to poorly controlled mass immigration and to the march of political correctness. They had also been weakened by the failure of America’s conservative party – the Republicans – to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

    They preferred to posture on the world stage. Scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual [and racial] revolutionaries at home, they could order soldiers to be brave on their behalf in far-off deserts. And now the US, like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World. How sad. Where now is our last best hope on Earth?

    The Republican/Conservative establishment has no viable domestic vision, in particular they’re afraid to deal with the issue of race. I mean, what do you offer your overwhelmingly white constituents once you have already acquiesced to their dispossession and ultimate destruction? You gotta give ’em something. So you fall back on the last refuge of scoundrels and offer them a foreign enemy. Wars are somewhat to the Republican party what white-bashing is to the leftist/non-white/ Democrat coalition – a binding agent. Except that Democrats are successful with their racism while the racial neutralism of the Republican party is sending them, their white constituents, and Western Civilization itself to the dust bin of history. Trying to stay in power by starting overseas wars is a final, desperate, doomed effort, like the bankrupt man who takes his last bit of cash to a casino.

    Not that they’re fooling the majority of their supporters. The majority of conservatives understand all this but they just can’t bring themselves to fight the system, can’t bring themselves to acknowledge its white-hating nature because once you call it genocide you either have to agree with it or really fight it, possibly in the streets. Some genuinely do believe, but the majority welcome wars and all the inconsequential scandals the Republicans throw up (to use a phrase) because they don’t want to fight, don’t want to risk their comfort, and don’t want to be called racist. Wars and these other distractions are face-savers for conservatives that cover their shameful cowardice.

    The really kooky part is that Republicans continue to support mass Muslim immigration. When you have enough Muslims you’ll have your own ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda etc. Fight them over there, import them over here. Because opposing the importation of Islam is “racist”. But it’s logically consistent with the “wars to prevent being called racist” activities of the Republicans.

  19. It takes a Sadam Hussein, or a Gaddafi or an Al-Assad to keep these places in some semblance of order. I don’t understand why we are always trying to topple these dictators. Yes, they’re awful but what do you propose as an alternative?

  20. curt in pittsburgh

    Absolutely brilliant, concise article! Sorry Amerika, extermination is the only answer.

  21. Just Observant

    The USA is ISIS.

  22. Agreed AWD, and might I add there’s pressure on the US to ‘take out’ Iran. While they may deserve a trip behind the woodpile with a hickory stick, the US should stay the hell out unless attack is imminent. Too many of our brave and young have died for naught in the Mideast, and like Trump says, not a drop of oil to show for it.

  23. Nuke Mecca. It’ll be much harder to convert people to bowing in the direction of a crater of smoking glass, no?

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