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Look what a few black ingrates in the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem have done to revenue in that circus! It’s crashing as viewership has collapsed as much as 20% of the “Proles” finally realized they actually could live without watching huge, overpaid men run into each other and disrespect our country on Sundays.

Now comes the “Alt-Right” and “Fake Media” purge from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the leftist-controlled media behemoths. All of which enjoy yuuuge support from the very conservatives who are being banned for being “Alt-Right.” What is “Alt-Right” to leftists? YOU!

So how do we stop our ideological enemies in the Mainstream Media and Social Media from furthering their poisonous message? In the wise words of Billy Ray Valentine in the movie “Trading Places,” “the best way to get back at rich people is to make them poor!” So why do we support media empires that are designed to control and indoctrinate us while destroying our freedoms?

Rich leftists in the Mainstream Media are part of The Establishment! The Establishment is protected because the Mainstream Media in all its forms is designed to spread propaganda and socialist dogma while destroying American traditional values. For this reason, Andrew Breitbart deemed the Mainstream Media the biggest threat to America. It is difficult to disagree.

What would it take for you to turn off and tune out from the leftist propaganda oozing from your TV and computer every day? What would it take for you to read a book? Have a conversation with your wife or kids? Or your friends?

AWD moved this year to a new house and I did not get cable or satellite service. I now have an antenna for local channels but rarely watch them because it is the same leftist propaganda, only on a local level. I do have Netflix so I can watch movies and documentaries every now and then. But now, I usually have my stereo playing music instead of listening to leftist claptrap BS on the tube. In short, I don’t miss cable one little bit. Especially the $120 per month I was paying.

I noticed the conservative actor James Woods cancelled his Twitter account this week in protest of the purging of conservative accounts. He was a prolific Tweeter. What happens to Twitter should a large percentage of conservatives cancel their accounts? My guess Twitter goes the way of the Hillary. Can you live without Facebook and millions of pictures of your aunt’s cats?

There is a new Twitter-like social media platform called Gab. They will not censor conservatives, so they say. I saw an article on this at The link to Gab is:

I just created an account and it said I’m number 171,850 on the waiting list. Whatever that means. Anyway, I’ll definitely move away from Twitter. Will you?

So what will it take for us to stop feeding our assassins in the media? Will you agree to #KillMedia? Maybe we can make it go viral with the help of other conservative blogs. I’m in if you are!

Frank Zappa saw the danger TV poses to us many decades ago. Here’s “I’m The Slime” performed on Saturday Night Live:




  1. I haven’t paid for a mainstream media print publication, nor watched tv, for more than a decade. I vowed never to do it again. I also don’t have a Twitter account and I don’t get my news from Facebook or Google. To get my news I rely on trusted, conservative news websites. Sometimes I will look at sites like RealClearPolitics to see what the other side is doing / thinking but it is with great reluctance that I follow links to news sources like the New York Times. I don’t want to give them unnecessary traffic. Andrew Breitbart made a warrior out of me, lol. Breitbart, bless his soul and RIP.

    • Could I suggest books? The daily news isn’t really important compared to historical understanding of the Kulturkampf. To paraphrase George C. Scott in “Patton”, once you know who Leftists are, and what they’re trying to do in the US, you’ll know what to do”.

  2. I get all my news from and enjoy the editorials from Bluto the most.


  4. I’m already on as @thoughtcriminal
    I like it, but I kind of miss watching Leftist idiots get their asses handed to them by conservative thinkers, which I get to see on Twitter in abundance.

  5. The NFL and it’s teams have operating expenses that rely on revenue streams increasing annually. In an industry with such huge salaries and monster overhead, even a temporary ratings drop of 1-5% is a problem. A permanent drop of 10-20% in viewership would force them to change their business model.

    Below is an article with some of the metrics related to the NFL ratings crash:

  6. Loves and still read AWD religiously ….. but it is a little slow these days and i use as my main site nowadays, still, I find myself here more often than not.

    • Messiah, we lost Bigtimer who passed away and RedStater packed it in. It’s basically AWD and Quartier nowadays and we both have day jobs. I’m going to try to pump out more to keep it interesting. I know it’s been slow and I apologize.


    • I too am on off and on all day, it’s really hard to keep the flow of content that they do without it being your full time job, and have help from guest posters, I would imagine. Plus AWD is different in my view in that is a commentary site, or I guess you could call it a kind of “Essay” site (whatever that means) where as is a news aggregate site.

      My only gripe with is that they quit around 8-9 PM my time and don’t start till 6. Vicious bastards.

      • anoxia, thanks for reading our site here. AWD is an opinion site. It’s difficult to write opinions every day that others find interesting. News aggregators play an important role in sifting through various news article every day and therefore can post dozens of articles each day. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to write about when I start typing!


  7. O.k. so like about a week before the election my local news rag started leaving me a free newspaper in the driveway, I have never in 50+ years ever paid for home delivery of the newspaper.

    I’m making the assumption they are so desperate to have me read their lies that they are taking a loss leader.

    I just let the propaganda pile up in the driveway, and Hillary lost the election anyway. Plus it feels good running over that shit in my 4 wheel drive on the way to the Bible and Guns Clinger meetings where we make crude jokes about black people, plot another holocaust , and grab women by the pu$$y.

    When the pile gets high enough I am going to scoop it up in the bobcat, load it into the back of my pickup and dump it in front of their business office so those Ivy League intellectuals have to step over their own garbage to get into work.

  8. In case anybody here is just figuring out what’s going on today, let me tell you that in Kevin McDonald’s book “The Culture of Critique” (2002) the author has a section called “Jewish Organizations and Censorship of the Internet”, pp.lxii – lxv.

    • Blaming Jews for internet censorship is lazy thinking, I’m sorry. Presumably that is the book’s major theme? Nobody has made greater sacrifices for freedom of speech than Jewish activists like Pamella Geller, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Breitbart, Ezra Levant, Mark Stein and others. These people are like assassins because they work in the dark, they’re incredibly efficient and they pay the ultimate price.

      Lazy, lazy, lazy!!

      PS. Before you think of going there I’m not Jewish. I’m an Afrikaner boere meisie from South Africa that has in interest in American politics.

    • get a grip on reality , some guy writes a book? then everything hillary wrote must be true also

  9. The Democratic party is the most dangerous weapon formed by the left to attack patriotic America. The second (a close second) is the mainstream News media which is the propaganda arm of the democratic party. The Mainstream media is a lie. They are rotten to the core. They are makers of destruction. They have literally started wars in the past through their writings just to have things to report on. They are now working for the socialists. This election showed everyone the extent these trashy fools will go to keep the socialist in power. Their rhetoric is getting old. Everyone sees this. Can everyone who disagrees with them be a racist, homophobic ? They have attacked white people and the whole white race. These fools have shown pictures of white babies and asked “if they are already racists??” What tripe! The Mainstream media must be boycotted by every white person in the nation. White people must arise and look after their own issues and culture. We will defend ourselves and our rights. Quit worrying about what the left and the street blacks think about you. Be true to your own. If they think you are racists… be it. The most racist people in America are the Democrat party faithful and their street troops.

  10. netflix = huge hillary supporter
    they are as corrupt as any other outlet

  11. Don’t worry about that, just stop watching, listening, reading, buying anything to do with it.

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